Tony: Dr. Sketchy’s And Burlesque Babes For Daddy’s Day

Let’s be forthright, cards, BBQ and maybe some ice cream cake are fine for Father’s Day but local Dads would probably find staring at lingerie clad ladies asses in various poses far more enjoyable.

To wit, the babes of the Burlesque Downtown Underground are putting on quite a spectacle for Father’s Day. Local artist Rachel McMeachin recently sent out a Facebook blast informing us that “The luscious ladies of BDU will be taking the stage for the last Dr. Sketchy of the season.”

Let’s remember that Kansas City’s version of Dr. Sketchy’s is described as “what happens when cabaret meets art school.” And this end of season event blowout seems like it just might be worthwhile if Dave Stephens “Sideshow Sisters” Marisa McKay and Kat Kimmitz are in attendance.

In any event, staring at lingerie babes posting for this hipster art school doesn’t sound like a bad way to finish out the evening for Father’s Day.

Date: Sunday, June 20, 2010
Time: 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Location: The Loft, 1331 Union Avenue. Kansas City, MO (careful for the railroad tracks and scary ass entrance)

Tony Botello

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