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Sutherland: An Unresolved Dichotomy @ 18th & Grand

During the Cold War, analysts at the CIA would parse every word in the Soviet Union’s official newspaper, “Pravda,” and in the Red Chinese counterpart, “The People’s Daily.” This was to search for subtle shifts in meaning and emphasis in … Continue reading

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Hearne: Out-of-State American Royal Bigshots Muscle KC Council on Kemper

It’s high time somebody called bullshit on the American Royal… Seriously. Just because a handful of fat cat local businessmen think they can pull a good old boy style power play over on the Kansas City Council – despite a preponderance of evidence that … Continue reading

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Hearne: Star ‘Opinion’ Scribe Steve Paul Steps Up to the Plate

Bravo! Thumbs up to newly-minted Kansas City Star editorial page editor Steve Paul for his piece Sunday, “American Royal Needs to get Real on Kemper Issue.” I’ve known Steve for years and in short, he’s a brainy, artsy guy who isn’t really the … Continue reading

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