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Hearne: USA Today the Future of Local Newspapers?

The sky isn’t quite falling yet, but we may be getting close… There’s little doubt that rapidly advancing technology is taking a huge toll on any number of old school industries. Take the greeting card biz, with Hallmark shuttering its Topeka … Continue reading

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Hearne: USA Today Rocks Monday’s Lawrence Journal World

Longtime subscribers to the Kansas City Star probably remember its Monday editions as the lightest of the week… Light in weight and light in content. That’s because the Star fields a skeleton newsroom  crew on weekends and which usually results in precious little … Continue reading

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Hearne: Lawrence Journal World Tosses Hail Mary Via USA Today

Truth in advertising… Is that expression really even relevant anymore? You have to wonder. Especially when it comes to assertions by newspapers like the Lawrence Journal World which is sporting a full page ad attempting to hitch its fortunes to – … Continue reading

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New Jack City:’ The Identical’ – Faith-Based Bomb Offers Up Bogus Quotes

Faith-based movies don’t by definition have to be bad movies… Yet time and time again these low budget “message movies” lack good writing, direction, production values and/or acting. The word cheesy often comes into play when reviewing them. And since much … Continue reading

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New Jack City: Star Adds Insult To Delivery Injury with Phony Cruise Scam

Something for nothing, anybody? To say my newspaper delivery has been irregular at best would be charitable. I’ve been keeping the phone numbers to the customer service departments of both the Kansas City Star and USA Today handy because I know I’ll be needing … Continue reading

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Hearne: There Ain’t No Cure for the Lowdown, Missing Newspaper, Driveway Blues

Remember my Kansas City Star story a couple days back? The one where a newspaper staffer talked about all the cancellations the Star has been getting from people upset with not just the quantity and quality of their newspapers but the difficulties they’ve … Continue reading

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