Whinery: A Tale of Two Presidents

Having watched the speeches of former President Clinton and President
Barack Obama, I’m left longing for the past and all of the great times under

And filled with dread about the condition of our country at present. Now I may not always have glowing words for Obama, but I did have great hopes for the man.

Is everything wrong with the Country presently Obama’s fault?

Absolutely not!

But what have Obama and his policies done to help the country? What is Obama’s plan? Does anybody have a plan for that matter? Can Romney’s plan, whatever that may be, exactly… save the USA from becoming  Greece or some third world banana republic?

I know one thing for certain- and Clinton’s presidency proved it- the only things
that are going to help save our great nation are pragmatism and compromise –
partisanship and political gamemanship are the road to destruction – and we are almost destroyed.

The President heavily criticizes tax cuts and cutting excess regulations, but how does taking money out of people’s pockets and adding compliance costs help people and business?

Obama says he’s for the “little guy,” but how does bailing out Wall Street help?

With all the money spent bailing out bankers, he could have bailed out students who
can’t pay their debts, buy homes, are putting off having families and can’t even move out of their parents homes. Students and graduates are broke and jobless while the “Banksters” are still obscenely wealthy.

Has Obama done anything to stop “corporate welfare,” the most obscene government expenditure of all?

Taxpayer dollars go to help giant companies like GM, McDonalds, IBM, GE and others sell their products overseas and to have those products manufactured overseas. For all his
talk about the American Worker and how Obama gonna save domestic manufacturing. Where is his legislation to end the tax breaks and subsidies to giant corporations who move American jobs overseas?

Obama says he’s for energy independence while he wages a war on coal miners, oil workers and anybody else in the fossil fuels industry.

Look at North Dakota- they are running about 2% unemployment because of fossil fuel exploration, refining and other related industries. Where have all the solar and wind energy dollars given to manufacturers gone? Nowhere! So many of these government subsidized industries are BANKRUPT!

Crony Capitalism does not work. And neither does giving up on proven sources of energy while future energy sources are still being developed.

Clinton, I think, undercut the President by going over his economic prowess. Four years of budget surpluses under Clinton contrasted with four years of trillion dollar deficits under Obama. Twenty million jobs created under Clinton, that’s an amazing statistic. Obama talks about 28 straight months of private sector job growth- but simple growth is not enough- we need exponential growth.

Clinton- besides his silly misadventures in Serbia, basically kept us out of war. W is the one who got us back into active combat operations in Iraq, while Clinton basically just enforced a “no-fly” zone for 8 years. Obama says we are out of Iraq, but we are not “completely” out and are not through with combat operations. And through drones and special ops forces we are knee deep in Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Syria and a myriad of other Nations that few Americans know about.

And this guy won the Nobel Peace Prize?

What I fear is that we will never have a leader like Clinton again.

Obama is not a leader, he’s a partisan ideologue and so is Paul Ryan
for that matter.

The main reason I have faith in Mr. Romney is because he was elected as a Republican from the “Bluest of Blue” states- Massachusetts. He had to work with Democrats to get anything done. And he pioneered universal health care…

So he must have a heart and be compassionate.

I had faith in Obama 4 years ago, and that faith is now gone.

I like the President as a person and believe he’s a fine human being- but he’s a lousy leader. And after watching Clinton give a valiant speech defending the indefensible-Obama’s record- I truly miss Clinton. He was about the furthest thing from being a perfect human being. Or even as a politician – NAFTA and GATT were disastrous for America’s manufacturing base.

But Clinton was a GREAT LEADER and a pox on the house of the people who limited the president to two terms.

Cause this Country could really use some “Daddy Bill” right about now.

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76 Responses to Whinery: A Tale of Two Presidents

  1. chuck says:

    Outta the park and over into the street Whinery.


    • harley says:

      chuckles the clown…wrong again!!!! he’s cranky/old/angry and just plain
      mean ….no sense of history or politics!
      whiney man….wrong again!!!! This guy needs to stop pretending to
      know anything…been wrong more times than romney himself…
      why hearne lets him write thse stories i have no idea. Hopefully he’s
      better at his occupation than he is with political analysis!
      mikey…well we know mikeys not the brightest guy on kcc and we know
      he’s just a bit slow in understanding whats going on…so we’ll give him
      some slack because he’s just not up to par with me. But he’s wrong
      Mark smith: nasty guy,,,another white old angry washed up dude with
      nothing….comes on here and attacks me for no real reason but i
      can handle it…markey mark is off base too.
      Go back and read my comments…thats exactly what i predicted on the
      first dya of the convention. Whiney man complains about the speakers
      and mikey is asleep…but who was right whiney man? Harley!!!!
      Electoral college….rmoney and lyin ryan give up pennsylvania/
      michigan (home of gm boys)…and soon wisconsin and ohio.
      Now nate silver who picked the electoral c ollge almost perfectly
      in 2008 says obama is now an 80% shot to win election.
      And where is romney….playing with himself and not on the
      campaign trail.
      So whiney man…yo9u’re batting zero…as in no predictions right on
      any article. Maybe i missed one or twon but buddy you are the
      worst at politics. Sorry…iff you need a true look at the world…get in
      touch because whiney man is just way way off base in everthing he
      writes about. It’s now time for hearne to let you go and let the
      one person with all the right predictions to take over.
      Mikey…you’re proving yourself almost as bad as whiney…but we
      give you the shadow of the doubt and let you off on a few missed
      things because we understand you’re not in tune with anything..
      except your attempt to personally attack me.
      have a great day….

      • harley says:

        to my fans/followers/readers/disciples..
        i will be posting daily stories to several sites over the next
        59 days so i will be putting them on kcc also.
        Hope you have a great day…and go go go chiefs….

  2. harley says:

    whiney man points out why he has no idea what he’s talking about. He has
    no facts…no idea about the economic situation…no formal economics background..
    and no business background.
    So whiney man here’s where you’re wrong and where you are right.
    Lets start with greece whiney man. If you did some research (which i know you
    did not)…you would know that america will never become like greece. Greece had
    so many other serious structural economic problems inherent into their system
    that has caused their problems. America has no where near those inherent problems
    that some of the euro nations have.
    Won’t happen whiney. You’re off base again and without any data to prove
    your incorrect point.
    You ask about obamas attempt to end corporate welfare….mr .whiney you need
    to go back to a civics course or amercian governmetn course. and find out obamas
    recrod….corporate welfare…thats what he’s been talking about but you fail to realize
    he needs to get votes to get it thru….he needs to have the votes from the rape publcians
    to make it law. He’s trying to raise taxes on those millionaire and billionaires
    and he’ll do it becuase its going into effect. Corporate welfare? he’s been tring to
    get that done but do youthink for one second the house rethugs will agree to do it.
    You don’t know legislation…again your inability to understand how legislation
    works shows your shallo background.
    You ask “obama is for the little guys…how is bailing out wall street doing that?”
    sorry whiiney man do you have any idea who the biggest investors in wall street
    are? do you have any idea what was saved when the president saved the banks
    and had to bail out the wallstreet banksters. Wall street is made up of trillions of
    dollars of pension plans and 401 k’s. Over 100 million 401 ks…invenstment plans
    …teachers/doctors/nurses/engineers/janitors/policemen/their life savings in
    investments….had obama not done that …which in essence he was not invlved
    in….all those american’s life savings and 401k’s would have completely vanished.
    Are you understanding that wall street used other peoples money…those investments
    and life savings of millions of american families for their personal casino operations
    and thats what caused this entire economic collapse. Had the bail out not happened
    entire life savings of those workers/americans would have been gone foreverr.
    Lehman/aig….all those companies had those american’s pension plans and if they
    go down….everything those “small guys” had goes with it. Do your research.
    Energy: the nation has to find a way to create jobs…the republicans say the
    federal government can’t do it…but they can. You attack him for developing new
    eneergy sources…a perfect industry for grwoing new jobs. Did you know that in
    the last several years…alternaitv e energy sources are providing 25% of iowas
    energy? did you know tht wiht gorvernment investments that some states within
    5-7 years will have huge amounts of their electricty provided by wind and solar.
    An entire new indsutry developed…in iowa over 15,000 new jobs for clean
    energy…and its growing quickly…….
    california/arizona/nevada/// these state are committed to clean eneergy…
    and you speak of north dakota…in the last 4 years drilling has qudrupled…
    new source have been found including the largst oil field in the western u.s.
    thats just starting. How was that devleoped…in cooperation with private indsutry
    the fed government help devleope those fields….the government is working with
    private industry.
    Willard: he worked acorss the aisle…how ridiculous a statement is that.
    willard was for abortions…for the mandate and universal health care…he
    was for more gun legisltation….for gay rights….then he incredibly found and
    saw the light about all those positions and changed his position on every one of them.\
    The guys got no stance…flip flop….but sure he worked with the deomcrats in
    massachussettes…he had to….then when he wants to go to prez he changed every
    one of those positions to get elected…Noone knows what this guy stands for.
    You say mitt has a heart…well thats incorrect….MOVING MEDICARE TO A VOUCHER PROGRAM WILL NEVER WORK! cutting medicaid to seniors
    and drastic cuts to the least able to help themselves….cutting taxes for
    rich americans while $2000 in new taxes for middle class people.
    WHINEY: what are you smoking dude?
    Under obama we got rid of khaddafi without a single gun fired by american
    troops….we destroyed al quada and killed bin laden….syria’s terrorist reginme
    is about to be overthrown without a single american in battle….libya….
    americans are out of iraq…soon out of afghanistan….we’re not got any combat
    operations in iraq (another lie on your part)…we’re working with israel right now
    on how to handle iran….please try and do some research and provide the truth without
    the vague lies you continue to publish.
    But whiney…the worst is that willard…running for presdient of the u.s. “forgot”
    to mention the troops in afghianistan…the troops who gave their lives for the
    nation…he FREAKING FORGOT”…..this willard guy is a loser…
    shameful…disgusting…thats thev only way to describe mr. romney.
    Mr. whiney…please provde some details because you have failed to provide
    any facts or solid data to back up the statement you write.
    OBAMA BIDEN 2012!

    • mike says:

      You tout Obama bailing out Wall Street for saving people’s retirement. The funny thing is when Bush did the same thing, he was accused of helping out his fat cat rich buddies instead of the little guy.
      We are different than Greece. They were bailed out by other countries. Our debt is too big for anyone to bail us out.
      As far as the middle east. We sided against Mubarack, even with his flaws was Israel’s main ally in the region. Egypt’s new leadership has disavowed all peace with Israel. The other countries you mentioned and Egypt are aligning themselves together. They are all led by the Muslim brotherhood. Meanwhile, Obama keeps stalling while Iran is developing nuclear weapons.
      If Romney gets in, more states will get energy jobs like North Dakota. He will not stubbornly block the Keystone pipeline. Drilling will increase offshore and in Alaska. Regulations will be relaxed enough to allow new refineries to be built.
      As far as the speeches are concerned, I didn’t hear much in the way of specifics from Obama either. Mostly his glittering generalities delivered in a soaring well delivered manner. He also attacked straw dogs such as the new taxes for the middle class and the Medicare vouchers; neither of which are being proposed by Romney.
      Obama has had his chance and not delivered on his promises.
      Romney/Ryan 2012

      • harley says:

        nice arguments mikey…wait a few weeks…you’ll be’proven
        now…tell me something positive about romney/ryan…
        you’ve not said one thing positive about those guys…
        and lets talk about the keystone pipeline which was
        held up not by opbama…by states who were afraid of
        the envirnomental problems..namely nebraska…
        and as i’m sure you know tht pipeline was going to take
        all that oil we could use from canada and the north area
        …put it on ships and FRE4AKING SHIP THAT OIL TO
        that oil wouldnt benefit the u.s….you should know that..
        after its built that oil leaves america…won’t make us
        any more energy independent and the possible environmental
        problemswith a single leak (there were already many leaks
        on that deal)…would have serious effects not only the wwater
        tables in themidwest…but right here in kansas.
        Sorry…i’m not willing to let the oil companies make their
        big profits rolling oil thru the midwest while the risk of
        an environmental catastrophe rests with the people in
        america…all that oil was headed AWAY FROM AMERICA…
        so why should we take the risk of that piepeline…
        i’m sure you knew that…
        drilling quadruppled under obama…and the feds in cooperation
        with proivate industry have found other fields…
        romney endorsed wholey the ryan plan…..
        thats what romeny ednorsed……you know better..
        he endorsed the ryan plan of “coupon care”…and according
        to the economic experts…the ryan/romney plan would increase
        taxes by $2000 on middle class families…you;’re
        looking reallly bad saying that when there’s hundreds of
        documentations where romney said he would follow the
        ryan plan….
        IN HIS SPEECH”..

      • harley says:

        mikey….please stop posting your opinions on kcc.
        You’re consistently wrong and making a fool of yourself
        with your wrong predictions. If you need some information
        please present the questions here on kcc and i’ll be happy
        to answer them correctly.

        • mike says:

          I’ll post my opinions whenever I want to! Who are you to tell people whether or not they are allowed to post on here? That is Hearne’s job, not yours!
          If I need information, their are plenty of sources on the internet better than asking you! Besides having better information, these sites use correct spelling and punctuation!

          • harley says:

            mikey….you’ve been wrong 100% of the time..so i encourage you to refer to some internet sites
            to get real iformation instad of reciting lines
            from right wing zealots.
            good luck…i just don’t want you to make
            a fool of yourself with your continued
            ridiculous and untrue statments.
            good luc,

          • mike says:


            You might serve yourself better if you worried more about making a fool out of yourself than worry about me doing it.

    • harley says:

      my mom wanted me to bat righr handed my dad wanted me to bat leftt handed so i ended up just beating the batt on homepplate. wgos to no.

  3. Jim says:

    Whine-Dawg, you are guilty of falling into the same mindset/trap as everyone else. Without true cooperation between the two parties there will never be any solutions to any of our problems. There is ALWAYS a compromise to every situation. The republican party has be hijacked by right wing, tea-bagging, religious zealots that are so locked into their agenda that they view compromise as compitulation. You can’t tell me that they didn’t do EVERYTHING in their power to block anything and everything Obama proposed. Their focus for the last 4 years to to do anything they could to get that black man out of the office. If you took the time to listen to the presidential historians that were on the broadcast last night, you would have heard that there has never been a partisan congress that a POTUS had to deal with. The founding fathers wanted the parties to duke it out and then grab a mug of beer and reach a compromise. Now, each side calls the other side Anti-American, or evil or destroyer of the constitution. I’m tired of that rhetoric from BOTH sides.

    I’m an independent voter. I look at a person’s qualifications, policies and record. I don’t give a damn if there is a D or an R next to their name. But, I have to say that what I see out of the Republican party scares the hell out of me. Their views on social issues are right out of the 1950’s.

  4. chuck says:

    Harley’s non sequiturish, desultory (Is that a word?), incessant admonitions to anyone and everyone who does not agree with his politics, to “do some research” is vaguely humerous. Eclectic erudition aquired from the masters no doubt.

    Perhaps in his youth, Adam Smith did some drawings on a cave wall.

    ADAM SMITH: “Harley!! It’s right there in front of your face!”

    HARLEY: “Where?!?! I can’t see a hand at all!!!”

    ADAM SMITH: “It’s invisible. (smiling) Go get ’em buddy.”

    Scrabble with S. I. Hayakawa?

    HARLEY: “Thats NOT a Fu***ng word!!”

    S. I. HAYAKAWA: “Please allow me to spell it again. B, R, A, I, N.”

    Political conversations with Disraeli.

    DISRAELI: “You have managed to miss every point I tried to make.”

    HARLEY: “Do some research moron.”

    DISRAELI: “Are you going to apologise?”

    HARLEY: “I never apologise.”

    DISRAELI: “Hmmm.”

    His legendary time with Sun Tzu

    SUN TZU: “Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate. ”

    HARLEY: “Yeah, thats not gonna work for me pal.”

    Harley with the great Harold Bloom (Harley knows everybody.)

    HAROLD BLOOM: ““If we read the Western Canon in order to form our social, political, or personal moral values, I firmly believe we will become monsters of selfishness and exploitation.”

    HARLEY: “You don’t know anything about cannons, I met Sun Tsu.”

    HAROLD BLOOM: “I am not going to ask you to spell that, get out.”

    • harley says:

      you’re freaking right chuckles the clown…i do know harold bloom…
      he was in j school in mizzou when i was there..
      I also knew his brother barry and his wife linda..
      thanks…brings back great memories….i appreciate the mention..

      • chuck says:


        “I knew Harold Bloom.” Sheesh… ur killin me. LMAO…


        His wife Linda. LMAO…

        Maybe Harley thinks if I mention the “Western Canon” , then I am talking about Nick Cannon.



        Hey Harley, how is Harold doing?

        • chuck says:

          “He was in j school when I was there.”

          I am seriously fallin outta my chair.

          “He was in j school…”

          “Really chuck, he was in school with me at MU.”


          “He owns a used car lot on Wornall. That is where he wrote the “Western Canon.”

          “Harold Bloom’s wife Linda works a stripper pole at Diamond Joes.”

          She looks just like Morgan Fairchild, yeah…, yeah…

          • chuck says:

            Harley, that is the FUNNIEST thing you have EVER said by a light year.

            You knew Harold Bloom when you went to j school at MU.


  5. harley says:

    chuckles the clown…you are a disappoinmtent. I wrote specific examples of
    things that are happening and you go back to your tired old angry white man
    woe is me the world is crumbling I’m afraid of my shadow end of the world
    rhetoric that is as stale as day old bread.
    Again…please provide some facts/figures to define where my argument is
    wrong. You can’t. You can’t because you’re so tied into the hate and anger
    against this nation. You are a hater. A hater of everytrhing that is great in
    america. You fear change. You can’t provide any details as to why my argument
    s are incorrect. So you try to baffle us with bullshit..you’re good at it.
    Like the resto f your haters of america….people like you want to see america
    fail….god bless america!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. harley says:

    fyi….romeny is about to pull ad dollars out of wisconsin…that makes him
    giving up pensylvania…michigan and wisconsin…..
    to win romney has to win all the remaining 8 states…one loss and its
    over..god bless america!!!!

  7. Rick Nichols says:

    It’s a “Slick Willie” Love-Fest

    “Bill, Bill, he’s our man!”
    (Slam, bam, thank you, ma’am).
    “He created jobs, kept us out of war,
    Always did his best work down on the floor.”

    • harley says:

      you’re right rick…the big dog had an incredible way with the women.
      He would make glaze looklike an amatuer….
      once while campaigning bill and a good friend and i were on the roof
      of the old brookside theatre…great story… gotta go and work…
      he is a genius!!!!!

  8. chuck says:

    Harley, I am NEVER lettin you off the hook for that one.

    Harold Bloom.

    j school.


    You knew his wife.


    • mike says:

      Look up above. He also knows Bill Clinton as well. Harley, a good friend, and Bill Clinton were all on the roof of a theater together. He probably took off flying from it as well and collected space dust from the stars to give to Leprachauns from Mars who needed it to feed their unicorns. Then he met with the ghost of Leonardo DaVinci who told him to tell the world of his psychic powers. He then realized that the only thing that was real was him and the rest of the world was merely an illusion. Then it hit him. Even though the world was merely an illusion, what is an illusion anyway? What makes anything real? Him beleiving it is what makes it real. That is all that matters.

      • harley says:

        mike…yes i met bill clinton in 1990….many of my friends
        workedv in his adminstration.
        Knew many of his advisors from arkansas iincluding those
        people now in the Landers group.
        I first met him when i did work for democratsand he was
        in arkansas…and once
        when he was campaiging in kc in 1992 we opened a
        clinton fro presdient office in brookside…he came in
        probably before anyone knew himon the national
        stage…and we had a party on the roof of the old
        brookside theatre. great guy….a genius…incredible memory..
        including doing a state of the union address without notes
        or teleprompter for an entire hour….bill is still the most
        ]popular poltican figure in america and i will say here and
        now hilary will be president in 2016 (if she decides rto run)…
        go mizzou!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • mike says:

          You are so full of s@#t, I’m surpised your colon doesn’t explode!

          • harley says:

            mikey…come on over sometime…i'[ve got
            pics of everything…
            during 92 campaign my family owned a biz
            in brookside. Having attended 2 democratic
            conventions I knew many of the top dems in the
            party. I had a very good friend who had as
            a house guest jimmy carter before he had
            money and was running for prez.
            I met bill during a convention and worked on
            his 92 campaign as did several of my close
            friends and political associates many of whom
            would go on to have high levels in his
            Opening an office in brookside had the
            chance to spend time with the top people
            and after the opening we went on the roof
            of the old brookside theatre and hada small
            party. No need for details…but it was
            a blast and we all remember what happened
            there which eventaully became a signif icant
            part of the clinton run in 92.
            If you need more info i invite you to my home
            and we can discuss this. No need to doubt
            me…i know many of those people…have
            moved on to work in other political campaigns
            including senators and congressinal campaign…
            and still continue to be active in polling and
            other campaign issues.
            That’s just a small part of my great life…
            if you need more…come on by for a
            drink (bring wilson) with you and can show
            you pics of things i’ve done..
            don’t doubt me…you always come out on the
            short end of the stick mikey.
            stay tuned…more to come!!!!!!!!!

  9. chuck says:

    Harley, what in the name of all that is holy, did you study at MU?


    You went to college?

    Are you a killer athlete?


  10. chuck says:

    I am callin that the funniest unintended comedy in the history of kcconfidential.

    Yeah, I knew Harold Bloom…,

    yeah…, in j school at MU…

    yeah, and I know his wife Linda…, yeah she ah ….., looks like Morgan Fairchild, yeah….., yeah…., thats the ticket…., yeah.

    • mark smith says:

      harley was at MU. He worked in one of the research labs. They needed a test subject that was easier to manipulate than the usual rats and monkeys. It’s amazing what science can do for a guy who is missing his frontal lobe.

      • harley says:

        mark…obvioulsy you didn’t go to college…tell us your
        history..if you have any. you
        sounds like another angry washed up old white guy!!!!!

  11. mark smith says:

    Jesus harley, it’s a little early in the morning for pecking out your dyslexic manifesto on the internet. How about those job reports? A paltry 96,000 jobs created unless you count all the people who quit looking for work. If you are going to repeat tripe you read over at Huff Po, for God sake learn to spell, drop the all caps screaming, and wipe your chin………you missed a spot Tardo. I hear Liz ( dances with wolves) Warren is looking for some wompum to shore up her war chest before doing battle with the evil Scott Walker. Maybe you can donate when your monthly check arrives. Now go take your lithium Bubbles before you work yourself up into another manic lather.
    If Barney Frank and Pelosi had a son he would look and sound like you.

    • harley says:

      buddy…appreciate the shout out…i’ll add you to my list of followers
      and fans…
      got so much gong on now mark that i have little time to write.
      I am now writing for a national political sight and geting great
      employment down to 8.1 %…more importantly there are over 3.5 million
      job openings…but the conadidates lack the skills to fill those…i know
      my clients are dying to hire people but the qualifications and things
      like credit reports/drug testing/all those pre quals make it hard for
      the positions to be filled. Hopefully things turn around…but as
      i said before…romney is an edsel…a terrible product to try and sell.
      even reublican s have problems with the guy….but they’ll settle for
      anyone since the hate and rac ism against obama is so strong.
      wish you luck…no need to attack me personally….i give the facts
      as i see them and hope people with intelligence will point out
      the problems.
      You are 100% …we need more jobs…but in 2010 the repubs
      came in talking jobs/jobs/jobs and not one bill was introduced
      to get those jobs….sad situation we are in…
      when obama wins hopefully the parties get together and solve
      the rpboblems…and we have lots of them.
      thanks…hope to hear some intelligent comments from you..
      and most importantly hope to raise the level of comments on this

    • harley says:

      get your facts straight
      “Warren is looking for some wompum to shore up her war chest before doing battle with the evil Scott Walker”

      you’re not the brightest guy on here…but your iq of 50 is pretty close
      to the rest of the angry old white men with no life!!!!

  12. the dude says:

    Romney- a MORE MAN joke.
    Soetero- a mere puppet.

    I think I will vote for C) NONE OF THE ABOVE.

  13. harley says:

    hey winey man/mikey/chuckles the clown/wilson/mark smith/markus norealius/mancow the plagarist…

    WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney said on Sunday that if he were elected president he would keep portions of President Barack Obama’s signature health care law, a seemingly abrupt turn on an early campaign promise.

    romney: “lets repeal obamacare”…no lets just put a few things into law…okay i’ll
    do what my young partner wants…we’ll kick every child off health insurance..
    starve the kids…well i like whats in obamacare but i want to repeal it..no lets
    not repeal it…lets let it stay in law…lets not do anything…okay…today lets
    let it go into effect…no…i might change my mind…what do you thinks lyin ryan?
    ryan: I think willard youre the dumber m.f er I’ve ever seen. What more do you
    want to do to sabotage my one and only run for mational office. We’re gonna\get
    creamed. Willard do you know what this makes us look like…flip floppers..
    whats gonna happen in the debates willard? Willard…is there anyway you can
    replace me with condi rice…i want out now!!!”
    he should go back to managing that dancing horse and buidling car elevators!!!!!!!

  14. harley says:

    oh…and don’t forget what ann romney said today..
    “we’ve had struggles in life…just not financial struggles”

    like whetehr to hire the chef on weekends..
    or whether to eat caviar or vicheyswa (i know i misseplled that)..
    struggles like whether to buy a jag or a mercedes…
    struggls like does willard go with a $5000 suit or a $5500 suit…
    does she choose a vitton or drake purse on her $50,000 shopping spree…
    she and mitt have had lots of struggles…like does the $75,000
    horse wear blue or green blankets..
    give me a break you people…this lady is absolutely clueless…okay i
    mean stupid!!!!!!!
    annie….please…you’ve digging a bigger hole for the old man…stop

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Harley, you’re truly an F ing moron. Have you lost a family member to MS? I have, twice. Its not a pretty thing. No matter HOW she looks today, her life isn’t a pretty or easy one and will only get worse from here on out. Problem IS… your mind stays perfect the whole time… so you get witness your own demise, with a clear head as you are increasingly unable to do anything for yourself, but youre trapped with a perfect brain. You like that idea? Thats a walk in the park to you? Im sure they have had struggles, and Im not a Mitt fan. But you Dems are all alike in your judgements.

      And whats the dissing on the rich, I thought that was your goal? I thought you were ONE OF THEM?? Multi national company owner that you are…. why pick on his RICH-ness? He should be your idol.

      God you’re hard to track. Unlike those who speak out of both sides of their mouth, you speak out of 4-5 sides!

  15. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley, I had lunch with Harold Bloom last week. Harold Bloom is a friend of mine. So is his wife, Infull and their daughter Rose. His wife’s Asian Asian and her names not Linda. You’re confused with Tom Watsons first wife, no doubt. I regularly have lunch with power players and brokers around town, he came down to partner with me on some projects. He said he has no idea who you are.

    If you really went to J School at MU or anywhere, could you at least take the time to write your dyslexic rants in Microsoft Word then spell and grammar check them, so you don’t come across as a meth head from Independence? And I’m sorry, I mean no disrespect to Independence or meth heads by that statement, but its a chore to follow your basic message amidst the zig zag mess of drivel.

    I know you know how to cut and paste, you do it in 99.9% of the postings and missels to your “fans, followers and discp3iles”. Hearne once said, “…do what I do and just hit the DOWN key till you blow through it all”. I tried that but I got sea sick and puked all over my desk, so if we have to see it, please clean it up so its presentable. Maybe they didn’t cover that in J School.

    Guys, give up trying to pin him down on who all he knows. He runs down another rabbit trail as a diversion when cornered. Just like him being tight with Bud Selig’s daughter.

    So, Harley, someone brought up a good point. Send the link to these national sites where you are “blogging”, especially the one with 300 recommends”. I’d love to see that. If you did, great, I’m happy for you, but if you CAN’T produce the proof, its just another Harleyism. And we all know what those are. So, no BS, produce the link or just go away.

    And once again, when we call for proof, you know the outcome. I’m going to be an old, fat, washed up, angry white guy who’s day has passed. There will BE no back up for his claims, just more venom.

    Oh, I thought you wanted to have me over for a beer, what happened there?

    • hardly says:

      i shoewd up four th e beeer an you wernt their……two badd four yo u……..you cuold hav lerned somehting abowt busness fr om me…..i dew no harld bloom….new him inn j skool the yeer i was valdictoriun….usedto partey together…..me, harold bloom, bertha selig, bil clintn, manny,an warren bufets son jimmy al use d two partee togather…i hav prooof….You ar e now won of my flowers/dispicables….rember….HARD%LY IS ALLW@AYS WRITE

    • harley says:

      you’re a weak individual wilson. Very weak. But as they say..no guts
      no glory.
      You bring up m.s…i understand..a very close friend has it. that’s why
      i am a big supporter of m.s. causes…also cancer drives…helping the
      needy every xmas….and soon you’ll see me onthe front pages again.
      MS…a terrible disease..not a laughing matter.
      So maybe when you plead sympathy fro those with m.s….you’ll remember
      that the romney/ryan plan wants to eliminate and gut almost every plan
      that has been designed to help those victims. More importantly my
      good friend lost her insurance because of an existing condition and when
      she lost her job she lost her insurance. She went on medicaid. have you
      read the romney/ryan plan wilson? Elimination of medicaid and no
      forcing the insurance companies to continue to cover pre existing conditions.
      Mitt says “eliminate obamacare” completely!!! (at least that what he said
      in a 12 hour span when he changed his mind 3 times). No insurance comverage for ms patients. No medicaid. and you support this kind of
      policy? will you please read the facts…
      Hey wilson…what about those food stamps…1/3 go to seniros and handicapped…what happens to them …how many m.s. patients will get cut
      off when they cut those programs? How about government research for
      a cure for m.s….are you aware how big a part government/universities/
      etc. play in medical research…read about it wilson…because romney
      lyin ryan want to cutv off those funds aslo…national institue for
      health…..and lets talk about medicaid again…how many people with
      ms relyon medicaid and governemtn assistance? what abut romneyt
      ryan program….gut it all…..what about the equipment thay receive
      during their fight….romney ryan…cut it out….AND DO WHAT WITH THE
      ‘T WANT
      YOU ARE A PHONY! You have consistently made attacks without
      any basis in reality. Don’t throw shit…you’re standing in it.
      I aspire to richness…no you’re jealous because I aspire to do things and
      be successful…nothing wrong iwth making money…doing good things…
      but you’re on another white guy angry rant because you missed the
      boat. If the bush tax cuts exprie and i make the money…my taxes go up
      4 points. Is that too much to ask for from this nation.
      You’re just jealous…i can prove ev erything i put on here…and you
      are left with just an empty shell with no substance. ..you carry a grudge…you hate…what a terrible way to live your life.
      I have always been an advocate for those who less fortunate…in my life
      and in my work that i do. I ‘ve always looked out for the underdogs…
      while guys like you forgot them.
      don’t tell us what you’ve done…that day old bread…tell us what you’re
      dpoing now.
      cut the m.s. b.s….I/m doing more to protect those people’s insurance
      coverage…to protect their lives…to make sure medical research is
      continued to find a cure oneday….I’m doning more to make sure that
      those with disabilities get help and assistance…that they are provided with
      correct care…that m.s. patients are not lost when the romney/ryanb plan
      is insittututed…
      WILSON>..you ever read what the bishops and nuns are saying about
      the draconian cuts that romney/lyin ryan want? Read it!!!!!
      Those cuts will affect hundreds of thousands of ms patients…cancer
      patients…children….people who really need some help…
      AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING? nothing…tell us what you did
      lately besides use this site to dog me…..
      stop the b.s. wilson….your angry horrid despicable attitude is sad.
      In your later life to carry this chip on your shoulder is a terrible
      way to live.
      tell us what you did lately…tell us what you’re doing to help m.s.
      patients ……i don’t think you’ve done anything…and thats what is sad.
      You’ve tried to probve me wrong many many times…and your
      attempts have always failed (especially the selig comments…got $10,000
      come on by and i’ll prove it…with one simple phone call)!!!!!!!!!!
      You’re a jealous man wilson….please …thats a terrible way to live.
      You’re jealous of glaze /…me and others….
      sad….yes very sad…
      I’ve had articles on daily kos andother sites…I write well when i
      take the time…if you have any doubts about me…pick up the
      phone come on by….I can prove ev erything….
      but wilson….let the anger go….let it go!!!!!

      • harley says:

        hey wilson…you’re concerned…wheres you help on m.s..
        this comes from national m.s. society

        Q: I have MS and am uninsured. Can I now buy an individual health insurance policy?

        A: Possibly. Until 2014 when no one can be denied health coverage, only certain people who meet specific criteria can be assured that their application for coverage will be accepted. Uninsured people with pre-existing conditions, including MS, who have been without insurance for six months or more may buy a health plan through the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Program (PCIP), which has established temporary high risk pools. As of July 2011, the cost of this coverage is going down in many states. The PCIPs will continue to provide insurance until January 2014, when more new health coverage options will be available for individuals, families and employers through each state’s Health Insurance Exchange. For more about Exchanges see “Questions About the Future” at the end of this document.)

        Review this Fact Sheet by the Kaiser Family Foundation for more information on the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Program. Learn about other insurance options that may be available to you in your state at healthcare.gov, or call us to speak with an MS Navigator at 800-344-4867.

        what do you say to that wilson? If your people get in this
        all goes away.. How much do you care for ms patients…
        I work to get this passed…i work and contribute to make
        sure they get insurance….
        so in the end…who’se the moron wilson? who’s not
        working in god’s way?
        If what i advocate doesn’t come thru….all those ms patients
        get no insurance…with aca ( or the evil socialism plan like you
        and your people call it)…..the insurance companies throw
        them off their rolls…and who will pay…the taxpayers!!!!!
        so wilson…what are you doing? your concern for m.s.
        patients ….what are you doing besides running you
        r mouth..
        put up or shut up wilson..talk is cheap buddy….
        more to come!!!!!!!!!

        • harley says:

          hey wilson…more info for you to read and absorb.
          sorry…you looked badin your previous comment
          and i just wanted to make sure you understand the
          stakes that m.s. patients now face…maybe you’ll
          do someting positive instead of being an attacker

          Q: Does the ACA support development of lower-priced generic biologic drugs? (The MS disease-modifying drugs are in this category.)

          A: Yes. The law creates a pathway for FDA reviews of “follow-on biologics” (also called biosimilars) with 12 years of patent protection guaranteed for the developers of the original medications. However, most observers believe it will be some years before follow-on biologics are developed, tested, and become available.

          this is very important…read up on it…these drugs are
          essential for m.s. patients…and aca is making
          the movement onto the market sreamlined…
          this is why i work/volunteer/contribute/
          and write about these things….
          now…what have you done sir?

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            I notice, there’s still NO link to your “nationwide blog writing” with “300 RECCOMENDS”. Case Closed; you remain – inept. Oh, and a blow hard. So what have YOU really done lately?

            Come down to the condo, have a cigar on me, plane leaves 26th of Ootober. Unlike you, that all CAN be documented. I’ll post pics since we can link on this pig now…… take care, Shorty. Your girlfriend’s daughter is TERRIFIED of you, by the way. She thinks you’re a bigger idiot than we do!!

  16. paulwilsonkc says:

    Hardly, you ARE always write, and four that, wee thank ewe.

  17. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley, as usual, no back up for your claims we asked about, no link to a blog with 300 LIKES…. just more BS.

    And, on the non profit front, you have no idea what I do, now do you? Besides being a major part of a movement that raises in excess of $500K over a 2 week period at Christmas, half of which goes to Africa, half of which goes to a KC inner city school, there are a host of other things I do, you simply have no insight into it… but thats fine.

    Just found it interesting you want to talk about what a rich puke Romney is, but all you talk about it your affluence and your reaches for affluence. Interesting, another dychotomy of Harleyism.

    Now, STFU and give us a link so we can see your 300 LIKES you bragged about, or go back to your corner as the liar you are. Thats not angry, old, white, thats calling a Spade a Spade, and that is what YOU are, you poor misled thing.

    One day, we know ALL the same people, we should be FRIENDS, next day… Im standing in it and the world has passed me by. Guess what little man, I make more in a weekend on First Fridays than you do in a week doing what ever you do. Promise.

    Take care, Sociopath. Its easy to throw inerrant stones when you dont know what youre aiming at. And you surely dont know what youre aiming at.

  18. paulwilsonkc says:

    I bring this up all the time, Mike, and everyone gets it but him. I asked him ONE question; Provide us the link for ONE of the national blogs youre writing on and let US go see the 300 reccomends or likes you say you got.

    Its always interesting, he doesnt say, “No, I dont want you guys to follow me there”, he doesnt say, “Youre not smart enough to log in to it”, he just, as you say, throws another turd. Why? Its easier to throw turds than say, “OK, you caught me, Im full of crap yet AGAIN!!!” What he does, as I point out each time, he avoids the PROOF and attacks, hoping that throws you off course, makes you defend… and FORGET what the original question was.

    But me, being smarter than he by a factor of 10, doesnt fall for it. I just ask, yet again, Please send us the LINK, let US go see your fine, national writing AND your 300 LIKES.

    Once again, he will read this and respond with, Wilson is an angry old white man who life has passed him by. He will deflect. Maybe he should run down to the condo on the beach over the weekend of October 26th. Lets see, I havent been down there since… hmmm…. last month. Yeah, thats the lifestyle of someone angry, doesnt have a pot to pee in, a nobody who has nothing. Life and money has elluded him. Yeah, thats me.

    Sorry, Harley, you couldnt be more wrong. We all know your gig, its old, its tired, but we still get the occasional chuckle out of your own stupidity and lies.

    Now, wheres that link, Mr. Man? We’d love to go admire your writing. Dont attack me again, just give us the link and make us all look stupid!!

    • mike says:

      A gorilla can throw turds at people all day long. In the end, he is still a gorilla and the people still look smarter than him. Harley could learn something from this.

    • john astin says:

      is your place in florida as nice as your place in olathe?

  19. paulwilsonkc says:

    Agreed, Mike. Harley tries to overcome the gorilla image by cutting and pasting enormous volumes of crap!! He figures if he pastes 17 inches of stuff, he will look smart. That’s a lot like the gorilla deciding he will just throw the CLEAN turds that smell good.

    DISCLAIMER: No insults were intended or meant towards poor defenseless turd throwing gorillas, or the turds themselves, through comparison to Harley. If it was taken wrong, I apologize to all the apes and turds out there. Even Harley’s 1st cousins, the ones with the hot-pink asses!!

    I have to go now. I am feeling way too good about my life, where I am, and what’s going on. I need to go shave my head, gain some more weight and get really, really angry! GRRRRRRRRR!!!

    Two coments for Harley;
    1. Brevity
    2. Spell Check
    3. Take your MEDS
    4. try truth once in a while, when questioned, prove your statement and make us all look stupid. That would be fun for you…. but you don’t have the proof, do you?
    (I learned to count from his President)

  20. harley says:

    I read the comments direct toward me by some of the old blow hards who have
    no intelligent comments besides the old worn out diatribe they are used to.
    I read the comments because i can see the anger and hate that consumes
    their lives and i understand that they are so filled with rage that they
    are pounding the keys while they spew out vile insults. It’s not pretty…in fact
    its an admission of defeat on their part. Trying to deflect what has happened
    to them iin the past as an excuse for the future.
    They have rage…tremendous rage…and you’ll see that long before they ever
    wrote a single word on kcc. It’s a boiling rage. Something that if i was able to
    look into their previous actions I would see that exact same rage
    directed by them to someone else…its a fact!
    Its sad…i am a very fun person. I love to party and have fun. Ilove to
    debate ..politics…numbers…sports…but mostly politicis because it real life
    action. I also love to gamble…i do it in business and at the hollywood casino..
    not for the money…for the excitement of the chase. I travel…i’m the guy
    who when someone iimportant comes into a room..i’m the frist one to go
    up and talk with them. I’m the guy people have fun with…but i’m also
    the one
    I also now understand how they went from positions of importance and
    stature to now being also rans. How they may have been looked up to
    15 years ago but now are looked down upon. How they now look back at
    those days long ago and try to create it without any success. They are like
    the old woman in the tv ads…”i’ve fallen and i can’t get back up”…and most
    importantly the state of denial that they have failed…and that it doesn’t
    mean the final act…its just one more item to overcome.
    They exhibit the same old worn out dialouge that got them into their present positions. Not being able to control their emotions…making poor business decisions based on the inability to handle their rage….over confidence that clouds their
    sense of business acumen. They are now locked into the same pattern of
    behiavior that got them into bad situations over and over again in their previoous
    dealings with peoplel
    For me…in business or in sports…i know i have won when i have confounded
    by opposition and gotten into their head. I negotiate all day long..love it..
    because i use the same method in biz that i use on my critics. Facts are the
    greatest weapon against idiots. They don’t understand them. They cna’t
    handle them. And once you get thier emotions…you’ve got them.
    I can pretty much know many of the people on here from what they write.
    I can also measure their intelligence by what they say. I write fast…my brain
    works fast and i do a trenenouds amount of work for one person. My grammar
    sucks..spelling sucks …but my thoughts move so fast and the information i’ve
    gathered is so fast paced that i rather get my point across than make
    points for spelling and grammar mistakes.
    But for some…that outrageous rage is terrible. It’s not just directed
    to me…its been directed to many people..none of whom write on kcc.
    I can feel the heat of their words. I’ve gotten to them.
    I make fun…correct incorrect facts…make a few slighted remarks
    but in the end i always say this is for fun and entertainment
    but i also know that people who are so wound up with hate on this
    site…probably have a background of rage in their personal life.
    It’s pretty easy to spot.
    Glaze has a urge to play the games. He lov es the chase. He loves the
    conquering of women. Great. He’s good at it. Very good at. He’s also
    a numbers guy. hE LOVES THE ACTION….the thril of winning…and
    for him being married/kids etc. means there’s no chance for that
    thrill and excitement. He’s a good businessman…survived many
    ups and down…and you can tell that he’s probably one of the
    sharpest street smart guys in the world. He knows how to get
    what he wants and he will never quit til he gets it.
    on the other hand there are my constant critics. The just can’t
    understand that i love to debate. I stay cool and provide facts to
    disprove their statement. Whiney man…he’s probably a smart
    business guy …but he knows nothing about the political world.
    out of his league and in his comments h never makes a case for
    his original thoughts. He never comes back with stats/figres to
    reiterate his points. If you discuss politics you best have solid facts
    and analysis to defend your positions or you’re done.
    this is all for fun and exitement and entertiainment. Even wilson..
    with all his bullish rage can be a cool guy at times…and as the
    great writer henley once wrote “the anger…it will eat you up inside”…
    \good day fellas…have a great night.

  21. paulwilsonkc says:

    paulwilsonkc <—– ALWAYS right.
    I stated I make MORE on a First Fridays WEEKEND thank he does in a week, two weeks, GARUNNNTEEED! (Harely spelling thrown in for effect)

    I asked one this, send us ONE link. Let us SEE your 300 LIKES.

    NO response that I make MORE than him.
    NO response to coming down to the condo on the beach.
    NO link to his national writing.

    He's the liar, once again…. but Im the "has been".

    You point out issues with our president, you're a racist. You point out Harleys sociopathic behaviour, youre a angry old has been. Funny how that works.

    We need one thing from Harley and only ONE thing; A LINK to his brillinat nationwide blogging on ONE of the most important sites in the nation. He said he's on several, we just want to see ONE. He said he got 300 LIKES, we just want to commend him. But, alas, as usual, he can't provide it.

    That makes me a 15 yeara go has been who is now looked DOWN on? I singlehandedly have landed the largest projects in the city in the last 18 months. Thats not 15 years ago, and its NOT because I'm looked down on. You dont do what I do by being looked down on. You KNOW what I do, Harley, while YOU are nothing but a fantasy person. Youre a widget, an emoticon.

    I've addressed your issues with fact, wheres the link, little man? We want to praise your writing excellence that has 300 reccomends! Youre the worlds biggest bragger, show us the BLOGGING!! If you're that well written ,that well accepted, you'd be rubbing peoples noses in it. But like 99.8% of your claims, youre full of hot air.

  22. harley says:

    i’m laughing so hard i can’t stop.
    what is going on?
    the truth will set you free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is funnier than jj walker’s “dynomite” …and thats funny.
    raging bull ____!
    wrong again…again and again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. paulwilsonkc says:

    Send us a link, Harley.
    You avoid the question just like the polygraph to prove you really do spank it! All we need is the link, and nothing BUT the link.
    This can all stop with a LINK so we, too, can admire your writing skills on national blogs.
    Send the LINK.

  24. chuck c.e.o. says:

    Stop. You are looking like a fool attacking harley. He’s making you look
    like a child with your constant bantering back and forth. It’s not
    becoming of an employee to do this in a public internet situation. Stop!


    p.s….Now get back to moving those boxes onto the truck! We’ve got deadlines to

  25. paulwilsonkc says:

    Chuck CEO, stop immitating Asshat.

    Stop. You are looking like a fool attacking Paul. He’s making you look
    like a child with your constant bantering back and forth. It’s not
    becoming of an employee to do this in a public internet situation. Stop! Get back to assisting the multi national companies and building willard like wealth.

  26. paulwilsonkc says:

    Ahh, now Harley the lover of all mankind is attacking the Mexicans. Please, no one say anything about Jews or Blacks, but its OK for this lover of all mankind to make fun of Mexicans. Nice move, Harley.

  27. paulwilsonkc says:

    The day the Democrats took over was NOT 1/22/09, it was actually 1/3/07. That’s the day the they took majority control of the House and Senate. From opening day of the 110th, they owned it, not Bush, not the Republicans. It’s the first time they controlled things since the 103rd, in 1995!

    Bush was a total abortion as a President, but at least consider this when all that’s hear from the Democratic side is “…it’s all Bush’s fault!” On 1/3/07 when Democrats took control, the DOW was over 12,000. The GDP was 3.5%. Unemployment was at 4.6%. Bush’s economic plan gave us 52 consecutive months of job growth.

    1/3/07 is the day; also, that Barney Frank took over the House Financial Services Committee. Chris Dodd took over Banking. The meltdown 15 months later came from where? Banking and financial services. $6 TRILLION in toxic loans from Fannie and Freddie. Who took the biggest payout from those two? Obama and the Dems. Who pushed sub prime loans? Uh huh.

    Budgets don’t come from the President, they come from Congress. Who controlled that from 2007 till 11? Yes, you guessed it. The big Omnibus spending bill was favored by whom? Obama. If the Democrats “inherited” a deficit, it was from actions starting in 2007 and forward, so who did that? You guessed it. When Obama says he inherited this mess, he inherited it from himself and his Party, he voted on it. And, he’s voted to expand it 4 fold since January 20th. And, its still Bush’s fault.

    Our system is corrupt and so full of lies the common person can’t sort it out, for one, and two, most Americans are too apathetic to do so, or to care. And the spin, it’s endless. It’s equally spun from the right and the left. At times, its hard to tell who is worse at it!! Go look up the “Obama Money” YouTube. Thats the thinking we have in this Country today, and its frightening. These people can VOTE, with or without ID!

    There are commenter’s on KCC, on both sides, who just regurgitate the same old talking points with careless disregard for fact. I think we are a lost Country at this point and feel both sides have it just as wrong. Nothing matters now but the power entrusted to them and how they can better themselves. We, the American citizens, are at best, an afterthought.

    Regardless of who is more right or more wrong, I’m just personally tired of the “inherited Bush mess” that’s “caused” all of this. Yes, Bush was a nightmare of a Republican President, but let’s look at the facts.

    And don’t stand on a podium, Mr. President, and tell ME this is the day the oceans calm, peace settles over the world, then tell me this jack leg from Texas left you too big a mess to clean up!! You’re the second coming of Christ in your mind, for God’s sake, do your job and stop whining about it! If you can calm oceans, Bush can’t be any competition for your power and strength.

    Oh, and when some radical Islamists kill our people, don’t approve the FIRST COMMUNICATION about that act being a condemnation for saying bad things about Muslims! They killed Americans; deal with that first, could you please?

    And, for those on here who wear a camel pack full of Kool-Aid that you gulp from all day, don’t bother me with angry, old, fat, has been, white guy talk. Don’t bother me with “white guys are the new minority, get used to it” talk. Research the above facts for yourself and have the proverbial testicular fortitude to at least admit the Messiah simply isn’t. Bring yourself to just admit he isn’t what you try to profess he is. He’s a half baked radical who is intent on bringing this country down to 3rd world status so we look MORE equal in the worlds eyes…. And more dependent on the Government to handle our money and think for us, since we are so inept, left to our own devices.

    Vote Republican, vote Democrat, either are equally poor choices.

  28. harley says:

    I’ve traveled around the world. Seriously been to africa…asia..china…brazil for
    new years eve. And yes i do get excited about traveling. I have been to
    senegal…i’ve been to morrocco and its an incredible experience.
    But for some people…they think flying to florida for a condo vacation is
    You would think they were kids going to disneyworld for the first time. You would
    think they won the freaking lottery from the way they scream “I’m going to
    florida”…and to stay in a condo? Give me a break.
    sorry bud…just not that cool. But while down there pick me up some sand and
    some sea shells. have fun (hahahaha).

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Send me pics of your second home, we’ll compare.
      Oh, I forgot, wheres the link?

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Hey, here’s a GREAT idea! Lets meet in front of OTHER KCC comment folks and compare stamps in passports and stamps!! Hows that? Let me one up you there too! I’m on a first name basis with the front desk at the Imperial Palace Hotel. Google that one, buuuudy.
      Oh, wheres that link?
      This is like Obamas birth certificate, it should be an easy get. Where is it?

  29. harley says:

    some commentators (i shall not name them specifically) but we know who they
    are….rhymes with fall/call/etc…are just not knowledgable about current events
    or current politics.
    I usually let it go because i look at the source. For this individual i suggest reading
    the comments from top republicans about mr. romney and today’s disaster.
    its being called a “lehman” moment. Wont’ go into details but i’ve learned that
    unless you know what you’re talking about (which this guy never does) just
    take your pail and shovel and have fun in florida. I’m sure it will be a fun filled
    delightful vacation. Email me some pics of you on the beach. No wait a minute..
    you’re down there during halloween….and i’m sure it won’t be a pretty sight
    in your jammys….uh…on anotehr note…save those pics for the next family reuinon.
    seriously…don’t get too much sun…use plenty of sunscreen .
    have fun…i’m sure its a delightful place in october.

  30. harley says:

    pauley…wrong about the meltdown. I wish i could debate your wrong proposition but
    you’ve worn me out with the comical posts today.
    have fun in florida…send me a card…i can hardly wait (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)…
    b o r i n g!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      October is gorgeous down there. And, when the condo rakes in $6-8K a month in season, you dont want to use it ALL up!! Use your head, Mr MultiNational Business Tyycooon. Its a business proposition and a home.

      Wheres the LINK??

  31. paulwilsonkc says:

    Wheres the LINK, LIAR?

    • harley says:

      hey man…lets call a truce…i havent mentioned you for a month..
      you come on and attack me. Lets just both refrain from mentioning
      each other and pay no attention to each other’s comments.
      that way you can go back to work and i can go back and open
      my new companies.
      wilson…lets bury the hatchet..once and for all…you calm down..
      so you don’t have to always be on the defensive…
      first one that breaks the truce has to spend the night with
      carla (lol)…
      come on…this is stupdi…we’re both grown and mature to stop
      this back and forth b.s.
      are you in…or are you wanting to continue this fued?
      fair enough…you no longerm ention me or my posts..i no
      longer mention you or your posts in any way…
      if you’re in this will be the last time i direct any
      ocmments to you…
      lets do it…thanks…have a nice day.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        OH, now we’re back to having a beer, cigars, and being pals since we know all the same city leaders, huh? What about my wading in shit, living in a dump…. and being looked DOWN on by society for the last 15 years?

        • harley says:

          are you in wilson…we’ve boath taken hits..
          forgive…its really stupid and its not fun
          you’ ve chucked your shre of insults too
          so lets stop…..
          its easy….just don’t pay attention to me
          and my commenets and i’ll do the
          same with you…
          are youin or out?

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