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Star beams: Kelly Urich Returns With a Vengeance

Remember when the only reason April baseball was exciting if you made it through the month without having your favorite player traded?       ******* Remember when the Royals only got runs when they ate too much dairy?   … Continue reading

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Valentine: Our Hope Lost

A mostly White America elected its first black president… Remember the term “post-racial?” It was our hope. Six years later, racial tensions are higher than before President Obama took office. “Hands up.  Don’t shoot.” It has become a national protest slogan … Continue reading

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Sutherland: Dwight D. Administers a Little Corporal Punishment to You-Know-Who

We’ve seen a masterful exposition of expertise on the Middle East in response to my post on George Packer‘s appearance at UMKC re ISIS and Mark Valentine‘s post on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress… I’m speaking, of course, … Continue reading

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Valentine: Netanyahu Visit Unmasks Petty Congressional Politics

Who do they really represent ? Washington was abuzz over Israel prime minister Netanyahu. He came to speak against the deal with Iran. He was invited by the Congress, not the White House. And his speech contained elements that were stark and … Continue reading

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Steele: Some Questions for Kris Ketz to Ask Obama

Score one for KMBC 9 News… On Thursday, anchor Kris Ketz will interview President Barack Obama at the White House and report live from Washington all-day Thursday on Channel 9. It should be a real snooze fest, unless Ketz asks … Continue reading

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Hearne: Here’s Why Barack Crashed @ Lawrence’s Holiday Inn

The reason President Obama stayed at the Lawrence Holiday Inn? It’s really quite simple, he had no choice. With an entourage of more than 100 people, no way could arguably ritzier hotels like the historic Eldridge in downtown Lawrence (48 rooms) or … Continue reading

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New Jack City: Obama Slums It @ Holiday Inn Lawrence

Perception is everything… But President Obama overnighting at the Holiday Inn during his visit to Lawrence? Give me a break. Was it the indoor pool at the Holidome? The daily housekeeping, the self-laundry facilities, ATM or limited fitness center that … Continue reading

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Steele: Do Black Lives Really Matter in Missouri?

The Kansas City Star reports rather matter-of-factly that for the fourth time in the last five years, Missouri led the nation in the percentage of its black citizens who were victims of homicide… Quick: name two black people in the … Continue reading

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Glazer: The Dismantling of the Bill Cosby We Thought We Knew

Actor/comedian Bill Cosby was the modern day Bob Hope… From the late 1960’s through the 1990’s it was all Bill. His comedy albums were a must in the early 70’s. His hit television series “I Spy” in the mid-1960s was a trendy, … Continue reading

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Valentine: Cracking The Political Code

Words take on different meanings when politicians use them… Sometimes it’s a clever twist meant to put on a better face. Pro-Life sounds so much better than Anti-Abortion. And Pro-Choice sounds much better than Pro-Abortion. Sometimes the official words seem disconnected … Continue reading

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Valentine: Why Not Call It, The Seinfeld Election?

The talking heads love the Seinfeld comparison… It is hard to find issues in any of the campaign ads. They’re all  about nothing.  Over $4 billion spent on invisible issues. On the other hand, it’s easy to understand. Democrats have … Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: The Naiveté of Ebola & Our Military

Concerning the Ebola crisis… I use the word crisis because if President Obama is canceling appearances at fundraising events to meet about a problem it must be a CRISIS! Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Chief Thomas Frieden danced like a politician avoiding … Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: Will Obama’s Legacy Hurt Future Minority Presidential Candidates?

President Obama’s in an unwinnable position… He’s boxed himself into a corner from which he cannot escape. Because if he sends ground troops to fight ISIS his legacy will be destroyed and the Democratic Party will not win in the upcoming elections.  Yet to … Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: Can Allies Insure a Stable Middle East?

What’s the real value of getting Middle Eastern countries to help to fight Isis? That’s the obvious question now that Secretary of State John Kerry says the USA has 40 nations that have agreed to contribute to the fight against ISIS. And while Saudi … Continue reading

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Lefsetz: ‘U2’s Manager Responds to Backlash: If You Don’t Like This Gift, Delete It’ 

Speaking of tone deaf scumbags… The spam problem is all over the news – I have to delete hundreds of messages a day – but when U2 does it it’s legitimate. Ugh. It’s almost like the band doesn’t live in the … Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: President Obama Decides to Use Some ‘Calvin Sense”

Does everybody realize President Obama must be reading KC Confidential? I bet even Hearne didn’t realized how many powerful people visit this site. Below are excerpts from some of my previous postings which the President in his speech about ISIS said he … Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: Fundamental Politics & Ferguson, Mo.

Class is in session… The President has delayed issuing executive orders concerning the immigration issue, stating he needs more time to figure out what to do. Obviously the real reason is President Obama doesn’t want the Democrats to suffer in the … Continue reading

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Starbeams: ‘Slawgate’ @ The Uptown & Timberlake Upstages Prez

I think we all learned about one pressing issue facing the nation from President Obama during his visit to Kansas City:  If you want slaw, never show up late to Arthur Bryant’s.                     … Continue reading

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New Jack City: Obama Disappoints with Paint-By-Numbers Approach

Am I missing something here? With the world situation in total turmoil the President heads to Kansas City to give a – what – rah-rah speech? Not about sanctions against Russia, Israel, the Gaza Strip, the shot down Malaysian aircraft—just … Continue reading

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Starbeams: Obama @ The Uptown Wednesday, Fox 4 Fox Kerri Stowell Takes a Fall

  President Obama will be at the Uptown in Kansas City this Wednesday. His staff has yet to inform him the Uptown is not a golf course.                           … Continue reading

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