Whinery: Romney Wins Debate, Turns Obama Every Way But Loose

Romney wins!

Now allow me to quote from the “Liberal Media.”

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews– “Where was Obama Tonight?”

Andrew Sullivan–  “You know how much I love the guy and what a high information viewer I am, but this was a disaster for Obama.”

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz – ‘I was absolutely stunned, Obama was off his game”

And you know what liberal media, it’s your fault. Four years of coddling and never asking Obama a serious question and he’s gone soft.

Romney had the night of his life according to the Politico and I couldn’t agree more.

There were times during the debate that Obama looked relieved when Romney interrupted him. This debate should have been called as a TKO halfway through. Obama was boxing and Romney was
bringing the Mixed Martial Arts.

I can’t wait to hear how Harley defends his boy after this lame performance.

Jim Lehrer couldn’t even help Obama tonight – no one could. I think Obama spent about as much time on debate preparation as he does going to National Security Briefings.

Seriously, unless you saw something I didn’t – who could say the President’s performance was not

The “Greatest Orator the World has Ever Seen” had so many “ums” and “uhs” in this debate I lost count.

Obama seemed nervous, unprepared and insincere and “Willard” looked like a President ready to fix the USA.

My favorite moment was when Romney used the Cleveland Clinic Obama touted as a health care model as a great example of how free enterprise can cut costs and improve services in health care. Obama was truly rattled at that point.

Mitt Romney successfully defended “Romneycare” in Massachusetts  and invoked the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution in doing it… Hello Libertarians!

The zinger of the night had to be when Obama said Romney wanted to cut teachers and Mitt responded that the $90 Billion Obama has wasted on bankrupt green energy companies could hire two million teachers and that Massachusetts has the best schools in the Country.

Sorry Obama, you lost on health care and education tonight and in my even wildest dreams I wouldn’t have predicted that.

Romney can win this election with 33 days left and two more debates.

 Obama better call in sick.

The debates matter and Obama looked bored and unprepared. I would even hazard to say that Obama’s performance was so bad- he must want to lose. Maybe it isn’t a coincidence that his estate in Hawaii will be ready for occupancy in January of 2013…

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  1. chuck says:

    I called this one as wrong as I called the Chiefs this year.


    I really thought Romney had no chance.

    I may quit gambling.

    Ok, that was crazy, but still, what a beating for the Prez.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Maybe the most interesting comment here is, “maybe Obama wants to lose” know what, I thought that about Bush senior in his campaign against Bill Clinton, he seemed disinterested, tired and ready to move on with his life….I’m not seeing that from Obama, but maybe deep down its there…..he sees that its a losing battle, being president right now…maybe he wants out…to have a nice life…he’s now very wealthy and maybe he’d rather enjoy life than be attacked on a daily basis, could be…maybe he doesn’t even know it yet.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      Just reminds me of Van Brunt Recreation where the hustlers always said, first liar doesn’t stand a chance.


      Looked like two, elitist bullies picking on the old man in the neighborhood.

      Did it attract more undecided voters to Mitt or did the thumpers and wingers nod their heads and continue to not like the party’s choice?

      My suggestion for the next debate, put a shock collar on both and allow Lehrer to use it for “points of order”. With each push of the button, the shock increases.

      Interesting that the drinking game associated with the debate left women completely dry.

      • harley says:


        read this…..


        and in a later piece i just got some focus group research
        in about the debate….let me tell you this old boys…
        what didpeople remember about the debate….did they
        remember romneys tirades and lies…obamas sleepy
        behavior and lack of energy…
        BIG BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        ROMNEYS NEW SONG: “its so easy being mean”!!!!!!!!!!!!

        you can screw with my man obama…but willard DON’T
        SCREW WITH BIG BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        GREAT NEWS FOR AMERICA…………………………….
        what do you say to that old boys….????????????????????????

        • mike says:

          That is .3% difference is probably just reflecting people who have given up looking for work and dropped out of the workforce. If you count people whose unemployment benefits have run out and have given up seeking employment, the rate would be well over 11%. We are giving out record number of food stamps for a reason!

          • harley says:

            get your facts straight mikey the mental midget. the number is 7.8%….you and the rest of your old washed up buddies were smiling when that number was over 10%…now you cry because
            its dropped and the econmy is on track to
            You are a lying pos…you don’t want the
            numbers to go down…you want the country and the president to fail. You and the rest of the
            old washed up guys want the entire nation to
            fail so you can scream that harley was wrong.
            Isn[t going to happen you unpatriotic low life.
            America is onthe move…america is growing…
            god bless america!!!!

          • mike says:

            The fact is that it was 8.1% and went down to 7.8%. When people stop looking for work, they no longer count as unemployed. The amount of people that are unemployed or underemployed is abysmal.
            Obama is not the King. Disagreeing with his policies does not make me unpatriotic just as thinking you are a delusional narcissistic loudmouth does not mean I hate the internet.
            The economy will explode when Romney is elected president! Remember. Mikey is sometimes right!

          • harley says:

            your comment is 100% wrong mikey the brokeback kcc boy!!!
            Give some stats to back up those facts.
            You just are a horrible person wanting the
            nation to be mired in problems.
            When good news comes peoppe like you
            get angry and lie.
            Those numbers were totally correct for you to use when the number was 10%. Now that they idicate greatthings happening in america you
            are like a traitor and hater wanting to make people believe that those numbers are wrong.
            You hope and pray for americans to be out of
            work so you can forward your personal selfish
            Get with it boy. You’re out of step withamerica…
            you are a traitor and hater.

          • mike says:

            It was 8.1% in August and 7.8% in September. Your math must be as bad as your spelling. That is a difference of .3% just as I said. More people have stopped looking for work and they don’t count in the unemployment figure. That does not make them employed. Underemployed people who only have part time or seasonal work also don’t show up in that figure. As I said before, there is a reason for the huge increase in food stamps.
            Also, as I have stated previously, the reason I am not for Obama is BECAUSE I love my country. Even Biden said the middle class has been buried the last 4 years!

    • harley says:

      Obama lost…but so did the truth. And for the low information/iq readers of kcc i can only say that this debate while giving the romney camp a jolt like a red bull will be in the end ….the end.
      The lies that willard expressed last night were horrendous. The lie about
      medicaid..aca…and his tax cut will be the things that bring him down.
      As far as what happened…it was a strategic problem for obama not to
      hurt his campaign. He only needs to worry about ohio…wisconsinand
      iowa to win the race plus the other states he wins.
      Hehad a huge lead in the key states…but he played it safe. Wrong strategy.
      Never lie down for your opponent. But willards lies in that debate are
      already going to destroy what little hope he had.
      Hence 40 million dollar ad camapgin starting todayin key states that
      will tell the truth.
      I watched the debate on cnn which had a meter reading at the bottom of the screen. I was more interested in that than the debate. If anyone watched tht and you can see the results online you saw a huge huge high rating by
      independent women in colorado when obama spoke. this election will be
      won by the womens vote…point blank.
      And obama should win that demo huge.
      this woke obama and his campaign up. Lies…lies…and more lies came from romney which will make the next debate even more interesting.
      Polls indicated that the only poeple swayed by the debate were republican
      leaning women whoalready were being counted in the romney camp.
      For all you low information commentators on kcc…only pay attention (as i have said before) to the electoral map. forget debates…forget campaigns..wathc the flow of ad dollars state by state. Ohio is key…obama was up by 7-9 points before thedebate and may lose 2-3 points…but
      that will be recovered. The strategy used by obama may have not looked well on tv…but in the next 30 days you will see 30-40 million dollars by obama campaign dropped in 5 states. Romney campaign is trolling for donations..they had to go out on the trail to get campaign money as late as last weekend.
      My good friends…the key pointsto look at are going to be the favorability
      numbers of romney..they will be like a jolt of red bull…then subside when the truths are unmasked.
      The loser was not obama..the loser at that debate was thev truth…for 2 years willard talked about his plans…then changed htem on that stage during the debate.
      Low information/iq people justdon’t get it. They areswayed by the
      emotion of thetimes. I have no doubt that obama wins big. Its a slight shift in strategy that will turn the tide back.
      Why obama didn’t mention the 47% statements at lest 100 times during the debate is beyond anyonescomprehension. I’m sure between now and election day you will get tired of hearing that phrase.
      They have to unleash obama….its going to be brutal from here on in from the obama side.
      You all will see….harley knows all…the stats and figures are going to prove me right..
      for guys like wilson..mikey…hearne…and especially whiney boy who have
      no idea what they’re talking about point blank…the outcome of thegame will be as i said….
      I’ve knocked the head off whiney boy inevery one of his stories. He has
      no idea what he’s talking about. He essentially trying to believe what he
      The next 30 days will prove me right. I have no doubt that i am right.
      Bring it on you low iq dudes…lets hear some facts and figures that show the race is going to end updifferent. I invite your comment. You are a joke!
      Harley will have the lastlaugh…..thanks for the mentions and i look
      forwardto giving you low information people more info as it becomes available.

      • mike says:

        Doesn’t this take time away from your Mensa meetings?

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Mike, leave him alone! Im happy, now just being a low info, low IQ guy. Thats got to be better than fat, angry, has been, low rent wanna be doesnt it? I have to go clean a hot tub now.

          • mike says:

            I just can’t help it, Paul. My anger about having a low IQ, being fat, bald, old, white, living in a trailer, and being a wage slave loser just can’t be contained!

          • harley says:

            i never said you lived in a trailer. I never said you were low rent. I never said you were
            a low wage slave worker. The other points were general statements directed not to specific
            persons on kcc but to the general audience of
            kcc and the white angry men all over america.
            Calm down….everything will be okay.

          • mike says:

            If you direct insulting comments toward the general audience of kcc, that includes Paul and myself since we are both on kcc.

    • harley says:

      did you see the gallup post debate poll…….obama gains a point in national
      race..sporry old guys…..this is not going to be pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      headed to landslide…headed to a big win..
      whiney boy….you paid to have your picture shot with willard the
      wussy….now it’s going to cost you even more….

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    I hope ObamaCare covers ass kickings.

  3. paulwilsonkc says:

    The BEST line on Imus this morning; It went between Romney looking like he was punching a blow up doll to him debating someone on Ambien! I was shocked. I knew Omaba is far less capable without his teleprompter, or he wouldn’t use it to talk to a class of 6th graders. I knew Romney was a good debater, I’ve seen him before. But never did I expect what we saw last night.

    Chris Mathews and the MSLSD crew were sucidal in their portrayal of it all. CNN posted a viewer poll of their own that gave it to Romney by 67%!

    And while there are Republican and Democratic douche bags alike, on the extremes of each party, the best Dem line I heard from a flaming liberal acquaintance this morning; “Well!! You can SURE TELL who has spent 24 hours running a COUNTRY and who spent that time memorizing their LINES!!”

    Give me a break! It was clear to Chris Mathews, who is all but in a slobering wet, open mouth lip lock with the President, that he went down in flames!

    Will it change much? Maybe 3 points for 2 weeks, maybe not even that, but it was a clear and decisive win for Romney.

    (I will not await the flaming, rambling, nonsenseical attacks from the one who hates old, fat, bald, has been, hot tub cleaning, TV repairing, loser, angry has beens. But I can find solice in the fact that will only happen after he attacks “Whineyboy” first, so I have some time to catch my breath)

    • Craig Glazer says:

      You make strong points, but the one that’s most interesting is ‘will it change things’ 2-4 points for a minute…likely you are correct but in the end, it still goes down party lines and likely, unless the race card gets played quietly, its the demos with Obama in the end…he’s just too far ahead…could it change? Yes if this continues maybe..it could. Mitt is in the game, that’s clear.

    • hardly says:

      Ewe are a bu nch of fatt/balled/ hasben/ hott tub cleening/tv reparing/ angree/luser/hasben waeg slvaes hoo culdnt rub too nikkels twogather aftur standeng und er a bridge with a sign….ewe no nuthing abowt politiks…no fatcs…olny wach fokxs news…obmama was write on the fackts….willard lyed ovur an ovur…hee loo ked liek a rascist….onlee apeels two u angree old wite guise….obmama wil winn ina lanslied…ewe herd it hear furst….rebmember…HARDLY IS ALLWA}YS WRITE

  4. mark smith says:

    After the debate Pelosi may vote for Romney. He took Obama to the woodshed. One of the best comments I’ve seen so far that sums it all up, ” It wasn’t a debate so much as Romney took Obama for a cross country trip strapped to his roof like the family dog.”
    Chris Matthews almost cried. Maddow looked like they killed the last rainbow unicorn. Somebody on the local twitter compared Jim Lehrer to Walt Bodine. Obama looked down so much that I thought he had a micro teleprompter glued to the top of his shoe. Harley spent the night at the fridge door eating pudding with his fingers in his Obama underoos. As brutal as this debate was for Barry, The Ryan vs Biden debate is going to be a blood bath.

    • Mark X says:


      Looking forward to the Ryan – Biden match. This is just a foretaste. Crazy Uncle Joe will be a hoot.

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    CBS: By a 2 to 1 margin, uncommitted voters crowned Mitt Romney the winner over President Obama in the first presidential debate in Debate, Colo., on Wednesday night, according to a 500-person instant poll taken by CBS News.

    Uncommitted debate watchers saw Mitt Romney as the winner on handling the economy (60 to 39 percent) and the deficit (68 to 31 percent), just as they did before the debate. These voters also think Romney will do a better job on taxes (52 to 47 percent), a reversal from before the debate, when uncommitted voters gave the president a 52 to 40 percent advantage on that.

    Huff Post – WASHINGTON — Television viewers’ snap judgments of the first presidential debate favored Mitt Romney, according to two “instant reaction” polls and a focus group conducted during and immediately after the candidates met in Denver. Respondents were unambiguous about who won. By a 46 percent to 22 percent margin, the poll’s uncommitted voters said they thought Romney won. After the debate, 56 percent said they had a better opinion of Romney

    Some of CNN’s producers are tweeting out an instant, “snap” poll of the debate. The verdict: Mitt Romney handily beat Obama and performed much better than expected

    INSTANT POLL: Mitt Romney Annihilated Obama
    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/debate-poll-romney-annihilates-obama-cnn-cbs-2012-10#ixzz28L3xzWkZ

    Washington Post; Who won the debate? On Twitter, in snap polls, and even in President Obama’s campaign the answer appears clear: Mitt Romney won.

    Bill Maher Tweet “[I] can’t believe I’m saying this, but Obama looks like he DOES need a teleprompter,”

    Warren Zevon wrote a song; What To Do In Denver When You’re Dead. Maybe Obama is listening to that this morning……

    • mike says:

      i been cryin all day when mr. romney said he was goin to tak BigBird off da
      tv. I wus almost cryin. My mommy sayd that I could watchh the replays of
      big burd on tv if i eight my greeen beens.
      I’m a big baby. Mommmy takes me on walks becuse i am not da britest
      purson in skul.
      When i grow up moommy will giv me da totul coolleckshun of big burd
      movies. I am happy noww.

      • mike says:

        That is actually better than how you normally write, Harley!

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Mike, having produce many movies and TV shows, I have the inside on this. Dont you know by now, if you need the straight scoop, ask PAUL? PBS WILL lose all its funding. Sesame Street will be cancelled, but they are already in talks with TLC to replace Honey Boo Boo with the big yellow bird. You heard it here first.

  6. paulwilsonkc says:

    Mark, you bring up the best point, not that it will matter in the end, but the Ryan O’Biden debate needs to be DVR’d to watch over and over again like that ONE good SNL skit from 10 years ago. This will be a gift that keeps on giving! I EXPECT, at some point, Joe will say, Yeah, you’re right, the President SUCKED on that one!!

    Everyone asked me why Obama left out so many great lines like, “Saved GM, KILLED Osama!” I think his staff was smart enough to tell him not to do that or risk Romney giving him that blank star and reply, “REAAAALY? YOU killed Osama? Innnteresting”

    Im just beside myself waiting to see what will be the UNDENIABLE defense thats yet to come. It will be a “WhineyBoy” attack for a stupid story, followed up with “Hasnt HARLEY run you off yet? and possibly that old stand by, “WhineyBoy… you got it ALL wrong, call ME, the political GURU if you want the facts”. Then he’ll launch on me, disregarding the facts, then on to how Romney SUCKED so bad last night.

    I can hardly wait. I have a tingle going down my leg; I borrowed it from Chris Mathews since he traded the tingle for a LOAD in his pants!

  7. Billy Lonebear says:

    I had to force myself for five minutes and had to switch to something not totally boring and meaningless. One question I have though; where are the strings on both these puppets? I didn’t see any, they must be invisible strings.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Good point, Billy. Thats why I said I dont have a dog in this hunt. It really matters so little. I hate to use the worn out term “lesser of two evils” but thats really all we have.

  8. the dude says:

    Watching two identical corporate puppets argue about minutiae makes for boring TV.

  9. paulwilsonkc says:

    By the way, GREAT story, DSW. Most of us LIKE what you do, and as for your biggest detractors… well, you know the drill. Nice job.

    • harley says:

      sheesh…i’m out getting my new businesses together and the old washed
      up gang on here comes at me with knives…okay obama didn’t do well but the
      after affects are going to hurt romney over the long haul.
      I’m locked and loaded for wilson the old guy and whineyboy so give me
      some time so icanget things done and I’ll take them both to the shed for
      a whooooping.
      Its the same old regurgitated crap from whiney boy who couldn’t punch his
      way out of paper bag and for the old man…lets just say his writing
      is as “old as dirt”. If i wanted cut and paste I could go to your aarp
      site and get that…but if you want original up to date info from the guru
      of politics and business…stick with harley.
      Oh…and thanks wilson for the 4 mentions …i appreciate when my
      underlings mention me in their comments. Makes me feel like they
      appreciate reading my work and that they look up to me when it comes
      to politics and business. I also enjoy the fact that wilson is one of many to outright crown me as the lead commentator on kcc. It brings great joy to me when i can become a mentor and example of great work to people like wilson, hearne and others who follow me with zeal on kcc.
      It warms my heart when people like wilson continue to qoute and use my comments as the gospel. Wilson has used my many comments about business to further enhance his own business acumen and that’s important for me because it shows that the guy idolizes me and the great things i preach.
      Of course noone can say harley has been wrong in any instance and i take
      that compliment with great gratitude.
      If you are seeking advice on any aspect of your personal or professional life feel free to contact me at law4life1000@yahoo.com.
      Again thanksfor all the compliments. I willbe posting a reply to this
      story asap. With deep gratitutde and love to my fans…Harley!

      • mike says:

        You are never wrong? You were saying that Obama would win the debate. Admit it! YOU WERE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        As you would say……..hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  10. admin says:

    Just so you guys will know, the dude in that photo with Romney is none other than “Whiney Boy” himself. He submitted his column last night with the following text:

    “Sent & suck it Harley!”

    His latest text a few minutes ago: “Crickets from Harley.”

    Wherever can the exalted one be?

    • harley says:

      hernia…been busy…but i guarantee i will be posting soonagain.
      I know you all missmy insightful comments and upfront style but
      I’ve been busy. I now know I’ve reachedthe pinnacle of kcc. When the
      owner…#1 writer…the head cheese …the king of journalism is sitting
      impatiently waiting for someone like myself to give the true facts and data…then I know I’ve made it to the top of the mountain.
      thanks hearne…i appreciate the shout out and stay tuned and keep checking in because i’ m having to do other things before i unload on whiney boy
      and old boy at one time…stay tuned.

      • mike says:

        Instead of bragging about yourself after YOU WERE WRONG about who was going to win the debate, give us some facts!!
        In the time you spent writing these two boring, babbeling diatribes, you could have unloaded on “Whiney Man” already!
        It’s really going to be funny to see what you say when Obama loses!

        • harley says:

          we’ll seemikey. I know you’re wrong. So get ready for
          your boy to get a good kicking!!!!!!

          • mike says:

            The thing is, I never brag about always being right. You constantly do and never admit when you are not. That and insulting everyone else on here are why you get the negative responses you do. You think you are better than everybody else. I don’t like egomaniacs and I don’t think very many people do.

  11. harley says:

    oh boy…thats whiney boy…maybe he should get a reference for a hair plug doctorfrom glaze….the guy looks older than mitt!!!!!!! uh…i’m thinking maybe
    he should not putthat photo out for public consumption..not good…not good!

    • mike says:

      Maybe so, but he actually has proof he has met someone famous, unlike you!

      • Super Dave says:

        And Glazer as well.

      • harley says:

        mike…whiney boy paid big money for his pic with willard
        rmoney. So it’s not like rmoney came up to him and talked withhim. Those pics cost whiney boy an entire months
        salary probably to geta picture with a loser. At least if you’re
        goning to be photographed and put on kcc don’t be in one with a loser.
        See mikey…people like me and glaze who have been with famous people all our lives…wedon’t haveto post them on
        facebook or kcc or our sites….we’re not that petty. Have you
        seen glaze posts pics of himself with any of the bignames he’s
        been with? NO…when you’re doing well sometimesyou have
        to be humble. He doesn’t have pics of himself with celebrities.
        I”vemet carter…clinton…obama…been to super bowls and been
        with the biggest stars in the entire nfl…been pictured with
        star and celeb rities from michael jackson to joe montana…
        mrcus allen….jerry rice…been with oprah…
        so when you are comfortable withyour own persona you don’t
        have toput a phony picture of yourself with a celebrity
        on a website just to make yourself feel good.
        come on…who’s the biggest person you’ve been pictured
        with…smokey the bear???

  12. mark smith says:

    Im not sure now is a good time to expand your empire. I mean you have the gig at the broom weaving workshop and I hear the market is soft right now for slinging horse $hit. Congratulations on the “National Writing” thing. No doubt trolling the comment sections at Huff Po while fapping to the audio version of Dreams from my Father, is very lucrative and rewarding. We angry old white fat guys, washed up news hacks, and assorted malcontents shall be waiting with abated breath for your wise counsel. Now if you’ll excuse me, news just broke that esq. Whinery is out on the ledge threatening to jump because you dont care for the cut of his jib. I gotta call 911.

    • harley says:


    • harley says:


    • harley says:

      wrong again mr. smith…
      So yes…it is a very lucrative …and i mean very lucrative venture that has a huge upside for me and my business partners (who are some of the
      top people in their fields) and that puts me in the forefront of a vast growing industry.
      AsI have said…i have an excellent track record and would love tospeak
      with you one on one about your business and personal goals so i can
      help you achieve some of the goals I’ve achieved in my life.
      Feel free to contact me at law4life1000@yahoo.com and i’d be happy
      to show you some of the things i have done. Unlike some of the
      commentators on this site who have failed in their endeavors and who
      carry a strong grudge against others who have been successful, I enjoy
      working and mentoring people in the business world. I have extensive
      contacts in almost every industry, I have access to large amounts of
      capital and i know how to grow a business from start to merger
      status. I’ve been lucky and with hard work and perseverance I ‘ve
      done well. I also contibute both financially and personally to many
      So while there will be those who have not had the good fortune or
      ability to survive the business roller coaster…those who have not
      be able to hold onto their businesses…those who are “anti-entreprenuer”
      and carry a chip on their shoulder because they’ve not been able
      to continue to succeede…i do understand that some business people
      have what ittakes to be successful on a long term basis while others
      fail and give up completely.
      Would love to talk and exchange ideas and experiences as I now do
      with other currently successful business people.
      NO harm done…i just ask that you understand that I am avery
      passionate believer in the things I believe in and I always try to
      make a reasoned case as to why i believe that way.
      Others on kcc are not so articulate and tend to want to generalize
      a position.
      Again…please contact me. Would love to hear from anyone who has
      a passion for what they do and a passion for how they live life.
      If you’re negative…have failed in the past and not tried to regain your
      prior success…i ask that you not contact me. I have no time for losers.

  13. Kerouac says:

    ‘Obama’ is what happens when you don’t give an empty suit a teleprompter with all the replies pre-written for him. Eastwood was right – that empty chair captured the essence of the President perfectly… our long, national nightmare is about to end.

    • mike says:

      Another factor is that Obama is not used to having someone really go after him like Romney did. McCain handled him with kid gloves in 2008. He gets thrown softballs at press conferences. He is not as used to being put on the defensive as most incumbent Presidents would be and was caught off guard. He could barely even look at Romney when Romney was looking right at him.

      • harley says:

        mikey;….sorry to group you into the old group of guys…
        from what i can see they do have some intelligence
        and style and class. You have none of those.
        On top of that you thrive watching the nation and our people struggle. You are wrong…and while you act like an upstanding guy i can see youare not.
        have fun tonight posting at midnite on kcc.

        • mike says:

          I still have more style, intelligence and class than you do evidenced by the fact that I’m not on here nonstop bragging about myself. The fact that you say you are always right proves you have none of these things whatsoever. Your sense of reality is as lacking as your spelling and typing skills. It is spelled “midnight”, by the way and no, I won’t be on here at midnight. What I will be doing is none of your business.
          Just because I don’t agree with Obama and his failed policies doesn’t make me unpatriotic. Did not agreeing with Bush make you unpatriotic?
          I don’t love seeing this country struggle. If I did, I would vote for Obama so we would continue struggling. That is the very reason I am for Romney in the first place. I want to see our country and it’s economy improve. Obama himself said Bush was unpatriotic for running up the debt. Guess what? He has run it up more in 4 years than Bush did in 8. Is he unpatriotic?
          Have a good day! Remember, Mikey is sometomes right!

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