Glazer: Scribe Gives Thanks to God for Upcoming NFL Season

Well baby, get ready! Get excited! This IS OUR YEAR!

Chiefs and Chopper! Oh, sorry – that one’s over. “Anything Can Happen From the Fifty!”  In just over one week, GAME ONE, Preseason NFL Football. Yeah, baby. Thank God. And with our Kansas City Chiefs among the favorites.

Well,in some circles.

When you have a very good team, you don’t need those silly slogans do you?

However when you have two pro teams that have stunk it up for decades, well, maybe you do need a little help. To be fair the Chiefs had some very strong teams in the 90’s with Marty-Ball. Since then, uh, nothing. I know they won a couple division titles post Schottenheimer, but please, they still kinda sucked.

Everyone still refers to the 9-0 start with Dick Vermeil in 2003, but by the end of that season, the Chiefs in my opinion, were one of the overall worst teams in the league. They had the worst defense I have ever seen in the pros, the worst. Remember the loss to the Colts, where they never punted in a playoff game? The only one we had that year, or any year since 1993.

Wow, 1993 was our last Super Bowl run with Joe Montana.

This year will be different the Chiefs promise.

A new head coach, an NFL defense second to none and a much improved offense led by  the comeback kid, MATT ‘THE FRANCHISE’ CASSEL.  Yep, this could be our year. And I kinda mean that. I like our defense, Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali and Justin Houston. It sounds tough, sounds like sacks, sounds like it will create fumbles, sounds bad ass!

Right. Yep, this could be OUR YEAR.

OK, I want to look at this team in preseason before going official with my prediction. However from what we hear from camp and with Dwayne Bowe coming back next week, I like this team to go 10-6 and be playoff team. Yes, sir.

I mean what could go wrong?!?

P.S. this year I will once again give you college and pro games to take a chance on. And I will tease often. I will take over and unders and only pick games I like. Not ALL GAMES. That’s not going to win you any dough.


Give me a team we can at least be excited about. How about those Royals? Exciting again, huh?
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23 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Gives Thanks to God for Upcoming NFL Season

  1. Jim says:

    Is there a worse time to be a sports fan in KC than May, June & July? Thank God (or Goddess) for the return of NFL and college football.

    Chiefs 10-6? Not saying it can’t happen but they better avoid the injury bug! Chiefs have NO depth anywhere on the field. (sans running back).

    I’m more in the 9-7 or 8-8 camp, but I hope you are right, Glaze.

    If the question is, “Are you ready for some football?” My response is a hardy F-yes!

  2. smartman says:

    What happened with your deal in Canada?

  3. Ryno says:

    So no one in the national, or local, media knows quite when Bowe will report to camp. But you’ve got him coming in next week huh? Did he mention to you what day he’ll show up?

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    Canada: we did great, got the best response of the five presented…cool to see an audience that didn’t really know much about me or Stanfords laughing at each bit in the cartoon we did…got seveal web offers, for developement…we want a locked up deal for ‘on air’ unless developement if a high pay…the new media…web..oh brother..but some of those make big bucks and its the future…we entered too late to be on the TV pitch where we belonged for shows like Ault Swim, though they saw it and asked us to talk to them this week, that would be a great spot…we’ll see, it’s never easy…but it was fun and felt good to be seen by that group of folks…we are invited to New York in the TV division if we want to go in November.

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    About Bowe, no never spoke to him….just an educated guess he isn’t gonna sit out the season….he likely wants that 9 million…but in a way you’re right, maybe he is nuts enough to sit out a few preseason games..however those are pay days….and the start of the regular season is the big paydays…if he doesn’t play well then his value will fall, you can’t sit it out these days, he still has something to prove to the Chiefs and the league if he wants the 12 million a year multi year contract…so I look for him back soon.

  6. the dude says:

    Yeah! Only one week to wait before getting served another plate of mediocre crap!

    Woo Hoo! Can’t wait!

  7. Chuck says:

    10 wins Glaze and then we pony up 3 first rounders for Matt Barkley next year.

    Clark’s actuaries will convince him that this will be the only time for the next 10 years where he can roll the dice with the least to lose and the most to win.

    They will be right.

    If the Chiefs win 10, then Pioli will look at the youth on the team, the contracts in place (Pretty good shape for a 4 year window.) and the potential of a stud USC QB and figure he will sell tickets like gangbusters for 4 years even if Barkley struggles his first year. Not to mention the savings on the first round draft picks.

    Super Bowl 2015?


  8. Craig Glazer says:

    Chuck you may well be correct…hate to see us win ten or more and then dump a season or two for a new qb…but might happen or we may have a guy and keep Matt, so we can bring along the rookie and still compete for the play offs….superbowl…well, we can dream…maybe, one day, boy seems so far away, doesn’t it?

  9. harley says:

    glaze…liked the animation….it had some really good parts….clean it up…
    make it tell you and your families story….as an introduction it kind of made
    me feel like i missed something or that i missed the previous segment.
    You’re onto something…keep working it…the story lines you have could
    be great…don’t give up…that has more potential than the resto f the programming
    their putting on cable tv now…and as more channels are created your chances of
    getting picked up increase dramatically.
    as far as who would be the star…you wouldn’t …your girls wouldn’t…
    the star would be bennie! No doubt about it!

  10. Rick Nichols says:

    The Chiefs certainly dropped the ball both literally and figuratively last season, turning in a mediocre record of 7-9 just one year after logging a nice 10-6 mark to win the AFC West. In fact, had they not lost to Oakland at home in Week 16 they potentially could have won the division with an 8-8 record. I don’t look for them to do any better than, say, 9-7, which could conceivably allow them to take the division or at least grab a wildcard spot. Then again, there was one season in the early 2000’s when they went 10-6 and missed the playoffs. But the next year they went 9-7 and qualified for the playoffs when everything fell into place for them on the final day of the season. Go figure.

    “Our time-time-time-time-time!”
    “Our year-year-year-year-year!”
    Now I have it in mind there’s an echo in here.

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    thanks Harley, agreed, Bennie is priceless, and would kill, we would have him in the show, as we did with Comedy Central pilot in04…he stole the show..

  12. Kerouac says:

    I counted a couple of “could be’s” in this story, which added to the three “mights” and two “if only’s” an earlier Chiefs story add up to 7… I don’t see KC winning more than 7 games tops in 2012 and as things stand before any those unpredictable injuries/other, can’t see them winning fewer than 5 games. Six of one & half a dozen the other, 6 wins sounds about right, but, as these are my Chiefs I’m talking about, I’ll predict 5 wins & last place in the AFC west, 2012.

    1 DEN
    2 SD
    3 OAK
    4 KC

  13. Craig Glazer says:

    Guys, this division is wide open, you might be right, Manning could run this division right off their feet. Chiefs could fall apart…no doubt….this year is a tough call…we need to see more to make a good call, still too early

  14. Chuck says:

    Manning in his prime, with great receivers on a great didn’t play as well outside.

    “His winning percentage outdoors is .649, but it drops each month, according to the Elias Sports Bureau — .700 in September, .680 in October, .655 in November and .565 in December/January (13-10, including 0-3 in January).

    It is just conjecture at this point, but the well oiled, NBA, fast break team he played on is gone baby gone. The defense is average (Von Miller is a stud, I know, Elvis is back I know.) . He has a killer reciever in Damaryous (sp? I’m not even gonna look up that name.) Thomas, Decker is ok and Stokely is shot.

    Many believe that the Broncos go to the Super Bowl. This from Rant Sports.

    “The highlight of the practice was one fan yelling across the masses a few minutes in, “You’re so much better than Tebow!” No one responded; there was no need for a response. Just being around the players with new hope and optimism is enough. The Broncos addressed most of their needs in the offseason, primarily through free agency. They have veteran future Hall of Fame leadership in Champ Bailey and Manning. They no longer are in the business of miracles, but in the business of winning.

    When players talk about championship teams, they talk about a sense of focus and business. The Denver Broncos players from the two Super Bowl years had these qualities, as did the local Colorado Avalanche players during their two Stanley Cup seasons. Whether this cohesiveness, purpose and special connection is a creation afterwards is unclear, but this Broncos team has the seeds of such a season. Whether this is the wishful thinking of the pre-season or something more, this Broncos team believes completely in itself.”

    And this from Sayer Bedinger.

    “It’s too early to crown the Denver Broncos anything at this point, but after making it to the second round of the playoffs last season with Tim Tebow at the helm, this Peyton Manning guy has Denver fans giddy for a Super Bowl.”

    This from Bleacher Report.

    “Is it a cop out to simply say that “Peyton Manning can lead the Denver Broncos to a Super Bowl victory” and leave it at that?

    Immediately after signing with the Denver Broncos in March, Manning made the team the sexy pick to win the Super Bowl in 2012, and why not?

    This was a team going into 2012 that was fresh off a surprise playoff run that included (prior to a crushing defeat) an impressive victory against an AFC favorite in the Pittsburgh Steelers”.

    Ok, thats fine.

    I don’t believe it. I think Manning’s neck is channleing Joe Namath’s knees. I think he is rich. I think he is gun shy in the pocket. I think his arm strength is 80%. I think he looks good on TV, in front of a microphone. I think he is injured 6 games next year.

    Denver plays the Chiefs for the first time in Nov. the 12th game. Then again on the lst day of the regular season.

    The Chiefs will be a real pain in the neck this year for the donkeys.

  15. Craig Glazer says:

    Chuck all good points. Well done report. Look NOBODY knows, we can only review what we see and hear. If Manning is 80% and Denver is overall no worse a team than last years….the Broncos will likely win the west. If he gets hurt…wide open. Again its just too early to call.

    • Chuck says:

      It is too early, but I am callin it anyway.


      Maybe I will change my mind in pre season. He won’t try to hide his arm strength then, or, if he does, it will lead to the same conclusion.

    • the dude says:

      Even if Manning is 65% he is still 50% better than the fullback at QB of yore and he still mops the floor with the west. Of course if he is put out due to his neck snapping in multiple places the Chefs might have a chance if they don’t get beat down by the Raiders.

  16. Chuck says:

    Sorry, I meant “Last” day of the regular season. The 17th week, the 16th game.

  17. balbonis moleskine says:

    Remember your promise. I said chiefs 9-7, second to a suprising Chargers team in the AFC west. Stanford’s VIP passes if Im right.

  18. Craig Glazer says:

    Yes VIP for you if you are right

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