Glazer: Life After (A Pissed Off) Nick Wright on 610 Sports

Nick Wright is alive and well and doing his sportscasts in Houston…

And he’s made it painfully clear he’s very upset that his former boss, Ryan Maguire, did 610 Sports staffers Mark Carman and Jared Carter wrong by dumping them.

Maguire hired a pair of former 810 guys – Josh Vernier and Jay Binkley along with former Chiefs defensive back Jayice Pearson to replace Nick and crew with THE BIG SHOW on 610.

To start with they’re far more traditional than Nick. Wright was moving the chains for a younger audience and bringing himself into the show as a local personality on the rise.

It worked.

It was fresh and very different from most local sports talk shows. The three guys went at it all the time, with Nick in the catbird seat, always coming out the winner somehow.

Plus Wright worked around the clock breaking sports stories that mattered.

He also showed up on just about every show on the station and made it clear he was the Johnny Dare of the on-air sports staff. He was the new King.

However it came to a rapid end, most likely over more dollars in Houston and a much bigger market. Nick’s very young and wants to be a national sports figure.

He’s headed that direction.

Still I can’t fault Maguire for trying out this new crew. Jayice is already very popular and was a solid player for the Chiefs during their last good years in the 90’s. He and I’ve been pals for nearly 20 years and were in biz together on stocks back in the day.

Pearson had me in the locker room and was a big leader with Red Fridays when they mattered (1994-1998). The guy has carved out a nice broadcast career moving from college games with Fox to NFL games and back. Pearson’s also done TV coverage for the Chiefs.

He’s a standup guy and tries to be honest about how good or bad the Chiefs are. You can’t help but like him for that.

Josh and Jay are both likeable and sharp but they stick more to traditional sports talk with very little personal info.

So far so good.

Josh is the anchor and they seem to take less calls – it’s more about them, not the callers.

They also have strong guests.

Yesterday was my first time on air with the guys and they have a really tight “national sound.”

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Nick Wright. They’re just two very different styles but I think both work.

However the jury is out on how well the show will do numbers wise.

The early returns are positive – not where Nick – was but still good.

I think Kansas City likes these BAD BOYS on THE BIG SHOW.

Let’s stay tuned and see how it all works out.

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14 Responses to Glazer: Life After (A Pissed Off) Nick Wright on 610 Sports

  1. KCMonarch says:

    Jayice “had you” in the locker room. Classic.

  2. Nick Wrong says:

    Talk radio, especially sports talk radio, has four problems in this town:

    1. It’s retarded.
    2. It’s retarded.
    3. It’s retarded.
    4. It’s repetitive.

  3. Jess says:

    Why did Nick feel the need to look hard in that pic? Makes him look doucheier than he already does.
    Plus, the big show is bad. Unlistenable, I don’t even listen to sports talk after 2 pm, everything sucks.

  4. Lance the Intern says:

    I’m pretty sure that Josh Vernier came from a radio station in Milwaukee — not from 810…

  5. b12 says:

    Glazer must be on Entercom’s payroll.

    I didn’t like Nick’s show; but there is no denying he worked hard at it.

    These guys…just another place in the line of failed 610 afternoon shows.

    At least Nick had KK’s attention.

    • Hot Carl says:

      Agreed. The Big Show sucks. It would be fine as a late morning or mid-day show but as a drive time option it’s the worst possible thing…boring.

  6. the dude says:

    Jesus, that dude has a mug that could potentially break a microphone, forget about a face for radio.

  7. PB says:

    “Why did Nick feel the need to look hard in that pic? ”

    When you wish you were born black, you gotta try extra hard to try and look tough.

  8. Ted McNight says:

    Craig I thought I was your Chiefs black player friend.

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