Whinery: You Might be a Psychopath if…

Do you have REAL friends?  Enjoy privacy?

Do you not feel compelled to share your life on the Internet via Facebook? Then you might be a psychopath!

According to recent media reports, an increasing number of employers and psychologists believe that Facebook has now become so prevalent in society, that people not on the social networking site should be viewed with “suspicion”

Sure, the readers here already think I’m crazy- which is a label that somewhat fits… but now, since I don’t understand why anyone would want to be on Facebook, in particular, and would NEVER open an account there, that makes me a psychopath?

That’s the police state we’re living in today folks- where the very act of not following the herd and becoming part of a “CIA Data Mining” operation is a sign that something is “wrong with you” and you must be “hiding” something.

Maybe those of us not on Facebook just don’t happen to suffer from “Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”

A report originating from Germany went so far as to say the first sign a person may be a mass murderer is that they don’t have a Facebook account. Using as examples that Batman Shooter James Holmes & Norwegian shooter Andres Brevik didn’t have Facebook. It
then made the leap that there’s something “wrong” with you for not being on the social networking site.

They must be stockholders hoping to scare people into joining the site so the stock price doesn’t fall anymore.

As a lawyer, I’ve seen the many pitfalls of Facebook.

Clients have had their probations revoked and been thrown in jail for lying to their probation officers about their whereabouts while posting their exploits online. I recently had a guy say he had no money to pay his fines who was thrown in jail because he posted a picture of himself with about 10 grand online only to have the Prosecutor present that picture to the Judge as we were pleaing for more time to pay.

Hope he enjoyed his stay at the Wyandotte County Jail for that one!

Facebook will probably go the way of MySpace at some point and become a “digital graveyard.”  This endless fascination with sharing intimate details of ones private life with the world can’t last forever.

Can it?

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6 Responses to Whinery: You Might be a Psychopath if…

  1. smartman says:

    A friend of mine owns a company that does background checks for executive search firms that specialize in C-Level execs, REAL 1%’ers. Facebook and all the social media websites are the first places she starts her vetting. Adultfriendfinder.com is another treasure trove. It’s incredible how stupid and careless some people in the seven figure club can be. Roughly one in five of the execs she screens with extensive international experience have created whole other lives and personalities for themselves abroad.

    It’s amazing how vindictive ex employees, associates, lovers, wives, neighbors, relatives and kids can be when she can track them down, which isn’t that hard thanks to the internet.

    We’ve reduced everything to 0’s and 1’s and it stays on some hard drive or cloud for all eternity for anyone to find that wants to look hard enough. People that live in glass houses, shouldn’t live in glass houses anymore. Time to be more worried about our digital footprint than our carbon one.

    • mike says:

      Ask Anthony Weiner about that! You are absolutely right.

      • Mike Farmer says:

        You can’t blame Weiner. Houma was Hillary’s lover from back in the day. They call them “personal assistants” now.

        It’s a sham marriage to advance her political career.

  2. Mike Farmer says:

    I have a facebook page and I make sure to make it completely uninteresting so any employers will see a few pictures of me at the K and that’s it.

    Facebook is stupid anyway. Who wants to see that many pictures of babies in their news feed.

    That’s what I can’t understand. Why you would put a picture of your child up on the internet for anyone to use and misuse as they see fit.

    I am less surprised with how people guard their info and more surprised about how they don’t guard their children’s information.

  3. the dude says:

    No facespace for me either, I don’t care to subscribe to any organization that directly takes money from the CIA, FBI and NSA for data mining purposes. No thanks.

  4. Chuck says:

    I agree with all you psychopaths.

    Why do you want anyone knowing where you are? What you are doing or when you are doing it?


    Seriously, I have no idea what the upside is to making all of you, your friends and your family’s thoughts, words and deeds public.

    The upside is the universal knowledge of personal mediocrity (Familiarity leading to comtempt.), the downside is catastophe.

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