Glazer: True Believers Alert, Chiefs Could. Go. All. The. Way!

TOUCHDOWN! KAN-ZA-CITY! bellows Chiefs announcer dude Mitch Holthus

You can say its just Game One of the preseason, you can say it doesn’t count, but still it was nearly a perfect storm. The Kansas City Chiefs played their best preseason game in years. YEARS.

In the past we’ve usually lost pretty much every game. So what, you say. Well, usually then the team follows those ugly, boring preseason games with a crappy regular ones.

Most important, all the guys we care about looked sharp.

The quarterback was nearly perfect. Matt ‘THE FRANCHISE’ Cassel looked good, five of six and two touchdown drives to to open the game. I don’t believe he’s ever done that with the Chiefs. O.K. I know, there were no long throws and he didn’t hit John Baldwin. He missed a busted play, open field, short throw that would have likely gone the distance, but Cassel was sharp otherwise.

The other big question, running back Jamaal Charles was quick and looked good. O.K. he slipped a couple times, but he still was moving at a nice pace and made some solid runs.

The first half defense was 3 and out, then 3 and out and looked very tight. Derrick Johnson made a behind the line, 3rd down stop. Nice. And two possible new stars on offense showed up; tight end Steve Maneri might be the real deal. Rookie wide out, Devon Wylie seemed like the second coming of Wes Welker. Hey, our other running backs were also effective, including new veteran back, Peyton Hillis.

The “looked good” list was long indeed.

Head coach Romeo Crennel was all smiles during and after the game.

The new head coach had his squad ready. They were excited. They looked far better than anything we’ve seen in game one of a season with the last two failed coaches, Todd Haley and Herm Edwards.

It’s been too long since a Chiefs team looked anything but awful at this point.

And I mean terrible. I was able to win four under bets on the Chiefs, including last year’s team, just watching how bad they were in preseason.


When you stink, anyway.

You have to come out and create confidence, learn how to win and jump on your enemy. The last decade this team failed to do that. They start poorly and it’s hard to recover, nearly impossible.

See, we aren’t New England, Green Bay or other solid programs. For those teams the preseason is a bit different. But we need to get our guys to believe. And it looks like they do.

With just this one game, I am now leaning towards a 10-6 season.

It could happen maybe without a key injury. I know its early, but I saw enough to get my hopes up. Way up. Maybe because they have not been a balanced team for the last 15-20 years. The defense and offense both shined equally.

Hey don’t get me wrong, I am not flying to Vegas yet to take the over on KC, which I believe is 8 wins. I’m thinking about it though. Lets see if this continues.

P.S. looks like we have an offensive line, finally.

It was kinda spooky last night with a preseason game at home. While the attendance at Arrowhead was light, the streets were quiet because a city stayed home to watch their Chiefs. To see if this could be a team that had something.

Yep, it almost felt like they were in a playoff game. And that’s how bad this town wants a real winner. Maybe we have one.

At least there is real hope, but there’s a long ways to go.

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14 Responses to Glazer: True Believers Alert, Chiefs Could. Go. All. The. Way!

  1. Lance the Intern says:

    How come every other Caucasian wide receiver is now the 2nd coming of Wes Welker?

    • Brandon Leftridge says:

      They’re all “scrappy,” too. In baseball, the equivalent is Dustin Pedroia. Maybe it’s a Boston thing… or, it’s writers and analysts not willing to reach beyond the easy comparison (and no offense to Glazer- EVERYONE does it).

  2. Chuck says:

    This team is good. Real. Good.

    Pete Priscoe has the Chiefs at 6 and 10. Vegas has the over at 8. Take the over.

    This is the best offensive team they have had since 2003 and the best defensive team since Kevin Ross and ALbert Lewis played.

    Here is an excerpt from an article written By Eric Mack SI.con. It confounds logic to such an extent, that…, well just check it out.

    “The Manning we saw briefly in his preseason debut with the Denver Broncos looks just like the one we used to know.”

    Really? I saw the highlights, I thought he was terrible. Not Mr. Mack.

    “Save for the mediocre first preseason game’s numbers (4-for-7, 44 yards) and a red-zone interception stalling his only drive, Manning looked every bit like the former Colts version on a rain-soaked Soldier Field on Thursday night.”

    Are you fuckin hearing this? I am LMAO!! Here is the deal Mr. Mack (Who with most other sports writers are claiming Manning is BACK!!), if your 4 for 7 for 44 yards and an interception, you fuckin suck.

    And more—

    “Lining up in the shotgun on the game’s first play, Manning slipped a quick pass to former Colts teammate Jacob Tamme that was broken up by Lance Briggs.”

    Helloooooo??? I saw that pass, it quacked and walked, just like a fuckin duck for a good reason, it WAS a duck.

    Please continue Mr. Mack–

    “Two plays later, he completed a first-down toss to Tamme for 12 yards that went through a defender’s hands before landing in the tight end’s [that led Manning to joke he found a new way to complete passes by targeting the defender first).

    Yeah, here in Knasas City, at least I think that is pretty funny, I do wonder if John Elway, who spent 96 MILLION dollars to sign him is laughing his ass off too.

    Continue please Mr Mack.–

    “That bit of good early fortune started a drive that would end with Major Wright’s interception near the goal line. The turnover wasn’t entirely Manning’s fault. It was a tipped pass thrown slightly behind former Colt teammate Brandon Stokley.”

    Total bullshit. I have seen that play 7 to 10 times and that ball was not “slightly” behind Stokely, is was 3 to 4 feet behind Stokely (He starts to adjust while the ball is in the air, so what looks like a ball 1 to 2 feet behind him is actually more.) Oh yeah, it was a duck too.

    Check this–

    “But on the drive, Manning did make a small variety of throws to cross off his checklist. A sideline ball to Eric Decker for 10 yards came amid an inordinate amount of time to throw.”

    Great, so if the Broncos give Manning 10 seconds every snap, he will complete a 10 yard pass.


    “Manning did fail to connect with Demaryius Thomas on one that counted. An 11-yard sideline pass to Thomas was negated by a holding penalty and another fell incomplete.”

    I don’t get it, but who cares. I can tell ya, that if this is what the Donkeys play like in the regular season, they won’t win 4 games.

    The Chiefs looked sharp, Denver looks weak and in San Diego, Norv Turner must be doing acid every day. The last time he came up for air, he decided that Ryan Matthews would get 360 touches this year and haul the coal for the Super Chargers Super Bowl hopes.

    First fuckin play, Ryan Matthews breaks his collar bone. The idiot general manager over the last 2 years, let D. Sproles and Mike Tolbert walk. What. A. Fuckin. Moron.

    The Raiders are the Raiders.

    I like the Chiefs a lot this year. I think they win their first playoff game in a long time.

  3. Chuck says:

    Jesus I hate being “moderated”.

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    Chuck you know I have been down on this group for many years…this is the first time in more than a decade I think we have something…a balance…an offensive line…playmakers on defense..and I’m seeing at least five new guys who matter…maybe more, so that means some depth…I do worry about Matt, the line will make him look like a good not great quarterback, so if the D is the best and O is good, yeah we could make some noise in the playoffs…p.s. for those who jumped me last week..”how do you know Bowe is back so fast” well he is…hmmm…we know a few things…good story Chuck. As of now I am with you on this team…lets see some more before we go crazy…but its looking good, very good.

  5. the dude says:

    I was wrong. Based on one preseason victory I now bow to the greatness of the Glazer and his predictions and agree the Chefs will win teh super bowls. We might as well just hand over the trophy right now to Romeo.

    You were so right. I was soooo wrong.

  6. smartman says:

    BS Nerdlaw is the new Nostradamus.

  7. Kerouac says:

    Well I’m convinced… aft viewing this weekends game(s), I’m convinced the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers are the best two teams in the AFC West (pending OAK’s game Monday night, which will probably just affirm the silver and black will battle KC little red to be the division’s caboose.) The fact DEN and SD played better teams to start their seasons than KC did also factors into my sentiment, GB/CHIC > ARIZ.

    Game 1 review, KC: Charles fumbled on his first carry, Hillis was stuffed on his intial and Cassel overthrew a wide open Charles – on a screen pass. How do you overthrow someone on a screen pass? Here in KC, we spell medicore c-a-s-s-e-l.

    Charles did not look crisp to me (a bit tentaive even); on the other, Poe looked like a lot of bacon (if he did not exactly sizzle on the field.) Jonathan Baldwin? Once again, an training camp ‘hero’ wilts like a 10 cent orchid actual game; overhype the word – Bowe knows, the poor man’s Otis Taylor wearing #89 still does not.

    OT Winston will be a hard man to replace when/if he gets injured 2012… KC has zero depth of note behind him/Albert. Pioli’s idea of competition: Quinn (medicine woman) -Stanzi (a RH’d Palko.)

    Defense, visions 2011: ARIZ gouged KC in the run game. Cardinals were missing two starters on offense as the game began, RB Wells & QB Kolb who is injured, as well one starter on their defense (which was horrid in 2011 and looks to be in mid-season form already, 2012.) Berry’s back? Let’s see how he does against the real deal SD’s Gates, who is also back in 2012. Moeaki did his Greta Garbo impersonation… when a former OT (Maneri) outshines you, the jury that’s been out just returned an indictment.

    The referees? Gesundheit. The greedy Goodell/NFL et al can’t be stupid enough to allow ‘replacement’ types to officiate during the regular season, can they? If Rozelle were around now this wouldn’t be happening (he’s probably going round & round in football Heaven with Al Davis right now, R.I.P. both.)

    All considered as well the ever-unknown fate factor visits teams/players every annum, 5-11 in 2012 looks about right for my Chiefs…

    • Chuck says:

      5 and 11.


      Maybe if they lose 3 starters again, but they did that last year and went 7 and 9.

      10 and 6 and they win a playoff game.

      You musta bumped your head at the hospital when you went to see Ryan Matthews.

  8. Kerouac says:

    Three years in & dinkle-Berry still hasn’t managed to locate Antonio Gates (psst! He’s in the endzone behind you – again – another TD the Hall of Famer.) SD sweeps KC in 2012.

  9. bubba says:

    Vegas loves you. Betting on an entire season without a single game that matters being played. Yes the Chefs looked sharp against AZ team that hasn’t even decided on a QB. Then again there is a lot of football yet to be played, last years injuries have yet to be truly tested. I do like current coaching that every game counts and losing the preseason is not OK.

  10. Craig Glazer says:

    Well my friend thats kinda the way it is, Vegas doesn’t love me, I have won the last four years on this ‘season’ bet…last year had the Chiefs under 7 1/2 wins, they won 7, I won…you can only look at the preseason, course you have til game one regular to make that call….this year I am looking for a couple losing records to go lower, like Vikings to be under six wins, maybe Cleveland, try and bet on bad teams to lose…a good team can dump if they lose their qb, and they often the Pats are 12 1/2 so they need 13 wins to beat you…I think they lose 3 and the under wins, I like them but winning 13 is hard….Chiefs are at 8, I like the over but not a big bet, could go either way…

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    Rather lose 4, and the under wins…on Pats

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