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Steele: Has the KC Star Ceased to be Ridiculous?

For the last few days at least, the Kansas City Star has not sent out in its daily email blast an article scolding Kansas Governor Sam Brownback for some imagined offense… Had someone told the editors their Brownback mania was … Continue reading

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Steele: The Importance of Being Chelsea (@ UMKC)

UMKC hasn’t gotten this much national attention since the Bloch School was busted for goosing up its ratings… The Star threw the doors open on that scandal. This latest one took the Washington Post. I doubt if Star editors saw anything … Continue reading

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Steele: But He Was Such a ‘Caring, Beautiful’ Jihadi!

It turns out that Nadir Soofi – one of the two ISIS-inspired jihadis who hoped to kill scores of people at the inaugural Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest – has a local connection… His father and stepmother live in Kansas … Continue reading

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Steele: The Star’s Odd Take on Terrorism

Having milked the Bishop Finn resignation for every merciless drop, and having no new 30-year-old altar boy scandals to embellish, The Star has returned to its one true love, domestic terrorism… No, we’re not talking about the fact that the … Continue reading

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Steele: Why Did Anti-Sprint Tweet Become The Star’s Top Story?

About that dustup over Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure‘s use of the king’s English… Apparently, Brett Schulte, an LA-based social media consultant that no one had ever heard of, tweeted the following:  “I think they meant @marceloclaure for an MVNO. He’s so … Continue reading

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Steele: Why Bishop Finn Had to Go

Allow me to put my biases out in the open… Bishop Robert Finn is quite possibly the saintliest man I have ever met. He is everything a good bishop should be: kind, wise, prudent, and faithful. The kind, wise, and prudent … Continue reading

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Steele: Why Is KC Subsidizing Protest Movements?

On Friday, April 24, if you have nothing better to do and you’d like a free lunch courtesy of Kansas City taxpayers, the place to be is the Sheraton Hotel at Crown Center… The official theme of the symposium is … Continue reading

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Steele: Kansas City Star Had Rape Story Problems Too

Rolling Stone magazine caught considerable and justified heat for a story of a gang rape at the University of Virginia that was implausible on its face and unverifiable in all its preposterous details… As Newsweek reports, the tale of the … Continue reading

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Steele: Is KC City Council Being Paid by Kansas?

Dang! I was hoping to vote against Jermaine Reed for KC City Council, but as he is an in-district candidate in the 3rd District, I won’t get the chance. Maybe I’ll just show up over there and vote anyhow. I’ll … Continue reading

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Hearne: Shelly’s ‘Frankenstein’ Routine Getting Old @ Star

To be honest, I don’t spend much time pouring over what’s left of the Kansas City Star opinion section… Never did really. Except in the early 1990s when writers like Yael Abouhalkah loomed fairly large in helping shape local political opinion – or so … Continue reading

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Steele: KC Super Wins Best In State…Seriously

Sad but true: The Missouri Association of School Administrators has named Kansas City Public Schools Superintendent R. Stephen Green “it’s (sic) 2015 Pearce Award winner.” Bad enough is the glaring grammatical error in the second sentence of the press release … Continue reading

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Steele: Keep the Sewer Flowing but Lower the Fecal Count

Columnist Tom Friedman of the New York Times once opined, “The Internet is an open sewer of untreated, unfiltered information, left, right, center, up, down, and requires that kind of filtering by anyone.” And that is its beauty. In what may … Continue reading

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Steele: Tom Schweich Suicide — What Really Happened

I’d expected to vote for Tom Schweich for Missouri governor in 2016… Although I had met Schweich only briefly, I knew his likely Democratic opponent, Chris Koster, halfway well, and I liked the contrast: dweeby straight arrow vs. blow-dried sleazeball. … Continue reading

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Steele: Book of Mormon or Book of Hypocrisy?

The Star’s Robert Trussell is the rare reviewer to understand the historical significance of the musical, “Book of Mormon,” playing through March 8 at the Music Hall… “Had the revered composers of shows we now consider to be part of … Continue reading

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Steele: But With Whom Will Michael Sam Be Dancing?

In December, readers of TMZ were treated to the shocking headline, “I’m Not in the NFL Because I’m Gay,” so insinuated former Missouri star defensive end Michael Sam… “I think I was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year last … Continue reading

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Steele: A Nation of Jasons, Kander to Challenge Blunt

Starting about 40 or so years ago, upwardly mobile Americans of all races, creeds, and political persuasions got it into their collective heads that they would be the first people on their block to name a son, Jason… “Jason” quickly … Continue reading

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Steele: Underpaid Missouri Principal Breaks Bad

If the case of former Hannibal elementary school principal Joshua “JD” Foust is indicative, Missouri educators are surely in need of a raise… According to the 2012 listings, Foust, now 33, was making only $65,000 a year as principal of … Continue reading

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Steele: Great Plains Mall Wins 2015 “Best Alibi” Award

To the disappointment of almost no one, Olathe’s Great Mall of the Great Plains is closing after 18 futile years… If the mall management did nothing right during those years, they announced the closing with an industrial strength excuse. First, the … Continue reading

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Steele: Yippee! MARC Wins ‘Major Award’

Sometimes you don’t know whether to loathe the people involved in these scams or just feel sorry for them… President Obama has reached out to Kansas City to name MARC, the Mid-America Regional Council, one of this year’s “Climate Action … Continue reading

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Steele: The Truth About Kansas Found in the Driest of Places

Quite possibly the least ideological—and least sexy—publication in North America is the “Purchasing Economy Survey Report” produced by Creighton University… Now unless some deep operative from the Sam Brownback administration bought the editors’ cooperation with promises of new farm implements, … Continue reading

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