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Murphy: Rick’s Rambling Sports Ramblings, Glass Bash, Thigpen et al.

 After all these years the Chiefs have yet to figure out how to hold a press conference…

Here’s how it typically goes. Reporter: "Coach, waa waaa (static) waa (more undiscernable words)."  It sounds like the adults in a Charlie Brown special. 

Then you hear Coach Haley say: "You’re correct–that is what we’re doing, and we plan to continue doing that." 

Can someone please give the media a mic so we can hear what they’re asking?


I was going to say that the Philadelphia Eagles are going to be the Miami Heat of the NFL. But about 5,000 other sports writers are saying  the same thing.  So let’s just say they won’t be Super Bowl winners.


Former Chiefs quarterback Tyler Thigpen has reunited with former Chiefs coach Chan Gailey in Buffalo. Tyler signed a three year deal and will be given the chance to earn the starting position. He had six teams interested in him. Biggest shocker being the Vikings, who were actually planning on making him starting quarterback.  When they couldn’t land Thigy they went with second choice Donovan McNabb.  

Do these teams know something the Chiefs didn’t?

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Murphy: Recognizing the Joy in Sports Sadness

There’s no crying in baseball, allegedly…

When’s the last time something in sports touched you?  I’m not talking about making you scream or unleash an end zone dance after a touchdown. Nor am I talking about a boneheaded throw by the quarterback that made you want to kick in your TV screen you we so pissed.

I’m talking about where you were so moved it was impossible to contain your emotions.

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Murphy: My Top 10 Questions for This Year’s Chiefs & Bagging on Kevin Harlan

I’m a list guy – I like lists… 

In high school I remember reading The Book Of Lists.  Lists are great because they put things in perspective.  Everyone has their own list.  Here’s my list of 10 questions that I want the Chiefs training camp to answer.

1-Do the Chiefs have a back up quarterback?  I heard I believe Kevin Harlan say that statistics show at least 50% of starting quarterbacks will miss at least one game.  I hope one of these young guys step up.  Tyler Palko is saying all the right things and seems very mature for his age.   But I’d feel far more comfortable if we had a veteran behind Matt Cassell.

Speaking of Harlan.  I really enjoy listening to his insight but I lost respect for him during the lockout because he was so over the top in his support of owners. I get that they provide income for him but he was just a mouthpiece.

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Murphy’s Law: Speaking of Sports; Breaking Rules, Boosting Babes, Busting Hall

My first column on KC Confidential (and maybe my last) and I’m about ready to break four rules…


  1. Rule One.  Don’t talk about the former person in the position. Folks don’t want to be reminded he’s gone.  Unlike me the new writer, the old writer has a body of work to show his talents.  I got zip.  So I should just pretend he never existed.
  2. Rule Two.  Don’t say anything negative about a a well-liked and now deceased public figure. I think the reasons for this rule are self explanatory. The person was well liked. The person is now dead.  Nothing to be gained by saying anything negative.
  3. Rule Three.  Don’t talk about fringe sports. That makes sense. When it comes to professional sports we’re pretty much a two team town.  As a writer you want people to read what you write.  So why write about a sport that has low interest?
  4. Rule Four.  NEVER say anything negative about a female’s physical appearance.  Especially if that female is a well liked local athlete. Actually this is a pretty good rule of thumb for life in general and not just for writing on a website. But it doesn’t make sense that we can write about how hot Anna Kornikova is but how unattractive other athletes are. Weren’t Dennis Rodman and Scotty Pippen two of the ugliest men ever to be on the same team?

But as previously stated, I’m going to break some rules.

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