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Moriarty: Life After K2; Smoking the New (Legal) SYN

I knew for months that my wife would be out of town for a week this October, but for some stupid reason I procrastinated buying more pot and wound up in an empty house with a wad of cash and no chronic.

Just like the Fabulous Freak Brothers said: Continue reading

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Review: Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zeros at the Beaumont Club

Think of it as a world class, southern revival lounge act…

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros preached to a packed – but not capacity – crowd at the Beaumont Club Saturday for 96.5 The Buzz’s annual Halloweenie Roast.  A handful of concertgoers went all out and costumed up along with two female band members who sported fake mustaches for a song or two.

You know who Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros are, right?

They have that one great, infectious hit song on the NFL commercial (“Home”), and that other one on that car commercial (“Janglin”).

The band consists of two guitars, two keyboards, bass, two percussionists, a trumpet, an occasional accordion, and of course, Mr. Sharpe himself (a.k.a. Alex Ebert) who usually plays a tambourine against his chest.

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Back Talk: Go Ask Alice, Gallagher’s Crotch, Kietzman’s Wallet, Fair Weather Football Fans, Contraband Fruit & Welcome to Vaginaville

Not everyone has time to go back and catch every comment. Let alone the gems that show up in a category they may not regularly read… To that end, we present to you, a collection of our greatest hits:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ***

"I had always heard what I thought was (sub)urban legend, that Alice Cooper attended a party at that house on the cliff overlooking I-70. Of course, those stories also included satanic ritual, drinking of blood, etc. Nice to know the real story. I had thought of that recently as AC was playing so near that location." *** hernia christopherson

*******       *******

"You can learn a lot about a person by how he chooses, who he roots for. If you can change your allegiance from one rival school to another, you’re a piece of shit, plain and simple."   *** Dr. Beeper


"Weston’s AppleFest is a joke. Went there a couple years ago wanting to buy a fresh apple fritter and some fresh local apple cider. No fritter stands to be found, and the only apple cider was from Louisburg, KS. I’ll be Goddamned if I buy cider made over in Kansas at a town in Missouri’s apple festival. Needless to say, I haven’t been back since. Fuck Weston MO, and fuck their shitty AppleFest."    *** Eric

*******       *******

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Comment of the Day: Keeping KC Confidential Honest (to the extent possible)

“No red on campus? No cherry Kool-Aid, barbequed ribs, redbeans and rice, and watermelon on the dinner table? You ain Continue reading

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Comment of the Day: You Name It, We Got It!

“I hope Mangino didn

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Thomas: Moore Backs Out of Debate for Congress on KCPT

To debate or not to debate, that is the question…

Funded by her husband’s Pelosi-powered war chest, Democrat Stephane Moore is running for Congress in Johnson, Wyandotte and Douglas counties on November 2nd.

Moore hopes to replace her mysteriously absent-from-the-scene husband, Kansas congressman Dennis Moore. Channel 19/KCPT and the Kansas City Star have agreed to host and air a televised debate with her opponent, prominent, budget-cutting Republican, Kevin Yoder.

But now Moore is playing games with the rules.

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Thomas: Joco Sun to Readers; Pay Up or We’ll Shut Up

To paraphrase Ernest Hemingway, The Sun also sets…

And in the case of the Sun Newspapers, it looks like it’s about to set on a an unspecified number folks living in the wilds of Johnson County, Kansas. Because after 60 years of distributing its weekly newspapers free-of-charge (if you don’t count the panhandling platoons of school kids the Sun used to enlist for door-to–door guilt tripping), some Sun readers are now being asked to pay up or the Sun says it will shut up.

"Dear Sun Reader," begins an August 20th letter from co-publisher Steve Rose, son of Sun founder, Stan Rose. "Due to significant proposed postage increases for newspapers, we regret we must ask you to make a choice. You can continue to receive The Johnson County Sun for $19.95 per year (38 cents per issue) or $24.95 for two years (24 cents per issue)."

Severe consequences await Sun spotters who opt not to ante up.

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Pretty in Pink: Win Free Tix to Psychedelic Furs at The Well in Waldo!

The year is 1986…

The movie, a Continue reading

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Glazer Guest Shot: Smoking Hot Summer Simmers Sans Strippers at Woodside

Finally, it’s here… summer!

Its been a long, cold winter and I spent four entire days getting it out of my system at the Woodside pool. I’ll get to Continue reading

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Glazer Guest Shot: God Save the Strip Clubs!

I think most of us can agree getting rid of all the strip clubs in Kansas City and the state of Missouri is Continue reading

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Joe Miller Flashback: The Steve Glorioso Files

The following story ran in the KC Downtowner and is reprinted with the permission of author Joe Miller:

The Glorioso Emails: Portrait of a City Hall Troublemaker

The overwhelming majority of Kansas Citians think the politicos at City Hall fight too much and that it Continue reading

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Glazer Guest Shot: Love/Hate Affair with King of Kings, Johnny Dare

Nobody has ever ruled this city’s air waves like the crowned king of radio and all media, Johnny Dare.

There is no argument on this one. Kevin Kietzman, Larry Moore, Jason Whitlock – none of them have even close to the insane following of the Rock 98.9 FM’s Pied Piper of the Masses. Dare’s been No. 1 in morning radio (and for that matter all radio) for ten years now. He’s got monster ratings and has always been number one in the market here. Continue reading

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Glazer Guest Shot: Society Spoils Studs

We all admire the amazing ability of today’s great sports figures.

They are our modern day heros, warriors, gladiators. And of course, football rules the roost as the number one sport in the nation. Followed by basketball.


Young boys and men, fantasize about being quarterback in the super bowl or sinking a buzzer beater in the NCAA Tourney during a March Madness final. We want to be them. Women see the athletes as super studs, often handsome and built like Greek gods. In them we see ourselves as the best we can be.

Is that really true? In many ways no, but it’s our dream, our vision of greatness and fame. And with success in these sports comes money, fame and tons of sex with hotties. That’s the real reason young men want to be a sports star. Continue reading

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Guest Shot: Glazer re Rise & Fall of KC Nightlife

Seems like just a few years back I was a young night life dude, cruising hot bars owned by high-profile club owners…

The first was the most controversial; Butch Carmen Civella’s club Continue reading

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Craig Glazer: Tiger Not Jackson, Jordan

So why is Tiger Woods held to a higher standard then any other celebrity?


That said, White America accepted him as…”WHITE”. I know he is of mixed ethnicity like the president, but for the most part he is considered black. Like the president. Continue reading

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Glazer: Comments King Weighs in on Tiger, Cheech, DUI

The truth is fairly simple: Tiger Woods will be bigger and richer than ever before – no doubt about it…

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Meet Mr. Twitter: They Tweet, he Bleats & issues the Heat

The KCTwitic follows and critiques the Twitter messages from public figures in the Kansas City area, so you don’t have to.

Check it:

DanaKCTV5 you think my shampoo is weird? pisano keeps a full pedicure set in the mens’ dressing room.
DanaKCTV5 also. someone at work STOLE MY SHAMPOO over the weekend. it turned up in the breakroom FREEZER. very funny.!!!!!!!
DanaKCTV5 just learned we’re getting a gunea pig. any bets on how long we can keep ‘taffy’ with us? kids’ track record not so great in that regard.

KCTwitic: Grammatical and spelling errors aside, KCTV5’s Dana Wright has some of the more entertaining (albeit pointless) Tweets around. Too many local newsies send out regurgitated retweets of whatever breaking “news” their station is currently covering. Wright, on the other hand, lets us know about various newsroom pranks and her children’s inability to care for small, domesticated rodents. Definitely more interesting than the latest car jacking in Midtown.

JoCo_Emergency Our Facebook page can now be viewed at … Come be a fan!

KCTwitic: As much as I am a fan of government entities embracing social media, I’m not so sure about this one. Is it OK to be a fan of Johnson County emergencies? I mean, the next time a tornado wipes out a Kansas trailer park, should I click Facebook’s thumbs-up, “I like this” link? Continue reading

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Dale: Photog Channels Rednecks, Crime Queens & XXX

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