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Tracy Thomas: Rare Showing of Controversial Bollywood Movie Goes Down Thursday @ Standees

I’m not a big fan of the Walt Disney empire…   So when a local film fanatic from Hyde Park triumphs over the accountants in suits at Disney, I say hooray.  And  soI urge everyone to see the best movie … Continue reading

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Tracy: Thunder, Lightning and No Poncho Douse Guys & Dolls @ Starlight

So there I was, alive and kicking at Starlight Theatre last night… 

When the breeze kicked in, the temps dropped blessedly from 97 degree weenie roast weather to something approaching liveable. But by song #7 – the theme to “Guys & Dolls” – the constant lightning and thunder rolling in began to frighten the assembled masses.  (The true chickens in the audience walked out early, during Adelaide’s Lament, about psychosomatic illnesses. Figures.)

Management suspended the show and it was later declared a rain out. 

Too bad, because Guys and Dolls IS the undisputed best American musical ever. 

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Tracy: Those Who Are About to Die, Salute Guys & Dolls @ Starlight

I’m posting this BEFORE I go to Starlight Theatre tonight, to see Guys and Dolls

You know, just in case. That way, since it’s the undisputed world’s best musical, if I’m struck by lightning, I’ll at least die happy.

No kidding.

The forecast tonight is for scattered thunderstorms, eg 40%. As opposed to this afternoon’s isolated thunderstorms, which are just 30%.  And no, I am not taking KSHB TV weatherwonk Gary Lezak. Nor mixed up presidential wannabe Michelle Bachmann’s kid bro, KCTV’s Gary Amble

I’m roughing it.

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Tracy: Mad Hatters Abound at Royal Wedding; Catty Vivisection to Follow


Well, boys–here’s what you missed when you didn’t get up like I did, at 4:30am Friday to watch the Royal Wedding

I know, I know – you like reading this site to live vicariously re Craig Glazer’s sexploits.  But whereas Glazer excels in undressing young women, I like to think of myself as the designated commentarian on women still fully clothed.

So let’s review.

1) Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are fat.

To top it off, their hats made them look like Teletubbies

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Tracy: Dear Suckers, Guess Who Isn’t Paying the E Tax – the Dudes Who Want You to Pay!

Dear KCMO Suckers:

It’s worse than you think. And if you vote Yes to extend the 1% E-Tax, it’s gonna get even worse. 
Attached is the list of all the business areas that have suckered KCMO citizens into paying to remodel or redevelop THEIR businesses, while homeowners struggle to maintain their homes.  Many on this list are the sugar daddies and pimps who are financing the Yes campaign for Tuesday’s E-Tax.

I want to thank Harley – the KCC commenter who is so seldom wrong  (at least he thinks so) – for challenging my previous E-Tax post.  He and jjskck claimed that TIF projects are not exempt from the E-Tax. I investigated. 

Sorry, boys, you’re wrong. All TIFs are exempt from E-Tax!

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Tracy: Will KCMO Voters Shoot Themselves in the Foot on E-Tax Vote?

Checkmate:  KCMO voters, Pat Gray’s pawns, are poised to trap themselves with the E-tax.

In chess, one seemingly simple, kneejerk move can lead to losing the game.

But when the tax formula is wrong, you have to FIX it!  Or lose the game.  It’s that simple.

KCMO voters will trudge to the polls one more time, Tuesday, April 5.  And a NO vote would repeal once and for all the E-tax–the crack cocaine of the KCMO budget. 

The big question: Will voters stop hating on Johnson County long enough to save the resale value on their homes?  Will they wake up: their tax formula is horribly out of whack.  Now they have only ONE CHANCE to force the City Council to fix it.

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Tracy: Sly James Cleans Burke’s Clock in Final Great Debate

KCUR FM’s Steve Kraske finally found a sweet spot… 

He set off a few fireworks in an otherwise boring campaign with his final question in today’s mayoral debate.  In the form of a loaded softball; “Where do you take visitors when your friends come to visit KC?”

Despite months of coaching from consultant Mary O’Halloran, candidate Mike Burke swung limply with an answer straight out of a – yawn – Chamber of Commerce video.

“Well…the Plaza and the stadiums," Burke mumbled. "And I’m looking forward to the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.”

Next came attorney Sly James. 

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Tracy: Burke to Kraske, Read My Lips, No New Negatives

KC mayoral wannabe Mike Burke said he recalled negative TV ads against Sly James – he did not.

TV spots are the deadliest missiles in a political arsenal for tomorrow’s race for a new Mayor. Burke backer Jim Nutter reportedly was behind the negative ads, placed ON BURKE’S BEHALF. The ads showed up last Friday, claiming that James “has no backbone." 

Then in today’s final debate with Steve Kraske on KCUR-FM 89.3, Burke claimed he “requested the negative ads be pulled immediately–on Friday afternoon.”

Still those missiles continue to fly toward undecided voters.


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Tracy: KC Radio Great Mike Murphy’s Funeral–Into The Mystic

It was an afternoon and evening to remember… 

A reunion of old-guard Kansas City leadership – and not just radio people. A grand send-off to an iconic Kansas City personality who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Salvation Army and many other causes over his 46-year career.

Three Kansas City mayors attended; Charles Wheeler, Dick Berkley and Mark Funkhouser.

Mayoral candidate Mike Burke dropped by earlier for the visitation (and tacklly a staffer of his planted a huge Burke sign in the middle of the lawn at McGilley’s Chapel). 

Former KC mayor Kay Barnes did NOT attend.  Perhaps afraid she’d be chastised for her bogus enforcement of a century old ordinance banning livestock from KC streets. A manuever that drove Murphy’s famed Cattle Drive to its final resting place in the suburbs of Mission, Kansas.

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Tracy: KCTV Mayoral Debate; Sly James Mops Up Floor with Mike Burke

Even before the first question, Sly James scored the first basket..

He stepped out from the podium (that’s called breaking the 4th wall in theatre) and extended his hand to mayoral rival Mike Burke. It was the difference between an alpha male and a behind-the-scenes guy best at setting up the volleyball for someone else to spike. 

Score: James 1, Burke 0,  Game on.

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Tracy: Lord of the Dance’s Michael Flatley Falls Flat – Even in 3D

I so very much wanted to love this movie. Sorry…

I was excited to see Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance, in 3D. To see something besides those animated movies for adolescent boys that usually employ this medium.  And I was hoping for some behind-the-scenes documentary style revelations.

  None of which I got.

Flatley deserves praise for supporting Irish step dance, and making it a worldwide phenom for 14 years.  And his triumphant hometown return concert in Dublin was the subject of this movie. 

Blessedly, it will be a limited engagement.

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Tracy: KCMO Ad Agency Bangs Taxpayer-Funded Juco for $120k for New Logo

Bernstein-Rein Advertising has donated dozens of branding campaigns to local charities over the years…

Good for them.  So why are they hitting up Johnson County taxpayers for $120,000 to “rebrand” our crown jewel, Johnson County Community College? My question to Bob Bernstein, our venerated dean of advertising is –where’s the love, bro?

I know, I know, times are tough. 

And you took a hit on the mess known as West Village just off the Plaza.  It stands as a monument to extravagant architecture, runaway budgets and staredowns between local businessmen. It went into foreclosure and probably lost millions in that pissing match with J.E. Dunn Construction.  But why not donate your services to Juco?

Look, everybody knows Juco’s sunflower logo sucks. 

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Tracy: Did the Pitch sell out? Planned Expose of Political Hit Man Pat Gray Turns Puff Piece

In honor of election day today, let’s take a look at one of the town’s most feared, reviled and exhalted political operatives

And the hit piece alternative weekly the Pitch promised but failed to deliver on.

Naturally I’m talking about Pat Gray  – who I’ll wager prior to the Pitch story coming out – was shaking in his lizard Tony Lama cowboy boots there in his Leawood hacienda. But the supposed expose of arguably the biggest political rascal here since Tom Pendergast–turned out to be a fluff piece. A snoozer.

Too bad.

Turns out I was practically the only one willing to go on the record, exposing Gray as the conniving, devious campaign manager I believe him to be.  Everyone else (you know who you are) stayed off the record.

Which pretty much says it all.

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Tracy: Payback Time, Brownback to Kansas Arts Council; Get Lost!

Egypt deposed its pharaoh and now Kansas is having its own little revolution…

  I call it The Culture War. It may not be very bloody, but it’s clearly very, very bitchy.

My conservative friends are all playing it cool. Like John Malkovich in a drawing room drama. Complete with lace hankies and faux politeness. Faux, as in, foe!  And it’s delicious to watch! They’re all, “Gosh, we’re exceedingly sorry, but it had to be done. Hope you understand. We’ve set up an itty bitty back-up arts foundation – non-taxpayer funded – on the side. So don’t cry, it’s just a transfer.”

But everybody knows it’s not!

 It’s political hardball, baby.  Nobody thinks cutting $300,000 from the budget will fix anything. Drop in the bucket. 

This is all about retribution and revenge.

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CAR: Electric Car Dealer Don Kahan Headed to 79th & Metcalf in Overland Park!

Move over all you handicapped drivers hogging the primo parking spots at stores and businesses. 

Get ready to make way for charging stations for electric cars!!  Because drivers of green technology are likely to need priority parking near the buildings they visit so they can plug in to charging stations. 

Has the new Kauffman Performing Arts Center thought of this? How about St. Luke’s Arrowhead Stadium?  For $25 you can park, but for $35 you can recharge while you tailgate. 

Now for some breaking news on electric cars coming to Kansas City…

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Tracy: Don’t Believe Your Lyin’ Eyes, I Love Steve Rose

Actor Colin Firth played King George VI in “The King’s Speech.” 

He stammered.

Steve Rose plays Mr. Johnson County in two KC Star zoned editions on Wednesdays. 

He smirks.

Even for a guest columnist, a picture is worth a thousand words. So there he is, Mr. Smug, Steve Rose, finally writing for the Star, But only on Wednesdays, and only in two Johnson County zones.  Rose’s expression in the Star‘s mug shot reminds me MSNBC host Chris Matthews smirk.

So what pearls of wisdom did Rose’s kickoff columns impart?

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Tracy: New Overland Park City Manager Married to a Mad Housewife


Talk about the odd couple…

The photo of buttoned down new Overland Park city manager Bill Ebel in the Johnson County Sun gives the impression the city maybe hired a Brooks Brothers model. Ebel’s wife Theresa‘s Facebook pic on the other hand looks more like she’s running an ashram.

The point being, sometimes opposites attract. 

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Tracy: Star Wars; KC Star 1, Joco Sun Zippo

So Steve Rose bails on the setting Sun after penning a farewell column about his family’s 60 year history. 

Where does he go? Smack into the loving arms of his family’s hated arch rival, the dreaded KC Star. But only in the dullish pages of the lightly-read Johnson County Neighborhood News.  There are now two zoned editions in JoCo and  Rose’s column will not be in the Olathe news zone, (circ. 15,700). 

That despite half of Rose’s obsessions dealing with the County Commission, which meets in downtown Olathe.

(photo: Shawnee City Councilwoman Dawn Kuhn)

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Tracy: Mysterious Stranger Wows at Unicorn

There’s a new guy in town…

That would be actor Victor Rader-Wexler who appears now through Sunday in The Seafarer at the Unicorn Theatre at 3828 Main in Kansas City.

Rader-Wexler recently moved here with his two teenage girls. You may recognize him as the gloriously ironic “Voice of God” from multiple roles on Seinfeld,. As well as from Minority Report, the 2002 Steven Spielberg movie that starred Tom Cruise.

This play is so good that there’s but a single seat left for Saturday night.  but there are seats on Sunday for both the 3 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. shows. 

Don’t miss it!

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Tracy: Ripping Off Johnson Countians to Go Bye-Bye

As your Grandpa undoubtedly told you, never put all your eggs in a single basket…

KCMO currently receives a preposterous 40% of its revenue from the dreaded 1% earnings tax. Including a huge portion from folks who work in KCMO, but plop their heads down at night on downy pillows in JoCo. That’s about to change.   

Today, I predict voters will vote YES on Prop A.

So let’s hear it for St. Louis millionaire Rex Sinquefield who funded the petition drive to put Prop A on the ballot.  It will allow VOTERS to decide on future earnings taxes. Not pols kissing up to bureaucrats trying to protect their jobs.  

Elected officials love to be heroes on Other People’s Money.

I predict Prop A wins overwhelmingly, especially with Tea Party voters who are mad as hell.  



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