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Hearne: Jock Sniffing Tom Brady & The ‘Border War”

Is there anything jock sniffers love more than hyperbole? Especially the sports media. If they can rile up the faithful by pissing them off or exaggerating to the tenth power, 9 times out of 10 they’ll rock with it. Even normally clear … Continue reading

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Hearne: KU Must Play Wichita State Now, Forget Emporia State, Washburn

Those die hard KU basketball fans are something else… Look, I’m no tenderfoot, I grew up in good, old KCMO and have lived most of my life in Johnson County (and speaking of college basketball hotbeds, throw in Kentucky and Arizona … Continue reading

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Hearne: A Call for Less Butt Kissing & More Tough Talk @ KU

Say what you will, half a loaf’s almost always better than no loaf at all… And to his credit, in the case of Star sports scribe Sam Mellinger it’s usually a very tasty half. What goes missing often unfortunately is much in … Continue reading

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Hearne: The Case for KU-Wichita State Not Being a Rivalry

If there’s one thing sportswriters are good at, it’s pocket pool… In a manner of speaking. Because day in, day out they have lots of time to feign high drama and provocative insight for the jock sniffers of the world. … Continue reading

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Hearne: KU Officials Take Ass Kissing to New Heights

We can all kinda tell when someone’s bullshitting us, right? You know, really seriously bullshitting us. Which is exactly what comes to mind when the just-win-baby types behind the juggernaut that is KU basketball look someone like investigative reporter Karen Dillon in … Continue reading

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Glazer: Is Bill Self Mailing It In, Waiting for the NBA?

KU basketball coach Bill Self is out to win his 11th straight Big 12 title… And the Jayhawks just  might get that job done – maybe. But it will be a season long battle for Self’s solid but not overpowering ball … Continue reading

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Valentine: The Cost of Higher Education

Higher education is so expensive… Our leaders all express concern over student debt. Condoleezza Rice said access to education is, ”the civil rights struggle of our day.” President Obama says we should tax “The Rich” to pay for Community College … Continue reading

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Glazer: Chiefs Face Critical Test & This Week’s Picks

Big road game for the Chiefs Sunday… The Buffalo Bills have always been tough on our guys up there and this game is crucial for both teams. Kansas City sits with a 5-3 record as do the Bills, so the winner … Continue reading

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Hearne: Royals Making Playoffs a Financial Disaster for KC Businesses

Think modern mythology… Somewhere along the line professional sports teams figured out how to con cities, politicians and the general public into doling out millions in tax dollar incentives because they thought it was a good investment. Starting with taxpayer subsidized … Continue reading

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Hearne: Maybe KU Should Consider Axing Its Athletics Director Too

What would Al Bohl do? You remember Al Bohl, don’t you? The former University of Kansas athletic director that then KU basketball coach Roy Williams crushed like a dove in 2003. He’s also the dude who the Topeka Capital-Journal has described as “the father of … Continue reading

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Hearne: Whitlock Riles Canucks with Bigoted ESPN Diss

Hypocrisy thy name is Jason… For a dude who made something of a name combating African American stereotypes, former KC Star scribe Jason Whitlock sure plays fast and lose when it comes to other ethnicities. Anybody remember Whitlock’s failed attempt at humor … Continue reading

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