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Katie & Matt: Buzz Beach Ball @ Livestrong Sporting Park

After all the crap the nasty old KCC commentariat flung at sweet, innocent Katie the last time she tried to piece together a sentence or two, I’m surprised she even agreed to keep going with this gig. 

She was inconsolable.   

Hey, obviously she’s a great photographer but words aren’t her strong suit, you know?  So for now she’s going to stick to pointing at things and pressing the button, and I’ll try to fill in the letters and stuff.   

Last weekend she made her way out to LIVESTRONG for the Buzz Beach Ball featuring Sublime with Rome, Foster the People, the Shins, Flogging Molly, Metric, and a couple others.  I didn’t attend as my Waka duties pulled me out of state.  Katie did, however, relate some info to me about the whole deal.

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