Glazer: Read Their Lips, The NFL Just Doesn’t Care

Former Super Bowl quarterback Steve Young said it best last night after Monday Night Football...

“The NFL doesn’t care what you think…they don’t care…you will watch this game no matter what! They don’t care about player safety, never did…they don’t care.”

Wow, gusty speech.

Young could be fired for saying that on national TV. Except for the fact that everyone agreed with him, including Jerry Rice. Steve Young is on the money they all said.


This was said in reference to the NFL refs strike. They’re being replaced by college referees who have been having trouble controlling the game and making the right calls. Young said this strike be settled for a couple million bucks – chicken feed to the owners and NFL –  but they’re too powerful to care.

Now lets take this to home turf…

The Chiefs stink and they have for years. General Manager Scott Pioli is horrible. His drafts have been horrible. His football franchise is terrible, with no hope in sight. That after four long years and four horrible teams:


The Chiefs have been 0-2 six of seven seasons and none of those teams went to post seasons. There’s just no hope for this club, not this season, nor in the near future.

It needs an overhaul of leadership and Scott has to go and soon.

Just like Steve Young said: Clark Hunt doesn’t care.

Does he want to win? Sure he does. Does Pioli? Of course. But can they? No. Too many poor decisions year after year. The fans want something done, but the Chiefs management just really doesn’t care.

One thing will change this and only one: HUNT’S POCKET BOOK.

Then and only then will Hunt make a move. They’ll fire Romeo and dump THE FRANCHISE, Matt Cassel, but thats about it.

So Scott stays and the fans who pay the price for all this will simply keep going to the games and keep watching the Chiefs on television – hoping all the time knowing better.

Wake up!

Stop supporting these arrogant, cold, uncaring millionaires.

IT’S SUPPOSE TO BE YOUR TEAM…make them listen.

Stop going, stop buying Chiefs gear, stop supporting them until Hunt makes a big move.

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28 Responses to Glazer: Read Their Lips, The NFL Just Doesn’t Care

  1. chuck says:

    Ok, I get it, but remember, when Hunt hired Pioli everyone in the NFL thought it was teh best GM hire in history.

    I agree with ya, but we should keep things in perspective.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Chuck I don’t think Clark did anything wrong there, of course not..but its half a decade latter and we are nowhere. Scott just didn’t work out, he is clearly a ‘Peterson’ too a great extent and its time to make a move..otherwise we may be in for years more of this if Scott could get a BIGTIME head coach, steal a Brew Brees, well that would of course save his job and his face in KC…and then we would all stand by….and of course we need to draft that number one franchise quarterback…all of the above…it Scott is the man…he needs to act like one.

      • mike says:

        Actually, Peterson had a better first 4 years than Pioli has. The Chiefs were consistently a playoff team for most of the years Peterson was here. Calling Pioli a “Peterson” is actually giving him credit he doesn’t deserve at this point. Peterson at least had sense enough to start off his tenure by hiring Schottenheimer.

        • Craig Glazer says:

          Good point, I did say his only great move was Marty..but when it came time to WIN he blew it every time, dumping Nick Lowery for Elliot over Carl’s hating Nick and not thinking how important the 3 points are…short sighted…a bigger mistake even not using Rich Gannon over Elvis in the playoff game against Denver..I think that was Carl’s order not Marty’s, Marty’s too smart for that one…cost us a Super Bowl…after Marty Carl was good moves…Dick was a nice man but other than the one year of offense, nothing there either…we stunk again…have ever since Marty…Carl needed to go much sooner than he went.

  2. chuck says:

    No, I agree with ya, I just think it’s noteworthy.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Its interesting how this team hires no big name power head coaches..ever…even Marty was not on top of the world coming here in 89…he had a nice record at Cleveland but couldn’t win the big one…since him and even before THE CHIEFS EITHER CANT GET OR THEY DON’T WANT TO COME HERE…MAYBE THEY UNDERSTAND OUR FRONT OFFICE…AND DON’T WANT TO JACK WITH IT..ONLY THE QUESTION MARK GUYS BITE…HERM,DICK,SO ON

      • mike says:

        Marty’s problem for most of his career was not having a great quarterback in their prime. He actually overacheived with guys like Kosar, DeBerg, Grbac, Bono, Kreig, etc. He could have gone to the big one with Montana, but as you pointed out, Peterson replaced Lowery with Lin Elliot and that cost them.

  3. chuck says:

    The Chiefs are not out of it at 2 games. It’s a little early for a fat lady and the requiem. I know it looks bad and I certainly am not betting on them to either beat the spread, or in fact win (By teh way Glaze, I got 2 outta three and pushed on the over under, no love?).

    Here are reasons for hope. HEY! I like the Chiefs, I have been a fan for 50 years, I gotta try here.

    1) I don’t care what the talking heads say (With the exception of Jason Whitlock.), Manning has a noodle arm. That is reason to rejoice in KC, if not just because we might beat the Donkeys, but for a healthy helping of schedenfreud. This is normally a reprehensible aspect of the human psyche, but I am thinking it is time to burn through some of those Plenary Indulgences I aquired as a mediocre Cathlic in my youth. Here is Whitlock–

    “Manning can’t throw the ball accurately or with zip more than 20 yards. Manning is toast. Every time he tried to challenge the middle of the field, the Falcons intercepted his weak pass.”

    “I get that Manning is ratings gold for TV networks, but Gruden took a dump on his own credibility shilling for Manning in such an obvious manner. Manning used to make the opposition defend the entire field. That’s over. He can’t take the top off a defense. On numerous first and second downs, the Falcons walked their safeties up and begged Manning to throw deep. He never even tried. When he threw a few skinny post routes, the passes lacked the customary zip. They got there at about the same time as the safety or corner, who blew up the receiver or defensed the pass.”

    2) You feel better, because I told ya that Manning would’t be the same in the pre season. Your welcome.

    3) Drew Brees is horrible right now. Roger Goodell, doing his best Captain Queeg imitation, has, destroyed the New Orleans Saints. Coaches? You don’t need coaches. Your best linebacker? You don’t need him. Goodell is a martinet who likes the lime light. New Orleans was grist to his ego’s mill. If ya watched the New Orlean’s game, you would swear Carolina’s DB’s were employing Klingon Cloaking Devices.

    4) New Orleans can not, and will not stop the run, or allow missles in Cuba. The Chiefs will try to get the run going in the first half. They will run baby run.

    5) The New Orleans defense will have watched on film, the prior 2 Chiefs game this year. I am hoping that some of the players on the team are coulrophobic. I know I am and it terrifies me to watch the Chiefs.

    6) The KC Star is reporting that a stringer in Dallas has a photo he is shopping around of Clark Hunt getting an Invictus Omnibus tattoo. Hey! It’s on the internet!

    7) The Arizona Cardinals beat teh New England Patriots at home last week.

    8) SMILE!!! GET YOUR HEAD UP!! We ain’t playing Alabama, just New Orleans!!

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Chuck anything can happen…anything…”Fariy tales can come true it can happen to you when you’re young at heart…”

    • Sean says:

      Chucky, you are correct the playoff picture is not over, but there is only a 5 out of 197 chance of them making it. So it is close 197 teams have started 0 & 2 and 5 have maybe the playoffs. So channel your inner dumb and dumber and say so you’re telling me there is a chance.

  4. the dude says:

    Honey Badgers Pioli and Hunt don’t care ’bout wins, just extracting green from your billfold.

  5. Rick Nichols says:

    “You will watch this game no matter what.” Mr. Young did indeed hit the nail on the head. So until the American public can wean themselves away from the NFL and find something equally addictive to do on Sunday afternoon, the Never-ending Farce League will continue to plague us, picking our pockets while our brains, totally absorbed by this mindless entertainment, turn to mush.

  6. mike says:

    I predict that the Chiefs will play themselves out of contention, then when there is no chance of post-season play will improve enough to keep us from drafting a top quarterback.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Yes that’s what I feel will happen

      • mike says:

        Yes Glaze, it seems to be a pattern the last few years. If they are going to be brutal, be REALLY brutal so we can get a franchise quarterback. People would have forgotten last year in a hurry if we could have gotten Luck or RGIII.

  7. paulwilsonkc says:

    “They don’t care about player safety, never did…they don’t care.”

    I will add as my opening disclaimer, once again, I’m a sports agnostic. I don’t have enough sports knowledge to fill a relatively small thimble! But on the business side, that’s a different story. When it comes to the personal safety issue, there has to be an answer.

    If anyone saw the Jim McMann interview, sports fan or not, that’s a heartbreaker! His girlfriend said Jim will get his car keys, kiss her goodbye and tell her he’s going to the hardware store. She then added, she walked out into the kitchen 15 minutes later, he’s stumbling around the kitchen holding his car keys and asks her where he was going to GO!! They asked how his short term memory was. His response; “I probably won’t remember too damn much about this interview 10 minutes from now…” She now has programmed their address into the GPS so he can find his way home from anywhere!! And a follow up question would be, why is the DRIVING??

    What do you do with these guys? Do you say they knew the job was dangerous when they took it? Life finds them with plenty of years left but no brain to back it up!! Many of them are already drained financially, and in his case, looking at $80K a year for long term care!

    If this happens to a fireman, policeman, in a dangerous line of work that they KNOW is dangerous, we cover that. But there’s a difference in serving and protecting opposed to entertaining. Are these guys really willing to risk the odds in exchange for hearing 70,000 people scream their name?

    I would think with the massive amounts of money floating around the NFL these 1,500 miscellaneous players could start a contributory fund that would add up to a substantial amount of money in not too much time that would take care of these guys; victims of the game they chose to play. Other than that, where is the answer?

    • the dude says:

      The 2000 lb elephant in the room nobody wants to talk about is the upcoming concussion lawsuit that will essentially put the NFL and football out of business.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        I agree, Dude, and on this one, Im a little split down the middle. I’m all for personal responsibility, but theres a lot of “science” these guys didnt know back in the day. The 60 year old players that maybe made $50K a year. Later in the game, McMann forward, I would have to think its become more common knowledge.

        So, is the parting line to these guys, “Tough luck, you KNEW the dangers” or what? I think, most certainly, the League owes them something. And thats not what my usual answer would be.

      • mike says:

        What about boxing? Has anybody attempted to sue for the damages incurred doing that?

    • Craig Glazer says:

      I did read the ‘Jim’ story…so sad, he will be a bed ridden, blinking, out of it old man in less than a couple years, no doubt…how terrible…nobody much unfair…the public cry..”he made millions…tough” I disagree…so do you…clearly the NFL only acts as if they care, they don’t, retirement needs more medical, money and help from the NFL, as for games, boy thats a tough one…it is a brutal sport…

  8. Kerouac says:

    Kerouac on the road (literaly, on vacation the last two days and the next 7)…

    NFL: obscene avarice & arrogance personified… from te disability aspect to the referee issue (replacements) to even their trying (did?) stop that company in New Orleans the Superbowl from using that “who dat?” slogan – what utter exce$$, NFL.

    Manning: he looked pretty good as the game progressed… my take is he just ran out of time the ATL game, not ability. He is still recovering from his injuries and layoff & will continue to do so ongoing – the guy hadn’t played football in some2 years. By season’s end (and just in time for the Chiefs feel his greatness return), ‘Manning Magic’ will be fully back, KC an easy 0-2 vs, as the rest the NFL based attempts theirs. If not, only then will it become clear injury has robbed him of what once was.

    Kerouac retains none of the innocent childlike love or bliss NFL circa 2012, follow the game more so now out of habit than need, pining for what once was…

    • Craig Glazer says:

      ditto, putting a few bucks on a game, letting my stress go…escape..thats all it is anymore, little emotion since my team, the chumps are such a joke.

  9. Rick Nichols says:

    And the Chiefs Obviously Don’t Care Either!

    Hey, score one for The Star in terms of getting it right. If you look closely at the picture of the Chiefs head coach on the front page of today’s sports section, you will see that his last name is misspelled on the headset he is wearing, a headset that was issued to him by the organization he represents, the Chiefs. The headset says “Crenell,” but, of course, the correct spelling is “Crennel,” and that’s the way the paper has it. If the Chiefs care so little that they can’t even correctly spell the coach’s name on his headset, is it any wonder that they’re already 0-2 and seemingly going nowhere? Details are important!!! The X’s and O’s have to be executed with precision!!!

  10. P-Diddy says:

    Can’t believe this freaking team… they have 3 former #1 draft picks starting on their defensive line and they all suck! Flowers is incredibly overrated and I have barely heard DJ’s name and Hali, lay off the bong u freaking stoner! You let Atlanta score on 8 STRAIGHT Possessions… I would wager Alabama wouldn’t allow the Falcoons to score this many in a row (not saying Bama beats the Chiefs, but they’re far better coached!)

    At any rate, I was buying into the bs about this being a 9-7 or 10-6 type team and I’m going with 5-11 now… we’ll win some games because we do have some talent, but it’s going to be another brutal fall/winter… oh yeah, I root for KU as well and I’m guessing they’ll be 2-10. F*ck me!

    • harley says:

      bro…put on the black and gold and get with harley…its already
      been a CRAZY season…more to come!!!!!!!11

  11. harley says:

    nfl doesnt go out of business…its settled out of court and players get
    whats left over after the lawyers take their share.
    NFL is biggest moneymaker on tv. So is college football…they take
    dead weekend tv time and turn it into gold.
    I don’t really remember chcagos jim taking thatb many hits.
    Biggest joke of the players lawsuit…see how many punters names are on
    that lawsuit…i think a couple of chiefs former punters are named on that.
    what a joke….

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