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NG: Staying Neutral While Dodging Blahs

This fall neutrals are the must have colors of the season. This color frenzy has been seen all across designer runway shows and has trickled down to our closets. In the past neutrals were mostly considered safe and boring, but with many celebs and designers diving in and reviving the neutral pallets these colors have now gained the “It factor” recognition. How do we wear these colors without falling into the blah section?

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NG: Spill the Wine; Banana Republic’s Grand Opening on the Plaza

The opening party for the new Banana Republic location on the Plaza hosted a great crowd. This grand new store is boasted to be one of the best and largest in the country, and rightly so.

There were many familiar faces and some new editions to my list of “Fabulous KC” hob knobbing and enjoying the extravagant ambiance. Pedestals elevated models sporting the signature BR looks. Lots of knit cardigans, blouses, pencil skirts and sparkly adornments (otherwise known as jewelry) were easy on the eyes and with a 30% off discount, also easy on the wallet!

Half a glass of white wine is my limit but I couldn’t help myself when someone asked if I wanted a refill. Thank goodness I left before my third glass or there would have been a problem!

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NG: A Night called Fashion by Standard Style Boutique

Where were all the fabulous people on Thursday night in KCMO?

At the Views fashion show, of course! The Views fashion show, hosted by Standard Style Boutique, lived up to all its hype. Amazing weather and a rooftop setting were two of the ingredients for its success.

VIP seating cascading down along both sides of the long runway accommodated the elite and beautiful of this city. Bright light fixtures illuminated the darkened surroundings giving us fashion hounds the ability to seek out and scan all the in-crowd trends (and blunders).

Which I would have to say might have even been better than the show itself.

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NG: New town/New fashion

Being from NYC, a pastime for a girl like me is reviewing the trendy threads of women that I see around town…

Trend starters and women that look like they’ve gotten high on Vogue or Nylon magazine quench my never ending fashion appetite. Few are these beauties in the Midwest but  I’ve had the opportunity to see such rarities strutting it on the streets of KCMO. I love that even in the Midwest there are women that LIVE , LOVE FASHION.

These risk takers in my opinion  – since fashion is not on the No. 1 to-do list of the majority of women in this region –  have earned the coveted title of FASHIONISTAS.

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