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Hearne: Glenwood Arts & Leawood Movie Theaters to Close

This is a little complicated, but you guys can handle it… On January 25th the Glenwood Arts Theatre – in what’s left of the Metcalf South shopping mall – will go for a dirt nap. While the exact future of the historic, but mostly … Continue reading

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Hearne: Glenwood Arts Movieplex Soon to be Homeless

Was a time Overland Park’s Glenwood Theatre was Kansas City’s grandest movie theater…  A long time actually, because for or34 years until it’s closing in 2001 the Glenwood was hailed by many as Kansas City’s finest. Originally a one holer with a … Continue reading

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Hearne: The Case for Not Tearing Down Metcalf South

Full Disclosure: Wade Williams definitely has a dog in this fight… The writer-producer-director-exhibitor who owns the largest independent library of science-fiction film rights, distributes his product worldwide and also lives in Kansas City, is the checkbook behind the Fine Arts Theatre … Continue reading

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