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Hearne: The Pitch Nails American Royal for Failed Tradition, Bogus Bad Deal

Stop me if you’ve heard this one… A picture is worth 60 million words (and bucks). I say that because the photo Pitch photographer Chris Mullins took of the 50 or fewer folks in the stands at Kemper Arena for the … Continue reading

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Hearne: Hardballers @ American Royal Browbeat KC Council, Media

These new breed American Royal guys are scary… UMB’s Mariner Kemper doesn’t really fall into that category – he’s far too mellow – plus he wrote a touchy-feely op-ed two weeks back. However today’s answer to R. Crosby Kemper, Jr., – Cerner main man Neal Patterson,-  is … Continue reading

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Hearne: American Royal Turns Foutch Brothers Into ‘Ouch Brothers’

Now it can be told… The first thing that sprang to mind last week when I learned that the Foutch Brothers had mysteriously and abruptly withdrawn their bid to save Kemper Arena by turning it into a regional youth sports facility was … Continue reading

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Hearne: Star ‘Opinion’ Scribe Steve Paul Steps Up to the Plate

Bravo! Thumbs up to newly-minted Kansas City Star editorial page editor Steve Paul for his piece Sunday, “American Royal Needs to get Real on Kemper Issue.” I’ve known Steve for years and in short, he’s a brainy, artsy guy who isn’t really the … Continue reading

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