Whinery: All Bets Are Off, Presidential Debate Preview & Analysis

I can’t believe we’re less than 40 days out from the election and Obama is STILL winning…


The first of three Presidential Debates is this Wednesday and it is looking like the best (and maybe only) way for Romney to take charge of this election is to “Win” the debates.

About 53 million people watched the first debate in 2008, so a lot is riding on the respective candidates performance.

So why then did the Democratic National Committee spokesman, Brad
Woodhouse, tell Fox News that Romney will win the first debate?

Are the Democrats really that worried about the President’s debate skills?

Obama deftly dispatched John McCain in 2008- but Romney is not McCain. The Democrats are
either trying to downplay the President so he goes in as the underdog and looks more impressive so if he wins. Or they’re deathly afraid of Obama’s tendency to gaffe and go off message sans a teleprompter.

That’s what I think has the Dems worried.

The Republican primary season saw Romney take part in 23 debates and he held is own if not outright won a majority of those…Even against Newt Gingrich, who is arguably one of the best debaters out there, whether you agree with him or not. Romney also displayed a lot of poise in
these debates when he was down in the polls and managed to claw his way back into the lead through his oratorical skills.

So what does Romney need to do to beat the President?

He needs to show emotion about people and “feel their pain” a la Bill Clinton. One of
the biggest problems Mitt has had is in showing that he cares for the “average American.”

And these debates are his last chance to demonstrate that he is indeed likeable.

He needs to sound Presidential and show the American people he is ready to lead on Day One. And he’s going to have to be specific on policies that matter. What will he do to create jobs, what
his energy policy will be and how will it bring down gas prices and if he repeals Obamacare- what will be next for Americans without health insurance.

The time to be specific in is 45 seconds or less Mr. Romney, can you do that?

And last but not least- no $10,000.00 bets or anything else that can be used as a cheap distraction. He’s behind and can’t give the Dems any freebies. Oh and he better be better prepared to explain his 47% comment- the truth hurt a lot of people and he needs to repair that damage.

President Obama just needs to hold his own to come out on top.

And to do that all he has to do is not make any catastrophic mistakes, sound preachy, get defensive, and be respectful of Mr. Romney. If he does those things, he should win.

If he goes off message or allows Romney to get under his skin- Watch Out!

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24 Responses to Whinery: All Bets Are Off, Presidential Debate Preview & Analysis

  1. Craig Glazer says:

    Unless there are major issues by Obama in the debate it kinda doesn’t matter, he still wins..Bush didn’t look good in 04, things were bad in every way, he was outdebated and still won…so the public likes to stay with the incumbant most of the time…Clinton winning was not the norm, and Bush senior seemed to want out…at that time.

  2. Rick Nichols says:

    In addition, Mr. Romney is having to carry more and more “baggage” with him these days, courtesy of his party’s ongoing war against women, unions, environmentalists, etc., etc., laid bare for all to see thanks to TV and talk radio. Moreover, he hardly resembles “the guy next door” most people wouldn’t mind having an occasional beer with. But I guess this was the very best the GOP could do this time around. Unfortunately for them, a relatively small tent invariably leads to fewer choices.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Good point lets be honest, Mitt is the sacrifice for this one…they, the Republicans, knew they were beat upfront, so Mitt gets to play prez for a few months, thats all…seems a decent guy, hey we should all be so lucky…mega millionaire, nice looking, great wife….not too shabby, but no not the next prez…but he had fun….its over….he knows it and so do all the leading Republicans, its plan for Hilary vs. Ryan or who ever for 2016…just the way it is, this is just a show…nothing more.

  3. Harley says:

    INALL HONESTY WHINEY BOY…you took a serious verbal and written
    whopping with your last 2 stories…and now I’m gonna give you another one.
    You as an expert say I can’t believe obama is winning. Hey whiney boy…he’s
    not justv winning…he’s wipeing the floor with willard. And yes… i am proud to
    say i called it all the way back last december and november….
    FIRST OFF WHINEY BOY HERE’S SOME FACTS. The fact is that these
    debates really have very little to do with the election. People may say thye
    do but research shows that what happens in the debates makes little
    diference in a voters mind. Now thats research and facts…something you
    know nothing about…but data proves that in the end these debates mean
    very very little.
    But let me play “surgeon” and totally discect every point you make because
    whiney boy you are the easiest target of anyone on this site.
    you said: “willard has to feel the voters pain” Have you been sleeping?
    feel their pain…when he said 47% of america is a pain in “his a$$”…feel their
    pain…he feels no pain…all obama reminds the viewers that willard don’t give
    a crap about half of the viewers watching this debate. He’ll ask…are you one
    of those 47%? seniors…veterans…working class people…mothers…if you are
    this anti christ candidate willard doesn’t think you take responsiblity for your
    lives and says you’re a mooch. If obama says that…debate/election OVER!!!!!!

  4. Harley says:

    have you been asleep for 9 months whiney boy. Willard hasn’t produced one
    single policy paper in the entire campaign. The best debate would be willard
    debating himself sinc e he’s changed his mind a dozen times on every
    major issue. Healthcare? willard for itwhen governor…then wants to repeal it..
    then wants to keep it…then wants to replace it…then wants to repeal it..
    then says he loves the program. The guy has mor positions on health care
    than glaze has on the cheifs and royals. A complete idiot. All obama has
    to say is…mitt…you’re the granddaddy of our aca…how come you’ve changed
    your mind 12 times on it…now you agree on it…so theres nothing to debate
    because we both agree on healthcare…next question mr. leher.
    Seriously…you have been wrong more times over the last 2 months
    than any one except your foot fetish freind dick morris. (remember you
    qouted that guy)!!!!1
    Whats even funnier and most stupid is saying willard has to prove he’s
    likable…what 38 days before the election this mormon with majic underwear
    has to prove he’s likable…he’s got worse rating than bush when bush left
    office…..people hate this man with a passion.
    so here’s what’s left…guys like you and the rest ofr the old angry white guys
    on here to come out and admit that you were 1000% wrong…that you
    were not only wrong but way off base. Do it…it will make you feel good..ande
    who knows maybe you’ll feel better about yourself. Maybe you’ll get an
    new attitude…and admit that the republican party is about the split up.
    Guys like you are so out of touch with reality that its amazing!!!!!
    You were werong from day one…and lety me repeat myself…i harley predicted
    a big win months ..almost a year ago when obama was down big time.
    Take my word to the bank. Take what i say as gospel. Take the info i give
    you as the holy word…because again…HARLEY IS RIGHT.

  5. Harley says:

    and if he repeals Obamacare- you said this about willard..
    did you hear him on nbc news where he said the health care was a great idea..and
    he implementd it in massachusettes? did you hear that?
    Willard is a freaking idiot!!!!!!
    Is this the guy you want running the nation. They guy can’t even campaign…
    what the heck is wrong with willard….

  6. Reggin Tnuc says:

    Once again the dog that barks loudest has no bite. Most accurate polling shows the race to be statistical dead heat. By 2-1 margin Americans identify as being conservative versus liberal. 29% of American voters are registered as independent or no party preference. No poll conducted thus far samples with 29% independent. In a separate poll about polls only 9% surveyed said they were honest when being polled. With the possible exception of Rasmussen no polls exhibit methodology in sampling that can be considered realistic, logical or rational. If the president has double digit leads in FL, OH, PA, why is he still campaigning? Black ministers are encouraging their congregations not to vote in protest of President’s support of gay marriage. Devout Catholic Hispanics, roughly 20% of Hispancs, will not support president for same reason. Mr. Romney showed himself to be a skilled debater in the primaries. He fared well against Newt Gingrich, who if anything, is an excellent debater.

    Race far from over. Patience is virtue.

    • Harley says:

      okay mr. dyslexia…
      if romney has a chance in michigan why did he pull all advertising out
      of that state.
      if romney has a chance in pennsylavania (obama is up 9 points) why did
      romney pull all ads off tv in penn.?
      if romney has a chance in ohio why did he cut back significant dollars
      on ads in ohio.
      why is rove moving money from prez race to senate…
      polls show romney getting 1% of black vote…21% of hispanic…that
      is so far below the level that they need to be compettive ….
      ed rollins said (major rep. consultant) that romney won’t win because he
      has less than 30% of hispanic vote…lower than mcccain and about half the
      vote bush got….obama hits it out of the park…
      even chris christie…the doughnut man…the fat pig of the gop said the
      polls were not skewed…if you doubt the king of pollster 538.com…you
      arev doubting the #1 pollster in american politics…who now has
      it 1% possibility that romney wins.
      INFERS THE N WORD…LETS Make a bet…$2000 cash to hearne..hearne
      holds it til the election….lets see if you are just full of bull or you got any
      i’d lovwe to take your money you disgusting piece of sh*t!!!
      putting a name like that on this site is not only vile but it’s disgusting.
      Put up or shut up you filthy trash……..get your money or shut up…
      the real 100% harley!

    • YELRAH says:

      hey mr. n word spelled backword…here’s some more info to make your day!!!

      Mitt Romney’s campaign may be suffering in more than just the battleground states.

      Fox Business’ Charlie Gasparino reports that some wealthy donors who have made financial commitments to the Romney campaign are reneging, and instead, opting to send their money to Republican House and Senate candidates who they see as having a better chance of winning next month.

      Citing two sources, including “a major player in Romney’s New York fundraising circles,” Gasparino notes that some donors are losing faith that the Republican nominee can beat Obama.

      As The Huffington Post’s Mark Blumenthal reports, the president is ahead “by statistically meaningful margins in all of the battleground states except North Carolina.”

      Obama also leads Romney 49 percent to 47 percent among likely voters in a new nationwide Washington Post/ABC survey.

      As of Monday, HuffPost’s Election Dashboard — an analysis of hundreds of local and national opinion polls — showed the president leading Romney in electoral votes, 332 to 191. Two hundred and seventy electoral votes are needed to win.

  7. the dude says:

    It is funny to see people get all worked up about a presidential debate that is basically meaningless and unsubstantial. All it is good for is to see is someone liteally falls flat on their face, otherwise it is a waste of time.

    • Reggin Tnuc says:

      I think Mr. Reagan would disagree with you. His “there you go again” and “are you better off today then you were 4 years ago?” lines turned the tide for him.

  8. chuck says:

    Based on Obama’s public performances to this point, the smart money has got to be on Obama to win these debates on style. It’s a TV debate, and style, not points and facts will be far more important than a categorical defeat in a point v. point argument.

    The Media hates Romney and the interlocutor will be CNN based with an appearance from J. Leher. Advantage Obama.

    Obama’s orations and public speaking abilites are singular and unsurpassed since Ronald Reagan, and actuall maybe since John Kennedy.

    The fix is in, and the post debate commentary by news outlets not named Fox will feature left handed compliments in Romney’s direction, during an apotheosis of the sitting president and his efforts.

    I really don’t think Romney even has the proverbial “puncher’s chance” at winning this debate.

    Obama, sans the tele prompters, is still the smoothest speaker on the stage by a country mile.

    Appearance over substance once again.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Chuck, you are right on all points, save one; the President has never taken a bitch slapping, he’s never been confronted in a uncontrolled venue. I think the ONLY thing that will be worth watching is the off chance that Romney hits him between the eyes with a couple of one liners. If that happens, I think you will visibly see Obama get emotionally upset. He’s not used to that and that cool demeanor could get rocked. Other than that, youre totally right.

      Now, where he’s NOT smooth is in what he was trying to do yesterday by lowering the expectation of the debate outcome. Man, he came off really lame in that clip where he said there was this DEBATE coming up, he knew there would be one liners…. Romeny is a GREAT debater… “Im just OK….”. That was SO transparent, so week and…. done without the teleprompter.

      • Orphan of the Road says:

        I think Mitt is more apt to be bitch slapped than bitch slap anyone. The guy has spun more versions of what he believes/will do/has done than a dreidel during Yom Kipper.

        Both sides have a half-a-horse-apiece. Romney appears to have the southern end of a northbound horse at this point.


        • Orphan of the Road says:

          Mittens bitch slapped the O with the $700-billion Medicare lie. Not even a whimper from O on that one.

          Did it change anyone’s mind?

  9. Reggin Tnuc says:

    Mr. Harley, your writings only reveal self loathing and lots of rejection in your life. The silence in a piece of great music plays just as important a role as the many notes. One is not more important than the other. Seek to be the blank space on the canvas and not a convergence of color. Without the darkness of night the stars cannot be seen.

  10. Jim says:

    Wow…..my candid, well worded and articulate comments might be censored but some dude can call himself Reggin Tnuc? So much for moderation, Hearne.

  11. harley says:

    wilson…wishful thinking. Won’t happen.. Noones cooler than the president.
    Willard should debate himself since he’s had so many different positions
    over the last 3 months on the same issue….
    oh and did you see where ryan called his buddy willard “inarticulate”…
    the wheel come off the wagon for the rape publicans.
    alson…new wall street journal /nbc poll says obama is in …hes outperforming
    his numbers nationally in battleground states like florida…ohio…penn.
    and michigan.
    willard needs to throw in the towel and head back to california so he can
    suprvise work on his car elevators.

  12. mark smith says:

    The thing about polls is they over sample dems, some as much as 9 points, based on 2008. They also ignore 2010 when dems got their clocks cleaned, 60 something seats? So I wouldn’t go blowing your life size Obama dolls meat whistle just yet harley. Not for nothing but you remind me of Chris Matthews puppy love for the President when you gush about how “cool” he is. I’ll bet you get a quiver up your leg when he speaks. Romney isn’t out of the race yet and you should brace yourself for the possibility that your man crush for Barry may be coming to an end. Anyone calling this race won at this point is an arrogant retard. Which explains your comments and proves my point. Make sure you wear your helmet if you go outside scooter.

    • harley says:

      mark…you got any money…you seem to know nothing about politics
      but i’ll be wiling to bet money on this one.
      It’s pretty simple….but most importantly your comment about
      oversampling democrats has a very specific reason but it’
      s not a fully true comment.
      if you need more info go to nate silver …he’s the true
      romneys out…but i’m sure you know more than the statisticians
      and data analysts who do this 24 hours a day.
      mr. smith…put your money where your mouth is or shut the f up!!!!!!!
      i look forward o the challenge.
      as always…harley is right…andwill always be right…

  13. mark smith says:

    Kind of tough to make a wager with a clown who I dont know, will never see, and lives on mental disability. You talk more shit than a philly plumber harley. This election has you wound tighter than usual, maybe you need to pretend you are going away on another of your make believe vacations. If you need to contact me you can reach me through my attorneys email …www.eat-a- sack- O- dicks.com

  14. hardly says:

    obmama kleerley wun the deebait….willard wuldnt say wh at hee wuld kut….ware he wuld sl ash deeducktions…..obmama wil winn bigg….ewe herd it hear furst…..rebembmer…..HARDLY IS ALLAWAYS WRITE

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