Edelman: Cathy Rigby Soars in Peter Pan at Starlight

Forget Broadway’s Spider-Man. Smack down Cirque du Soleil

Cathy Rigby blows them all away, twisting and turning as she careens overhead in PETER PAN, now through Sunday at Starlight.

Those oohs and ahhhs– they were coming from the kiddies, to be sure. But more than a few of Ms Rigby’s fellow boomers had to be wondering– how the hell does she do that, six nights a week?

The national tour of PETER PAN starring Cathy Rigby is a muscular affair.

It’s hard to imagine the elegant Mary Martin (who created the role) or perky Sandy Duncan, who followed Martin, measuring up to the sheer athleticism of Silver Medalist Rigby.

The pixie-sized herself, Rigby carries off the role of the world’s most famous lost boy (okay, next to those guys in Oasis) without the kind of commenting on the role that got in the way of its previous leading ladies. Rigby makes Peter a flesh and blood, too-old-for-his-years little boy out there; and the touching finale, when Peter returns to find Wendy all grown up, really works as a result.

Brent Barrett plays an imposing Captain Hook– the kind of matinee idol turn that will keep Starlight mommies happy (I saw Barrett play opposite Jane Krakowski in GRAND HOTEL years ago– he was just as hunky back then).

Ably directed by Glenn Casale, the tour features Patti Columbo‘s inventive choreography. John Iacovelli‘s set looks great— when it finally gets dark.
I’d sit in the middle, rather than to the sides, though, if you want to be able to see the whole thing (and all of the action).

And then there’s that flying.

I don’t think it’s too much of a giveaway to say that no one has ever covered as much Starlight airspace as Ms Rigby in her unforgettable curtain call. Bats and stray birds better watch their wingspans— Peter Pan is coming through, to thedelight of everyone on hand for this wonderful revival.

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14 Responses to Edelman: Cathy Rigby Soars in Peter Pan at Starlight

  1. rkcal says:

    Cathy Rigby is still alive?!

  2. Super Dave says:

    Sandy Duncan was a better Peter Pan in my opinion. Plus she isn’t afraid to say whats on her mind either and thats good. She hates greed and not a fan of Oprah. Even will tell you Danny Kaye was rude at times and really wasn’t a nice person.

    • chuck says:

      Remember the guy who owned the car wash at 74th and Wornall had a banner printed, a BIG banner, that said “Oprah For President”.

      What a fuckin tool.

      I throw my Chik Fil A trash in his garbage cans after I wash my car there.


      • Super Dave says:

        That was Patrick Crowe, dump is called I think Wonderful Waldo Car Wash or something like that. The guy no doubt got wet to many times.

  3. balbonis moleskine says:

    Cathy Rigby, Sandy Duncan, Danny Kaye….are these people who lived?

    I want the next review on the VFW Bingo night.

    HC: Careful what you wish for!

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    I always find it interesting that famous people from the recent past are hit with “are they dead yet?” WTF. Why is it a crime to live out your life? These names had some pretty huge entertainment careers. Yes they are not current like ‘Snookie’….so now their names suck? I just don’t get that, you live your life, accomplish national and world wide fame, but now that you got older, you are a ‘joke’…if that’s true what does your life matter? Getting old and dying is a fact of life. It doesn’t discount ‘your days in the sun’…very sad that you have to stay 20-35 to be accepted as relevant. Sean Connery is old now, guess he sucks too. Old fart, what did he ever do that we care about? See what I mean. Danny Kaye was a monster movie star, good guy or not…top ten in his day.

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    I’m in Canada, yeah they did…thanks for asking

    • chuck says:

      Who would win in a fight between Shania Twain and Celine Dion?

      We ALL would.

      I can’t help it, i got the giggles today.

  6. smartman says:

    When Cathy Rigby hangs up her harness this is the perfect gig for Ryan Seacrest.

  7. tiad says:

    Craig Glazer? I could’ve sworn he was dead.

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    See even us super cool guys catch crap….it never ends…stop it..hah.

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