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Glazer: Stanford’s Reality Show Pilot Attains Liftoff

The LA folks busted their butts on the Stanford’s reality show pilot… Hey, I was impressed by their 20 man staff that went all out to get the goods on Stanford’s staff, my brother Jeff and I and all things Kansas City. Getting this … Continue reading

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Hearne: Showdown Between Lazlo / Glazer Leads to Entercom Building Ban

What goes around comes around… A long running grudge by 96.5 The Buzz afternoon drive host Lazlo – aka program director Scott Geiger – against Stanford’s owner Craig Glazer erupted last week and has resulted in Glazer being banned from Entercom offices. The details … Continue reading

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Hearne: Don’t Miss KC Confidential’s Christmas Wilding Wednesday @ Stanford’s

Brace yourselves… This year’s KC Confidential Christmas Wilding is about to unfold. Better and badder than ever, btw, in part because we’re shedding our in-town ways and holding the shindig in South Johnson County. That’s right, in the land of milk and honey where propped up two-income … Continue reading

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Hearne: Stanford’s Hire Chef, Books Opening Headliner

This just in from the coming-soon Stanford’s comedy club at 119th & Metcalf… All systems are go, but construction delays have pushed back the grand opening of the new restaurant and comedy club at Rosana Square in Overland Park to the second … Continue reading

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Hearne: Stanford’s to Swing for the Fences in Overland Park

What to expect late next month when Stanford & Sons returns to the big city? Quite a bit, actually, starting with real food! “Stanford’s will be a great lead in for what Shawn McClenny’s doing next-door at Fuel and Kanza Hall,” says Stanford’s … Continue reading

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Hearne: Stanford & Sons Last Stand (KCK Style)

It was the end of an era – a short one – but nonetheless an era… After just shy of eight years, Stanford & Sons comedy club at The Legends in KCK is no more. To commemorate the occasion I … Continue reading

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