Glazer: Scribe Straps It On for Weekend Football Getaway

Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder is the new “hot” guy in the NFL…

Now that the well publicized romance between Dallas quarterback Tony Romo  and Jessica Simpson is long over. Ponder has come clean; he’s hooked up with beautiful, blonde ESPN star, Samantha Steele.

Not only that but his team is a surprising 5-1.

And this Sunday I look for him to take his team to 6-1 with a win over another surprise club, Arizona.

All eyes in KC (except maybe Scott Pioli‘s since he isn’t looking for a quarterback yet) will be on K-State and West Virgina. K-State QB Collin Kline is matched up against West Virginia’s Geno Smith. Both pro prospects in the NFL next season. In fact they’re two of the leading candidates for the Heisman Trophy.

And the winner of this game takes a big step closer to the award.

Smith is clearly the more valued NFL guy with zero interceptions this season and a solid arm, but his loss last week hurt his cause and takes West Virginia out of a national title game with likely SEC champ Alabama.

The Cat’s are a five point dog, but I’m pulling for the area team. They have a great coach in Bill Snyder and with a win at Morgantown will continue to move towards the title match up with the Crimson Tide.

A tough one to call – a no bet from me – but I’m hoping it’s K-State.


Mercifully the Chiefs get the week off allowing Clark Hunt to ponder firing Scott Pioli.

The Chiefs have no real future at this point in time except to continue to be one of the NFL worst teams and franchises. That will likely continue for another year or two. So let’s get some joy from K-State guys.

Go Cats!

By the way, as the season unfolds it gets tougher on the picks. Thus far I’m moving along prettuy well, very well actually. So let’s see if I can keep it up.

College Football:

Northwestern +12 1/2 over Nebraska (tease with below at 6 points)

Wisconsin -10 over Minnesota (tease with above)

Alabama -14 over Tennessee (tease with below)

Ohio State -12 over Purdue

PRO Football:

MINNESOTA VIKINGS -1/2 OVER ARIZONA (tease with below 6 points)

Houston -1/2 over Baltimore (tease with above)

Green Bay +1 over St. Louis (tease with below)

New England -4 over the Jets (tease with above)

It ain’t easy guys…enjoy
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9 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Straps It On for Weekend Football Getaway

  1. chuck says:

    Ya really think Collin Kline will make it in the NFL? The Cats are the best story in College football and I am an MU fan. GO CATS!!! What a story, if they really do play Alabama, it has got to be a movie. Who plays Snyder and Kline? Seriously, I get goose bumps hoping the Cats go all the way. Did I mention my whole family is MU Fans? We are all waatching the Cats.

    What about Mangino coming back to coaching? Yes. If that is the answer you are looking for, there it is. Yes I want the fat coach to come to MU. That guy could coach.

    Completely unaffected by failure (I am down 100.00) I will plod on.

    Speaking of KU, I think they cover the 36 point spread. That is one.

    Dallas is a 2 point favorite over Carolina. The wheels are off of Cam Newton. Take Dallas. That is two.

    Cincy is a one point dog to the Steelers at home. The Steelers are a shell of what they were. Cincy wins. That is three.

    Thats three. Gotta double down.

  2. chuck says:

    How about Eastwood for Snyder and Ryan Gosling for Kline?

    Go Cats!

  3. Whitey says:

    Vikings are 4-2

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Yes you are right 4-2, my mistake…wish Hearne would have posted the ESPN chic’s picture..she’s a cute one….

  4. chuck says:

    How about K State!!



    • Craig Glazer says:

      K State has arrived. Colin Kane has to be way up there in the run for the Heisman and K State will now be in the talk for who gets Bama for the title game…the media willl want Oregan, cause they have the flash…but I think K State has the best chance to beat them.

      • harley says:

        i don’t think either oregon or kstate can go without a loss
        before the end of the season.
        Kstate still has some tough games with some serious
        upset possibilities.
        Florida plays in lsu….orgegon has usc..
        i don’t think it will be a big team that upsets one of them..
        it will be a team that few thought could beat them
        But how about snyder…coach of the year…and decade.
        Sorry…k state could not beat bama…saw them in person…
        they are probaby the bestcolleget team i’ve ever seen ..
        nad that includes some incredible oklahoma/nebaska/
        bama and lsu teams..
        they are just so fast and powerful….
        k state still have

  5. harley says:

    please cluckk your cheezey writingss are killing glazez blog! jeeezis cluck give glazes followerss a break!!

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