Glazer: Sunday’s Chiefs / Oakland Game Shadow of What Once Was

The Kansas City Chiefs meet the Oakland Raiders Sunday…

If you’re over 35 you can probably remember that this was once considered the top match-up in the AFC. Today there is no real wow factor where this game is concerned.

It’s little more than a showdown between two bottom feeders.

Neither team has any ill feelings the other. The hate is long gone because both teams are just playing out the season, playing for jobs next year on their clubs or somewhere else.

The Raiders did get to play in a Super Bowl just over 10 years back with the throwaway Chiefs quarterback Rich Gannon. They lost of course.

This season though both teams are stinkers and neither has any stars or anything much to watch at all. I’m sorry, yes we have Jamaal Charles, but he’s just a good scat back, nothing more.

The Black Hole in Oakland should eat the loser Chiefs up.

I’d like to say the Chiefs are throwing games to gain the No. 1 pick, however nobody knows who that guy would be or why.

It’s likely we’ll have a new GM and Coach by January anyway.

Scott Pioli has to¬† go down as the worst drafting GM ever. He’s a major joke. The stadium’s nice and clean though.

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