NG: New town/New fashion

Being from NYC, a pastime for a girl like me is reviewing the trendy threads of women that I see around town…

Trend starters and women that look like they’ve gotten high on Vogue or Nylon magazine quench my never ending fashion appetite. Few are these beauties in the Midwest but  I’ve had the opportunity to see such rarities strutting it on the streets of KCMO. I love that even in the Midwest there are women that LIVE , LOVE FASHION.

These risk takers in my opinion  – since fashion is not on the No. 1 to-do list of the majority of women in this region –  have earned the coveted title of FASHIONISTAS.

New Yorkers are highly influenced by European styles and trends (most high fashion designers are European).

These women embrace the European’s subtle flare for daytime feminine je ne sais quoi. This would be the only ingredient that I would like to help add to the pot of fashion deliciousness in KCMO.

And after many years of hitting Madison Avenue, Times Square, Fort Greene in Brooklyn, and Forest Hill in Queens, I humbly say that high fashion art is as indigenous to NY as are the street side hotdog carts.

Fashion is an art. The art of pairing colors, prints, textures and shapes to make a beautiful and unforgettable ensemble that makes an onlooker stare in awe. Not only is it every fashionista’s goal to be original but to see her sense of style being replicated by her peers. Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

There’s  a revolution happening on the streets of KCMO. Fall is here and I’ve already seen some of the major trends for this season; the puffy shoulder blazers and dresses, cargo tights, old school sunnies, platform ankle booties, military-inspired jackets. And one of my favorites that never goes out of fashion, self confidence!

So get your brushes out and start a collage the likes of which has never been seen on these yellow bricked roads. Are you ready?


Nikki Grant

Nikki is the owner of NGB in Westport.
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8 Responses to NG: New town/New fashion

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fred Flintstone
    Blah, blah, blah. Someone should tell you that your mother dresses you funny.

    Are you one of those that looks at a magazine like 435 South, with the $1000 dresses, and $500 jackets, and drools? Get in the real world, nobody in their right mind wears that crap on a daily basis. Every once in a while, when we dress up for a special occasion, we will spend larger bucks for some overpriced crap, but on the whole, those stores that carry wayyy wayyy overpriced crap go out of business very quickly, very quietly. I’m thinking of Feng, Standard Style etc…. Yeah right, I’m gonna spend $200 on a pair of jeans from Standard Style? Gimme a break.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, your name is Fred Flintstone after all. You don’t even wear shoes!

  3. Anonymous says:


    “Even [and especially] in the Midwest,” we think your New York “attitude” is idiotic. Get your nose out of the air and into a Gates BBQ shack!

  4. Anonymous says:

    haha!! I can tell that you are one of those that are still stuck with a small town frame of mind. I understand your narrow thought process when it comes to fashion and style. It’s called “ready to wear” items that you can wear on a daily basis. I’m sure you secretly get dressed up and look at yourself in the mirror and wish you had the guts to show yourself to the world. You don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like one! Every true fashionista knows this concept!! You are one of those fashion degenerates that need to get a life and dress it up a little.

    PS tell your mom to leave some grass for the cows!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh my. I think I’m in . . never mind.

    Anyway welcome to KC and much success to you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think we’ve found the Jenee Osterheldt for KCConfidential
    HC: Careful JimmyD, this one bites!

  7. Anonymous says:

    kate krass
    You go Nikki. I like a columnist with a point of view and attitude. Keep up the good work.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Aesthetically, this city has a lot to offer to the people who are fashion conscious and for the ones who are bold and full of a strong creative impulse, the streets are waiting to see new faces, new shapes, new cuts, and new colors. I’ve only moved here recently and living in the Quality Hill area, I can feel that this city has some sort of a hidden historical and cultural treasure to draw from when it comes to fashion. However, there is some sort of local apathy when it comes to dressing up, and the lame excuse many people come up with is that this is the Midwest and this is the way things are here. This could be one of the reasons why many people from other cities dismiss KCMO as a “Cowtown”

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