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Hearne: Jock Sniffing Tom Brady & The ‘Border War”

Is there anything jock sniffers love more than hyperbole? Especially the sports media. If they can rile up the faithful by pissing them off or exaggerating to the tenth power, 9 times out of 10 they’ll rock with it. Even normally clear … Continue reading

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Hearne: Boonville a Vacation Destination, Seriously?

Boonville, Missouri a vacation destination? No way, trust me – I’ve vacationed there (if you wanna call it that) – more than once even. Yet here comes Smithsonian Magazine positioning Boonville up there alongside legit small town getaways like Nantucket, Massachusetts, Stuart, Florida, … Continue reading

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Hearne: Reading between the Lines @ 18th & Grand

“Running a newspaper can be a rough business.” So begins a story last week by Eric Adler in the Kansas City Star. Understatements aside, it’s a tale of another area newspaper, not the newspaper of record in Kansas City. Hey, it’s a lot easier to pin the tail … Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: Check Out 2004 Movie ‘Crash’ While Awaiting Ferguson Verdict

Like everyone else, I’m waiting to hear the grand jury decision concerning the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri…  After the decision is announced I’ll post the real results of what the decision means.  Hopefully the decision will be reached … Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: Fundamental Politics & Ferguson, Mo.

Class is in session… The President has delayed issuing executive orders concerning the immigration issue, stating he needs more time to figure out what to do. Obviously the real reason is President Obama doesn’t want the Democrats to suffer in the … Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: “Let’s Bomb Everything & Let God Sort it Out”

General Curtis LeMay had the right idea during the Vietnam War… And in my opinion, LeMay’s thoughts on bombing enemies are applicable today where ISIS is concerned. There’s just no justification by anybody with any Common Sense for not bombing ISIS, a group … Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: Can Death of ‘Strong-Arm’ Robber Michael Brown Lead to Positive Change?

There are lessons to be learned from Ferguson, Missouri… No one can put themselves inside the mind of another person, but the actions of that person can provide a pretty good window into their mind set… Because basically, actions don’t … Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: Police Bias Exists, Even in Kansas City

A few bad eggs in the police force can make things escalate in a bad way… That a handful of police have demonstrated bias in policing is not imaginary. Most minorities know that even if a police officer follows the … Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: Where Were the Cries to Stop the Looting in Ferguson?

As seen in the photos of Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton in Ferguson, they can have the effect of making people very enthusiastic, dedicated and willing to make sacrifices in the fight against racism… However a gift like that is a double … Continue reading

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Hearne: Lefsetz Unmasks Twitter, Laments Passing of Shared Knowledge

Like many of you, I’ve got friends who swear by Facebook and Twitter… I’ve also got friends who haven’t a clue. Stomper?. And like me, many of you probably passed through those portals a few years ago – I’ve got … Continue reading

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Starbeams: Dumb Ways to Say ‘Missouri,” Virgin Kid Corral & Robin Williams

  I’m traveling to Ferguson, Missouri this weekend to protest…Governor Jay Nixon saying Missouruh, instead of Missouri.                                               … Continue reading

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