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Farmer: Official Guide to Being Rich in KC and Not Giving a F

A tongue in cheek primer on how to live well in a flyover state. Why are rich people so miserable? Maybe it’s because the skull of a jaywalking child dented the quarter panel on their Audi A8. Or perhaps because … Continue reading

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Farmer: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start – KCC’s Guide to the Best Video games under $25.34

With all the major game systems having been out for years now and Christmas months away, consumers are seeing video game prices drop to unprecedented lows… That’s a win for gamers who wish to round out their collections, consumers looking … Continue reading

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One Moment of Your Time, Please—The KC Confidential Guide to a 95 Degree Super Flea

Ol’ Skip Sleyster went to the great swap meet in the sky, but his Super Flea Swap & Shop lives on...

Located in the historic Northeast section, the Super Flea offers bargains, knockoffs and barely legal items for area bargain hunters. Porte de Vanves in Paris, LA’s Slauson Super Mall and Kobey’s Swap Meet in San Diego may be the best in the biz, but the Super Flea holds its own. 

The Paris and San Diego’s swap meets are outdoors, but KC’s is laid out like the infamous Slauson.

Super Flea is housed in an old storage warehouse errected by Aaron Montgomery Ward.  Various vendor stalls occupy the sprawling and dizzying layout. The warehouse lacks A/C but box fans make the experience bearable, so be prepared to sweat for your deals. 

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