Mancow: Whatever Happened to the America I Used to Know & Love?

I can’t tell you who is going to win the election…

I can’t get a feel for it. There’s just too much propaganda (polls) to be able to really get how the public feels. Using logic, I would normally say it would have to be Romney by a landslide.

But being logical has no place in American society anymore.

How can the election possibly be this close?

I believe that it’s too late already. 9/11 the sequel, has shown that even if Romney wins things will never be like they were. Things have gotten so much worse under Obama. I would say to Edmund Burke that today in our time it’s so much more different than his time was.

The only thing necessary now for the triumph of evil over good, is for others to prevent good men from doing something. Some try to do the right thing but are shot down by liberals and their cohorts.

I have never seen the level of propaganda in the news and from government like it is today. The cowardice coming from the administration is nauseating.

To blame some individual that made an obscure video as the genesis of the Middle East uprising, instead of taking the responsibility for being irresponsible and short sighted, is a disgrace.

One of the lead instigators of the Muslim riots admitted he never even saw the video. Is our country gone? Yes and it’s not coming back. My country, the America I loved, didn’t have the problems and perversions that we have today.

What am I supposed to be proud of in this country today?

Sure in most ways it’s better than anywhere else but still that’s no excuse for the rotting of this country’s soul. It’s like having a father who most of the time is just fine as long as he doesn’t drink and then abuse family members.

We have freedom of speech and other rights. Great… wonderful. We also have perversions celebrated, drug addiction, crybabies and wussies who whine if they don’t get a handout.

Why am I supposed to be proud of an immoral nation?

The problem with me is I do not acclimate very well when changes are made for the worst. I can’t fake it. I don’t fit in anymore. “Yo yo yo JayZ w/ the prez yo” just isn’t my thing yo.

Our president should take the time to meet with the head of Israel to deal with that little issue of Iran nuking up. It’s sometimes like I am on an island of my own.

I don’t recognize America anymore. I don’t go along with “the programming” very well.

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19 Responses to Mancow: Whatever Happened to the America I Used to Know & Love?

  1. harley says:

    Boycow continues to show his utter ignorance and stupidity.
    How a radio guy can come on here and show how little he knows about
    the current situation in this nation makes me wonder if he’s just trying
    to get a reaction to his angry comments.
    Boycow is another of those I call the angry/cranky/washed up/negative/
    pot bellied/balding/old white men who have lost their way.
    See boycow and chuck the world has changed. And we’re just starting to
    see the first part of the massive change in america. Guys like boycow and
    chuck are dying off. A new era in america is coming into play.
    The demographics are what scare boycow. It’s not that america is in
    such a hard place right now because statistics and data are seeing a
    new bright future for the nation. But old negative washed up guys
    who “yearn for the old days” are being left behind. And they don’t know
    what to do.
    so they have to lay the blame at someone elses feet. And it makes those
    old white washed up guys look petty.
    Change is coming. We were put into one of the worst financial positions
    this nation has encountered in sept. 08. The path has been long and hard.
    For guys like boy cow i think they’re just mad that life has passed them
    by. No more glitter and star power.
    I could go thru almost every point made in this story point by point because
    each one is wrong.
    You don’t recognize america anymore? You yearn for the good ole days?
    Well boycow…those days are over…get used to the new look of america.
    Your boy willard has shown us what is wrong with america and how the
    99% of people got shafted. Willard needs more white angry washed up
    guys but there aren’t enough of them left to vote for him
    Look outside your window boycow…its a beautiful…wonderful…opprtunityy
    filled world out there…maybe not for old guys who feel their time has passed
    and are waiting for medicare and social security…
    You may once have been funny…but you’re not now.
    It’s funny how a once bright radio star has now been forced to write on
    a small time website.
    Try some truths next time you write.

  2. harley says:

    oh and mancow…you said “how can this election be so close”>..
    Wake up old guy…it’s not even close. Read some reliable polls. It’s not
    close. It’s starting to look like a landslide.
    On election night..old guys can go to the senior early bird dinner special
    at dennys…get home at 5pm…watch the election returns…and be in
    bed asleep crying by 9pm central time crying when obama crushes
    the worst prez candidate in american history.
    Its not even close boycow…please do some research before you make
    such comments.

    • chuck says:

      I have a gun at home ande I playy with it at nite becaus I’m lonly an
      I have no life. I pretend i am in du armie and I play wid my gun so dat
      I can be a big man. My job is to repare tv’s which is veryyy borring
      so I act like a big mann when in da reel wurld i am a big loser.

  3. Rick Nichols says:

    Perhaps Mancow needs to change the name of his show from “Mancow in the Morning” to simply “Mancow in Mourning”. At any rate, I, too, “mourn” the loss of the America I grew up with, but at the same time I have to realize that it’s not coming back anytime soon, if ever, because the conditions that enabled this country to rise above all the rest and remain in that position for an extended period of time no longer exist. Heck, by 1965 the Animals were already singing, “It’s a hard world to get a break in, all the good things have been taken.” So at this point we the 99 percenters are pretty much fighting over the table scraps the 1 percent have left us, just trying to survive from day to day. As far as I’m concerned, the outcome of the election is incidental because I think we’re headed down the drain one way or the other. Our time is basically up, and we’re not “the chosen people,” although we like to believe that we are on the basis of the religious sentiments of our Founding Fathers coupled with the notion that we enjoy a “manifest destiny”.

    • chuck says:

      Maybe, maybe not, but either way, going gently into that good night is not on the itinerary.

      That, if nothing else, will save me the scorn of my grandchildren and great grandchildren as opposed to those smarmy, sanctimonious, pusillanimous in-the-know pukes who in the face of the unambiguated evidence of the coming destruction of our American ethos, smile across the room at some tony cocktail party with thier pinkies in the air at their fellow Quislings while our father’s blood, sweat and effort is ridiculed, diminished and forgotten.

  4. Harley says:

    the woe is me party of the old white angry men just grew with one more member.
    woe is me…the earth is changing.
    woe is me…the world is ending
    woe is me..what will i do….woe is me…
    the angry old white men are losing their power and they can’t handle it.
    the world is changing and they can’t understand why.
    get out…go do something …maybe volunteer or help someone…you guys
    are just the most negative people on earth.
    and chuckels the clown…woe is you..our entire nation is falling apart..
    our ethos is being destroyed…chuckles the clown…get out of the
    negative environment you’re in and go do something positive.
    You hate this nation…you hate america chuckles…you want it to
    fail…you’ve written that you want it to happen…and stop
    trying to tear down america…
    god bless america!!!!!

  5. Mrs. Harley says:

    Honey I am through typing up your comments for a while, I have to look for work, Foxconn called and your fired.

    • harley says:

      I dont need them honey. Im blogging on a nationul scale now and have all knew fans and readers and deeciples. I’ll be makin money at this soon. Maybe not soon enough to talk you into marry ing me though……. I dont know how you put up with me. If you weren’t so ugly you’d already left me. No big loss if you do, 1,213 people just loved what I rote this morning from my car at lifetime. Think how good id be from a desk.

      • Harley says:

        funny…nice writing ….but its only 300 people saying they
        like what i write…not 1213 people…I wish!

    • harley says:

      alright you guyss quit making funn of my grl. shez mine not yours. slaves bow downn i have spoke.

  6. the dude says:

    Bitter white dude Boycow crying himself to sleep every night worrying if da black man gonna impregnate his daughtas gives me a very warm feeling. Let’s just call this what it is, you are a bitter white racist looser and can’t stand the thought of a half black man being the big boss man “running da show”.

    And BTW, it really doesn’t matter what puppet gets “voted in” because they all serve the same master these days, and it is a given that the 99% of us “little people” will get royally screwed in the ass. There is your dose of reality for today, boycow.

  7. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Repubs and Dems….different sides of the same wooden nickel. Piss on them both.

  8. Harley says:

    hey chuckles the clown…you wrote:
    our father’s blood, sweat and effort is ridiculed, diminished and forgotten.

    please explain that because that’s just one big lie….

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