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Hearne: Jock Sniffing Tom Brady & The ‘Border War”

Is there anything jock sniffers love more than hyperbole? Especially the sports media. If they can rile up the faithful by pissing them off or exaggerating to the tenth power, 9 times out of 10 they’ll rock with it. Even normally clear … Continue reading

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Hearne: Editors Weigh Uncertain Future of The Kansas City Star

No two ways about it, the situation is grim at 18th and Grand… That’s where the dedicated men and women of the Kansas City Star are hard at it, fighting the good fight on behalf of the written word. A handful of years … Continue reading

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Hearne: The Case for KU-Wichita State Not Being a Rivalry

If there’s one thing sportswriters are good at, it’s pocket pool… In a manner of speaking. Because day in, day out they have lots of time to feign high drama and provocative insight for the jock sniffers of the world. … Continue reading

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Hearne: Star’s Mellinger Trips on St. Louis Rams Column

Journalists love it when people critique their stories by sniping, “Slow news day!” Meaning of course, the writer must have been truly bored to have choked out something so disinteresting and mundane. Sometimes readers play that card because they disagree with or simply … Continue reading

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Hearne: Facing Up to the Bitter Realities of Royals Baseball

In the end, didn’t we all know better? Coming back after a Rip Van Winkle coma is no small thing, and even people like me who had moved on with their lives leaving Major League Baseball in the distant rearview mirror were charmed by … Continue reading

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Hearne: Woe Be to the KC Star if it Loses Sam Mellinger

In journalism – as in most businesses – everybody is is expendable… In the case of the Kansas City Star, one need only flash back six years to when frontline columnists Joe Posnanski, Jason Whitlock and myself were practically the face of the … Continue reading

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Hearne: Catching Up On KC’s Not So Merry Media-Go-Round

So many axed and/or out-of-work journalists, so little time… Kansas City and Lawrence’s Wheel of Misfortune has been turning at a good clip in the media ranks and I’m overdue on weighing in on some of those happenstances, so let’s rectify that … Continue reading

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