Glazer: Good Grief, Now Even K-State Sucks. Long Live KU Basketball!

I was a bandwagon rider on board the Kansas State freight train…

So were tons of local folks. Nearly everyone in this town wanted to see just one of our  local sports teams matter and win a national title.

That little dream is over. Way over.

K State got run over by un-ranked Baylor.

It’s season came to an earsplitting THUD!

The romance of a little town college team from Manhattan, Kansas playing for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP is so over. In fact, the season could almost be forgotten if K State loses to Texas next week. If that happens, no BCS Bowl at all.

In a few weeks this entire feel good season will be a wasted nothing and that’s the truth.

Sure K-State could get the bridesmaid bowl, but even that’s unlikely. Nobody in the national media wanted them playing in anything that mattered in the first place.

And they got their wish.

On top of that, Oregon, the other not so welcome team, also lost.

So the dream of playing in the championship game is over for both. Now it will likely be Notre Dame and Alabama. The media dream event,

The nation will be happy, but we Midwesterners in Loserville won’t be smiling.

Again, the Chiefs suck, the Royals are a major joke, KU doesn’t have a football program, MU has been a decent football team but is never a challenge to be anything more than cannon fodder for the big boys.

Nobody had heard of Kansas State or Bill Snyder.

Now they never will. It’s also very unlikely that K-State quarterback Collin Klein will win the Heisman. That’s pretty much over with the big loss. It wasn’t close. K-State was never in the game with the nobodys from Baylor.

If this sounds a bit bitter it’s meant to be.

This city and area has such great sports fans, but we just keep getting our faces kicked in year after year. At this time no team that matters has anything going now or likely will for years to come. Nothing but “wait til next year…our farm system…boy did we get some guys in the draft….we’re playing for the future…well in 2015 we will ….. blah, blah, blah.”

Guess what? We’re jinxed.!

My hat is so very off to KU and Bill Self.

It’s the only great program we have or have EVER had, the KANSAS BASKETBALL PROGRAM. Thank you, Bill Self.

Nice effort, Kansas State and Bill Snyder. Sadly, in the end, it’s like the tree that fell in the forest.

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7 Responses to Glazer: Good Grief, Now Even K-State Sucks. Long Live KU Basketball!

  1. HARLEY says:

    sorry glaze…i felt that k state had not had that “bad” game all year.
    And as you know as a gambler and is all about
    streaks…and as i said before this game….that maybe the k state
    streak was going to end and that baylor could score points.
    kstate streak ends….i still think snyder gets coy and im still not
    sure if kline is out of heisman.
    Its almost as if the national media were hoping k state would lose.
    still a great team….they said they have 5 future nfl lineman on that team…

  2. Kerouac says:

    Oregon loses a close one in OT to #13 Stanford (which took Notre Dame to OT in South Bend before losing), while K-State gets utterly embarrassed at Baylor by an unranked / unconsidered nobody. Upshot: Notre Dame is #1 whether they are the best or not.

    Still, more aberrations next weekend not portending, looks like Notre Dame vs Oregon for the National Title & Alabama vs K-State the scraps. Kerouac’s picks: Oregon beats Notre Dame by 10, Alabama by 3 over K-State.

    Oregon Ducks the National Champions.

    Even the losers have some consolation: the rabble left behind Oregon’s wake, Alabama, Notre Dame andr K-state could probably all beat the Chiefs (the College All Stars have beaten pro football’s best team before. That included 1963 vs the GB Packers, merely the greatest team in history, 5 Championships in 7 years, 6 Title appearances 8 same. 1963 game, future Chiefs Buck Buchanan, Ed Budde & Bobby Bell were on the College All Stars roster.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Uh no. As it stands today, it would be Alabama vs ND for the title. Oregon’s done. They’re out.

  3. Kerouac says:

    Uh yes.

    As I said… “Still, more aberrations next weekend not portending”, meaning among other Oregon wins as does Notre Dame. The other couple of undefeated too will not remain so my scenario, and Alabama would lose again. There are still a variety of possibilities…

  4. Lance the Intern says:

    “Nobody had heard of….. Bill Snyder” Really? This Bill Snyder:
    1991 ESPN Coach of the Year
    1995 CNN Coach of the Year
    1998 AP Coach of the Year
    1998 Walter Camp Football Foundation Coach of the Year
    1998 Bear Bryant Award
    1998 Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year
    2011 Woody Hayes Coach of the Year
    2011 Sporting News Coach of the Year
    I think more people have heard of Bill Snyder than they have Craig Glazer.

  5. Rick Nichols says:

    We can only hope KU will make a deep run in the NCAA tournament this year like they did last year, but the Jayhawks will probably need a Danny Manning-like player to win the whole thing.

  6. kinder says:

    sorry dorko, this is MU country, and we’ll just see who has a better basketball team this year, now won’t we.

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