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I packed my carry-on with all the catalogues of the 2010 swim season and nearly broke my arm transporting it home.

Miami is amazing to me. I am a people watcher and South Beach is a rainbow of self-entitled beasts and beauties. Seersucker tailored rhinos and brown swans in pale dresses swagger down the street in soft herds. Breathtaking decadence knocks the wind out of me, and I stand in line for the next punch. Continue reading

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Peregrine: Urban Delight Tonight at West Eighteenth Fashion Show

I wonder if anyone has ever turned to designer Vivienne Westwood and asked of her fashion show, “What

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Peregrine: Working Around the Bills

First Friday stories are endless and categorized by the idiotic or generous behavior of the general public.

Danielle Meister has taken on her role as junior partner at Birdies and she has begun to recognize patterns and catch phrases with customers. Over mussels at Pizzabella, she quips, Continue reading

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Peregrine on Baby Butts…Nuff said?

My mother-in-law, Judy, has a great sense of humor. She has been in retail forever so we always swap stories. Mark and I suggested family breakfast at the Bluebird Cafe because Walt Bodine and Gina Kaufman had seduced us with … Continue reading

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Peregrine on Panties: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell? No Way!

In the beginning… Mike Miller left the Pitch to start an independent art publication in 1997. He asked me to name it, make a cover, and produce a monthly image with text. I was hanging out in Cincinnati, Ohio with … Continue reading

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