Mancow: The Real Reasons Why Obama Lost the Debate…

Why did Obama LOSE the debate? That “Innocence of muslims” video.

Why did Obama LOSE the debate? George W. Bush!

Why did Obama LOSE the debate? Global warming!

Why did Obama LOSE the debate? A vast RIGHT wing conspiracy.

Why did Obama LOSE the debate? Insensitive to muslim Egyptian Coptic Christians.

Why did Obama LOSE the debate? They actually tried to say the altitude in Colorado! Hilarious.

Rachel Maddow is the queen of smugness… Ugh.

Why did Obama LOSE the debate? He didn’t watch BSNBC. Chris Matthews would have taught him.
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12 Responses to Mancow: The Real Reasons Why Obama Lost the Debate…

  1. mike says:

    His mother couldn’t have come up more excuses for him than the mainstream media did. I wonder what excuses we will hear in November?

  2. the dude says:

    The magical underdrawer donning MORE MAN did not up and croak in the middle of the debate, that’s why. He still had a pulse, that’s why.

    God we set horribly low expectations for our political creatures these days.

  3. Rick Nichols says:

    Why are we so concerned with “winners” and “losers” in these debates? The pertinent question is this: Who’s right and who’s wrong with respect to the truth as it can best be determined? You can “win” a debate and still be terribly wrong about nearly everything you talked about, or you can “lose” a debate and yet be quite accurate in your assessment of reality. The winner/loser mentality does nothing to enhance the level of public discourse in this country.

    • mike says:

      I definitely can see your point. However, a debate can reflect on a candidates personal qualities such as intelligence, leadership, ability to handle pressure, patience, confidence, etc. All of these qualities are important for a President. A candidate can have good, sound ideas and if he/she lacks the abilities I just mentioned, these ideas will never get through the House and Senate and become laws. These qualities are even more important when meeting with foreign heads of state.

    • BlackJack says:

      In that case, they are both big, fat losers.

  4. PB says:

    Jeezuz, as if his posts weren’t bad enough before, now Mancow has made the complete transformation into a grumpier yet still as unfunny version of Kelly Urich.

    Memo to Hearne, you don’t have to post everything these contributors send you.

  5. harley says:

    boy cow is still the dumbest man on earth. The debate will pass as will
    boy cow into the depths of long lost notoriety.
    You’re outdate boycow…your jokes and writings are old…cranky and
    eventually you too will be on the rocking chair of life.
    thecrew of msnbc were rightr….obama had at least 6 chances to k.o.
    mr. willard and his lies.
    If it wasn’t the thin air that hurt mr. obama than it was the very poor
    stratgy they attempted to use. but with a hugelead that they have in the
    electoral race it was not smart to lay back and play defense.
    I hope nd expect mr. obama to surgically remove mr. willards testicles
    in thenext debate.

    • mike says:

      At least he showed he had testicles to begin with!

      • harley says:

        hey mikey the mental midget…didn’t know you had such an
        infatuation and desire for men’s testicles!!!! Your new name is…..Mike the Brokeback KCC boy!!!!!!!!

        • mike says:

          You’re the one who brought up testicles to begin with. You said you expect Obama to surgically remove Mr. Willard’s testicles in the next debate. What I said was a response to that. Anybody that can read can see that!

  6. mark smith says:

    It was definitely the altitude. Obama should have taken along Al Gore as his Sherpa and an oxygen bottle. He wont make the same mistake twice. I hear he is taking Elizabeth Warren along on the next debate just in case he has to make a quick exit. Her Indian blood should come in handy , keep em from getting lost in the wilds of upstate New York.

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