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Katie: No Lie, ‘Badass’ Alice Cooper Delivers the Goods @ Midland by AMC

We sent ace photographer Katie Grogan out into the trenches over the weekend to check out the freak show going down at the Midland

Sure, Alice Cooper is old enough to be her granddad, but in order to appreciate the new, you’ve got to understand the classics, right?  And Alice has been reaching out to younger generations for years, playing at Bonnaroo last week and incorporating a Lady Gaga cover into his set, of all things. 

Reviews have been positive across the board, almost every one of them mentioning the fact that Alice can still bring it with gusto.  Just as KC Confidential‘s Brian McTavish found in Cooper’s show here three years back.

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McPansy: Jane’s Addiction at the Uptown Theater, March 16, 2012

Friday night’s Jane’s Addiction show at the Uptown Theater saw KCC‘s photog/music fanatic Katie Grogan soaking in some good ol’ 90s alt rock. 

Though Jane’s peaked as a band a decade (or two?) back, a solid crowd turned out to catch Perry Farrell‘s shaman act.

Here’s what Katie had to say about it, and some pics of what it looked like…

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Donnelly/ Grogan: AWOLNATION @ The Beaumont in KC, January 22, 2012

If any of you guys were brave enough to make it out to the Beaumont on Sunday, you would have seen KCC photog Katie Grogan elbowing her way through sweaty dudes in the chops to hold her position up near the front.

And you would have seen AWOLNATION, a band that is gaining some real momentum among the alt-rock crowd, with its electronic infused party thrash that’s getting copious airplay on stations like 96.5 the Buzz and the like.

Word is they tore the roof off the Beaumont Club in front of a near sold out crowd.  But don’t take my word for it, I wasn’t there.  Hear’s how Katie put it, and check out a few of her shots of the band after the jump…

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Matt & Katie: The Night The Buzz Stole Christmas & 311 at Midland by AMC 12/6/11


Night two of 96.5 the Buzz’s XXX-Mas bash at the Midland featured headliner 311

When confronted with 311, most people fall into one of two groups; the people who absolutely love the band, love their evolution from alternative to rap-rock, to funk, to pop rock and own at least two 311 T-shirts, one of which is dark blue with the band’s logo in silver on the chest.   

Then there’s the other group…

The people who kind of like some of 311’s more melodic songs, like a lot of the stuff off of Transistor, but feel like they will have to kill again if subjected to 311’s biggest commercial hit, 1995’s “Down.”

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Matt & Katie: Matt & Kim @ The Buzz Christmas Show at The Midland 12/7/11

Having just two people in their band has served Matt & Kim pretty well thus far…

There are lots of benefits if you think about it.

First off, you only have to split the gig check with one other person. Second, less is more.  So the band’s stripped down dance punk doesn’t have to try and be complex or anything.

Which kinda takes the pressure off.

In fact, this band seems to eschew any delusions of grandeur.  They’re simply two people, one named Matt and one named Kim.  I know what you’re thinking, maybe their real names aren’t actually Matt and Kim. So their choice of moniker is actually an ironic hipster trick, ala Ben Folds Five (they only had three members, hahahahaha).

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Donnelly / Grogan: Kid Rock Still On Top @ The Midland by AMC

You gotta give Kid Rock some credit

I mean, first of all, he’s still around. That’s saying something right there.

He’s still touring and selling out venues much bigger than the Midland, which he sold out a few days ago.

Where are the other rap-rock bands that broke through around the same time, like Limp Bizkit and Korn?

Who cares, really?

Kid Rock has remained relevant by morphing over the years from DJ to rapper to rap-rocker to rocker.  And when that genre was taken behind the woodshed, he shifted again. This time to dirty country hillbilly where he found perhaps the biggest success of his career by releasing his most mainstream album yet, 2010’s Born Free.

Check out the trailer trash king’s court, courtesy of KCC photog Katie Grogan, after the jump…

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Donnelly: KC Rapper Tech N9ne’s ‘Lost Cities Tour’ Rocks The Midland

Well, she’s done it again…
And she’s getting pretty good at it.
Not-so-new-anymore KCC photog Katie Grogan ventured out to be among the people – the Strange people to be exact – the ones that were blowing out the Midland over the weekend.
KC’s hip-hop high priest Tech N9ne was in charge as usual, and he was joined by many of the artists signed to his Strange Music label for a truly local affair.  The occasion?

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