Glazer: Chumps Place Five on Pro Bowl List

x3505-e1349180837481Are you kidding me, really?

Matt THE FRANCHISE Cassel is not on this year’s Pro Bowl Team? WTF! The rest of the losers are. Yep, the worst team – not just in the NFL, but one of the worst in all-time modern football got FIVE guys on the Pro Bowl.

I kid you not.

My good pal AJ called me late last night with the incredible news.

“Glazer, the Chiefs got five guys on the Pro Bowl Team!!! How do you like that?”

I said I didn’t believe him.

“Who?” Eric-Berry-Horses

I get Jamaal Charles, but who else? Eric Berry, Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson and Dustin Colquitt. I thought it was a joke.

Turns out, it is a joke.

I mean, it’s true but the joke is on us. The worst team in the NFL placed nearly one third of its 22 starters on the Pro Bowl. Hey Matt, hang in there. If Tom Brady or Manning don’t show up, you’re in too.

As I told Chiefs die hard supporter AJ, “They are my team, our team. I’m with them good or bad, you stand behind your team.”

Fair enough. I did for nearly five decades and they broke my heart nearly every year. Now we have an ownership and front office with no respect for its fans, the city or what was once a very respected franchise.

THE KANSAS CITY CHIEFS represent our city.

As for me, I am ashamed to call them my team. Ashamed. Like I’ve said they are like the woman I once loved who I walked in on screwing my best friend who wasn’t even handsome.

Let’s run this down fast.

Eric Berry is nearly a bust! He has five interceptions in his career, two forced fumbles…in HIS CAREER. This year he did nothing. I rank him a C. Zero sacks, zero forced fumbles. Oh yeah sorry, he does have the one interception. He has been a SLOW no show. He did not come back from his injury. He does not belong in any pro bowl and he knows it.

Tamba Hali, who was suspended for lord knows what, was a no show for about five games. He picked it up when the season was over and has of late been a B linebacker, but no, he’s not a pro bowl linebacker, not this year.

Derrick Johnson is a B+ linebacker. A number one pick who was benched for nearly a season by former Chiefs coach Todd Haley. The guy came back hard last year. This year he has been good but not great with zero interceptions, two sacks, and three forced fumbles. He does have 104 tackles, nice. He’s living on last years rep as is Hali.

romeo-crennel-kansas-city-chiefs-head-coachCharles of course is our lone all star. Oh sorry, our punter. Well, I guess Dustin is solid. He does place it nicely. One of the reasons our defense got run all year. Field position. Please. He is good though, so I’ll give him a pass.

Hey maybe Romeo – he of the go for it on 4th and one inch instead of kicking the game winning field goal – deserves a shot to be coach of the year. But lets not get carried away. Didn’t we lose 14 games and win only two? No matter, lets have a parade for the FAB FIVE.

Yes, I know we haven’t played Denver yet – game 16 and lose number 14. Please.
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15 Responses to Glazer: Chumps Place Five on Pro Bowl List

  1. Rick Nichols says:

    It’s divine intervention – definitely an act of God
    When the lowly Chiefs land 5 on the Pro Bowl squad.

  2. Kerouac says:

    Scott Pioli ‘NFL Executive of the Year’: no one will exceed his 14 L’s… the 2 wins this season are puzzling however, seeing as he had 5 ‘Pro Bowl’ players on the roster, and not merely “any 22 from off the street” as the then new sheriff in town & his deputy espoused as the only requirement winning a pair upon arrival, 2009.


    Bernard Pollard, S – former #2 draft choice & 54th overall pick; the Chiefs lost him & received no compensation. Has missed just 6 games in 7 years. [2012] 98 tackles (71 solo/17 assisted), 2 forced fumbles, 1 interception, 6 passes defensed… no Pro Bowl.

    Eric Berry, S – former #1 draft choice & 5th overall pick; has missed 15 games in 3 years. [2012] 80 tackles (68 solo/12 assisted), 0 forced fumbles, 1 interception, 10 passes defensed… Pro Bowl.

    Another of those renowned ‘value’ picks by ex-Patriot (and soon KC ex pat) Pioli…

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    yes its all over ESPN and sports news about what a joke Eric Berry is, he is considered kinda a bust out…everyone also thinks Tamba Hali should not get it either, Derrick Johnson is ok, and Jamaal is good, punter is number 7 in kicking but has nice placement, nobody cares…but it’s not a good look for the NFL to allow 5 players on from a horrible team like KC…everyone noticed it…here the kid quarterback Wilson is NOT on the team and he may lead his ballclub to the Super Bowl…wow.

  4. balbonis moleskine says:

    Hali had a mediocre year. DJ deserved it. Charles deserved it of course. Punters shouldn’t be in the game at all. As you mentioned, Berry is a joke to be there.

    The person I expected to see there wasn’t: Justin Houston.

  5. Jim says:

    How the heck do Flowers or Houston not get in over Hali or Berry? Oh well, it’s the ProBowl. Nobody cares.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      It matters to them on their legacy and future payment when you can say I am a three time pro bowler, that’s the big reason…also trying to enter the hall of fame.

      • News Junkie says:

        Not to get off topic Craig, but who do you think is the best QB in the 2013 draft?

        • Craig Glazer says:

          I think its Tyler Wilson of Arkansas…

          • News Junkie says:

            What position do you predict KC to spend their first pick on?

          • Craig Glazer says:

            Due to lack of quality NFL quarterbacks I’m afraid, ‘best player available’ an offensive lineman, there are several good ones, a wide out, maybe the Notre Dame linebacker, a corner, its up for grabs…I like this, take a quarterback in round one and two, then get a wide out, o lineman, corner and another big running back… maybe even another wide out, we have no receivers, none. Without Bowe.

  6. harley says:

    congrats to jamal…derrick….tamba….eric….dustin on being chosen pro bowlers.
    They are good players. Defense was ranked well this year…a better defense
    than atlanta/cowboys and 5 other playoff teams.
    Glaze…these players got to their positions thru hard work and determination.
    You know nothing about football. You wouldna’t know a 54 formation from a
    hole in the ground. They made it in nfl without getting bailed out every time
    they got in trouble…made it in nfl to reach the pinnacle of their profession.
    ….they are professionals…many very very good people…family people…
    and I am proud to be a fan of their’s without hesitation for many many years.
    You are becoming increasingly negative like the rest of the grouchy old
    negative…mean…angry old guys on kcc.
    In one week 4 negative writings…from the negativity of a plane flight to your
    continual bashing of our home team. You are not a’re not a su pporter.
    too much negativity in your writings glaze.
    you sound like a grouchy old 85 year old grandpa!!!!!!!
    please take a happy pill….release all thestress…happy new year.
    I will release my kcc grade card in the next few days along with
    my 2013 financial paper. To get a complete report email
    I will probably also be announcing my award article before the 31st. thanks.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Due to lack of quality NFL quarterbacks I’m afraid, ‘best player available’ an offensive lineman, there are several good ones, a wide out, maybe the Notre Dame linebacker, a corner, its up for grabs…I like this, take a quarterback in round one and two, then get a wide out, o lineman, corner and another big running back… maybe even another wide out, we have no receivers, none. Without Bowe.

      • harley says:

        see glaze…youshould not be writing sports article.
        according to nate silver favorites have trended at l’east
        70% winners and you ‘re at 60%…which might loo k good
        for a amatuer…not for someone who claims to be so good.
        60% is average for the last 2 years going with favorites…
        few upsets..points were taken conservatively…and your
        picks are never outliers….just smoke and mirrors…sorry…
        a blind dog could do as well as you did…..
        secondly ….chiefs defense was ranked 17th in league…
        s they were a better defence than denver…atlanta and
        several other winning teams.
        this shows how little you know of the game..when a defense holds a team to under 17 points…68% of the time the
        team shoul d win. Offense was the problem…no points…
        which means the defense has to be on the field too long.
        I will now school you on the pro bowl selections.
        they get chosen from 1/3 votes from fans…1/3 votes from
        players….1/3 votes from coaches.
        Based on your limited knowledge of the game…we’ll say that
        few fans voted for the 5 chiefs players. That means the
        votes of the players and coaches have to carry additional
        weight in the counting. That means that players and coaches
        voted rather large for the chiefs players. I think the players
        in the nfl and the coaches (including super bowl multiple
        winner romeo) know more about the performances of the
        players in the league.
        as for the defence…as for your imaginary knowledge of
        sports and stats….if you look at the overall nfl season the
        last 2 years…offense is the game….defense has not played
        a major factor in the league. Atlanta falcons…12-3….terrible
        defense…high powered offense…same for denver…redskins..
        and several other playoff teams.
        So here old man…and you might think
        you know it all…. .but you’re like an old stubborn mule.
        Happy new year. And next time you need help with vacation
        plans…flights…where to eat and go party…contact me at I will be happy to give you complete
        details on where/what and how to get things done. hahahaha

        • Craig Glazer says:

          I like my numbers so does everyone but you…my calls on playoffs, superbowl, on and on, uncanny good…and the over under on teams winning games before season on bets perfect..and oh well….I rest my case..

          Harley I get a kick outta you bro…Happy New Years.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      So I don’t know football huh? Thats a hard sell old buddy Harley, I have now posted picks for two years, this year is what 47-25-5….better than good. I’d like to think a guy might have to know something about football to know who is going to win each week and cover points….nobody in KC has that offcial record…P.S. Harley the national news and ESPN agreed with me, Eric Berry was a joke pick…Tamba DID NOT DESERVE IT EITHER…Jamaal yes DJ borderline…he makes few big plays, tackles, not much else, sorry old buddy…outside the punter I only pick Charles….we stunk and badly…defense got jacked over and over and over and over…thus the 2-14 record…a great D would have won a few games for us, they didn’t…they were NOT good.

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