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Leftridge: How to Cater Your Super Bowl Party

Heads up—the Super Bowl is on Sunday. Bill Belichick and his Saggy Balled Boys will take on Marshawn “The Mute Madman” Lynch. Here are some things we know will likely happen: -The game will be terrible because theoretically, it SHOULD … Continue reading

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Leftridge: The Hubbub About Balls

SUPER BOWL SCANDAL! DEFLATIONGATE! BALLGHAZI! In case you’ve been somewhere under a rock—or, you know, not in front of a television or a computer or a newspaper or a radio for the past couple of days—here’s the biggest story in … Continue reading

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Glazer: Kansas City’s Forgotten World Series

Yes, it was unexpected… Kansas City Royals fans hoped the team could maybe get a wild card game. And then, perhaps even one playoff series before it all ended. Instead Kansas City was treated to a month of playoffs and a World Series … Continue reading

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New Jack City: Super Bowl Rock ‘n’ Roll Money Grab

What took the NFL so long? A story last week suggested that the NFL was looking into the possibility of having major musical acts interested in performing during the Super Bowl halftime show to pay for that privilege. And why not? It’s … Continue reading

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Leftridge: Let’s Just Play the Super Bowl, Already

The worst part about the Super Bowl isn’t when they trot out the washed-up and/or hardly appealing “stars” for the halftime show… Nor is it the desolate stretch of barren time between the conclusion of the conference championship games and … Continue reading

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Leftridge: There’s a Football Game Tomorrow, I Think

As far as football goes, this is the worst time of year. And just a day away from the Super Bowl, I know this seems to be an absurdly nonsensical statement, but it’s simple science, really: after the game is … Continue reading

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