Glazer: Scribe Saddles Up for Week Two College & Pro Football

Well, we all now know that last week was a great start for your guy, me…

And a huge thank you to the Kansas City Chiefs for my huge winning bet in Las Vegas. However I’m now 4-3 overall for the first two weeks, so lets see if I can improve upon that number.

It’s no secret that our local football teams appear to be the not-ready-for-prime-time players.  As of today, only Kansas State fields a squad that looks like a post season football program. Kansas, Missouri and our Chiefs are barely worth watching, but obviously things can change.

I know, it seems like I hate the Chiefs, but I really don’t.

I just call them as I see them, no sugar added.

Same as with our loser Kansas City Royals baseball team. Maybe one day things will be brighter. Until that day I’ll continue to be disgruntled with these two horrible franchises that don’t seem to care much about their GREAT FANS. Fans who’ve waited decades for a local team that can merely contend for a title.

Now on to the weekend…
Don’t look for things to improve for Kansas.

TCU should blast them off the face of the earth.


Missouri has a wounded quarterback but could edge ASU.

These are both decent teams, but MU is playing its big boy card this fall, the SEC. I think MU may win the six or so games needed to go to a Dork Bowl but that’s about it.


Kansas State is a for real, solid team.


The Chiefs could and should beat the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo has a team blessed with one of the five or so quarterbacks worse than Matt THE FRANCHISE Cassel. It’s not a game I’d put much dough on though, but yes I like KC in this one…but only slightly.


TCU -14 OVER KANSAS  (tease with and get six points knocked off both games, must win both)







NEW ENGLAND -7 1/2 OVER ARIZONA (tease with)




Hey, have a nice weekend!

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14 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Saddles Up for Week Two College & Pro Football

  1. chuck says:

    Glaze, I have ta agree. My Chiefs are looking iffy. I am singing Non Nobis Domine and hoping for the best. 10 wins could still happen, but I wouldnt’ bet on them either.

    This week, I like Keroauc’s Chargers (-6) to beat the Titans. I don’t like the Charger’s receivers, but Chris Johnson has zero acceleration so far this year.

    The over under in Atlanta for the Broncos game is 48, with Atlanta giving up 3 points.

    I like the over and I like Atlanta to smoke the Donkeys by 10.


  2. Kerouac says:

    ‘On any given Sunday’ as the adage goes… that’s why they play the games. Week one, did anyone really believe KC was the equal of the Falcons, even during that first half? Weren’t supposed to win & didn’t dissapoint; this week they will win according some; I sense another Sunday night of despair out there, Show Me.

    Well, somebody has to win, the NFL tries their damnedest see to that (personally, I liked it better yesteryear when T(ies) were allowed – if you can’t win it in regulation time it ends a draw, no overtime/sudden death save for post season, my preference – the 1932 Bears 7-1-6 record just looked so ’23 skidoo’.

    @BUFF vs KC: home field advantage Bills, QBs a mediocre draw, defenses each team an study in futility. Close(r) game (than last week’s)… still no cigar for chuck’s Chiefs:

    BUFF 31 KC 17 (KC 0-2 on their way an 0-5 start)


    DEN & ATL: close game, could go either way as it’s in ATL ~ I’ll take the old Master Manning/Broncos, leading the AFC West at 2-0.

    SD & TEN: Titans end up down the River(s) with no paddle, TEN Locker(ed) but not loaded ~ Chargers keep pace at 2-0.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Well thought out…like it…I think KC has a shot…but them losing would not be surprise at all..

      • Kerouac says:

        Alright, so I was off by 4 points…

        ; )

        (Nod toward Don Meredith) “‘turn out Pioli, his time is over”…

        • Craig Glazer says:

          Agreed. He, Scott is the problem…he has failed and badly…he needs to go, we have to start over..again..oh boy

          • Kerouac says:

            “He’s the best GM candidate in the entire NFL” – variously 2009 upon his hire, KC… Scott Pioli.

            Four years ago, all the arrogance of & worship at the altar ‘Patriot Way’ – Pioli and his handpicked, Haley, the ‘right 53’; appears that they still have yet find those “any 22 guys from off the street”.

            A soft schedule second year, a fluke injury-free season and still the guy could do no better than his predecessors. His apologists – “But first, he needs more time.”

            Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…

            Love him or no, Herm Edwards didn’t get more time – he wasn’t even allowed to undertake the rebuilding of Vermeil’s ‘relic roster’ until Herm’s final year.

            Other firsts Pioli’s, aside from choosing Haley: (draft choice) Ty ‘Inaction’ Jackson… (his QB, franchise) ‘$63 mill man’ Cassel… (successor coach his first) Crennel… (- first – and second, third & fourth offensive coordinators) Gailey, Haley, Mueller and Daboll.

            Add to that Pioli’s denigrating of ‘anyone and anything’ remained or /reminded of the era Edwards/Peterson – including the 2 formers players, draft choices, etc. – who just happen ‘still be’ 4 years hence the very best the ’12 team can put on the field. I’ve yet to hear an acknowledgement a positive comment about anything pre-Pioli… all he keeps repeating is mantra “we had to change the culture.” Well congratulations Mr. Patriot Way – an culture shock achieved, results different any W & L, none.

            This reminds me of (among others) former LA Dodgers ‘new’ GM Kevin Malone, who uttered “there’s a new sheriff in town” upon his arrival white horse, afore proceeding fall on his empty promises, i.e., his machine gun mouth/sword.

            The sad thing is, Pioli is going nowhere – fast -Hunt will (like a ‘chip off the old block’ dads, an Jack Steadman & later a ‘stayed too long at the fair’ Peterson tack) remain silent, $ati$fied and smug. The younger Hunt would not say **** if he had a mouthful (which, considering his hired gun Pioli’s results, Hunt has. savor the flavor.

            Reminds me of the old plumbing adage, “your **** is our bread & butter” – eat it up fandom, Hunt is depending on you.

        • harley says:

          nice writing kerouac…you are 100% right about pioli.
          And thats where the problem is.
          Heard romeos new conference today after game..
          he’s not very articulate about what happened in the
          Question: what major nfl franchise allows the head coach to be either offensive or defensive coordinator.
          I thought about this and hopefully you can point
          out if theres any other teams that do this.
          I think its stupid to try to do. Maybe romeo should
          appoint gibbs d.c….he did good job with new orleans…
          or stop trying to do everything by himself.
          i wonder if this saves money. The def. coaches make
          500K a year…bring in someone with experience who
          can run the defense.
          Offense…i’m confused…where was charles today?
          why wait a half to bring in baldwin.
          Chiefs have a dog in bowe…breaston and baldwin arent
          used right…
          and defense is just atrocious and the national announces
          showed how bad the defense was.
          sad…sad…i hoped it would be different this year
          but its the same old sad song.
          i guess pioli isn’t spending all the cap money which
          makes the fans get pissed….hunt is just like his
          dad…freaking cheap a$$……
          oh well…today went shoppping during second half.

          • Kerouac says:

            I also was too kind in my knock- er, ‘assessment’ Pioli… actually, he’s had 5 offensive coordinators since 2009 (I omitted Charlie Weiss, 2010).

  3. chuck says:

    Jackie Battle had 69 yards and 2, count ’em, 2 TDs.

    Matt looked really bad out there. No uncoordinated, slow, one read, it was brutal.

    This QB has given a whole new meaning to the term mediocre.

    On one play, Matt C. tacked himself. I swear. I guess he will get a stat for that, right?

    This QB has more sacks than Price Chopper, and they are all paper, as in Tiger.

    He is a nice guy, and he made a lot of money, if you are a Chiefs fan, you count the days until he is gone.

    This is Bleacher Reports take on Matt Barkley.

    Breaking Down All of USC’s Draftable ProspectsBy Sigmund Bloom(NFL Draft Lead Writer) on September 14, 2012 3,961 reads

    Use your ← → (arrow) keys to browse more storiesNext Rich Schultz/Getty Images
    USC hasn’t been quite the elite program of years past since Pete Carroll left, but you wouldn’t know from their draft record. They have produced three top 10 picks from the two seasons without Carroll, and seven picks in the first four rounds of the last two drafts.

    2012 could see them return to college football’s top echelon while placing as many as three players in the draft’s first round, possibly even in the draft’s top 20.

    Let’s take a look at the best 2013 NFL draft-eligible Trojans.

    QB Matt Barkley

    Barkley is somewhat unique among elite quarterback prospects because he doesn’t have outstanding tools. He is not the 6’2″, 230 lbs. that USC lists him at, and Barkley is not a great athlete. He doesn’t have overwhelming arm strength, either.

    What Barkley does have is a polished, pro-ready approach and tons of experience. He can read defenses and adjust on the fly. His decisions are outstanding, and his accuracy is among the best in the college game.

    Barkley is a high-character leader who can help an organization rebuild while solving the toughest position to fill for a decade.

    Projection: Top 5 Pick

    He isn’t Andrew Luck or RGIII, but he might be physically in the same ballpark as Montanna.

    It will cost us 3 number ones, if the right team has the first pick.

    I know Jake Locker looks bad so far, but he is gonna be a stud, I wish we coulda got him.

    Oh well, so far so good, I am up $20.00 on Kero’s Bolts.

  4. chuck says:

    Tomorrow night, Death of the Donkeys.

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