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Sutherland: History Doesn’t Repeat Itself, But It Does Rhyme!

  The foregoing quote is attributed to Mark Twain… I’ve always understood it to mean that some events reoccur in history with spooky similarity, even though they are not exactly alike in all the particulars. See if you can tell … Continue reading

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Hearne: $6 Million Walnuts ‘Mausoleum’ to be Auctioned

Think of it as wretched excess… Remember the Beverly Hillbillies television show? Where an unassuming family of hillbillies discovers oil, then drives their run down jalopy to a spiffy, new mansion in Beverly Hills, California. Dream come true, huh? Well, right now Kansas City’s … Continue reading

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Sutherland: The Kansas Moderate Old Guard Meets Its Waterloo

The most elite unit in Napoleon’s army was the “Old Guard.”  Its members were the longest serving veterans and those with the fiercest loyalty to the Emperor.  Last weekend I went to an event where the Old Guard of the … Continue reading

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