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Hearne: Investigative Reporter Karen Dillon Shoots Down KU’s $8.1 Million Jet

Once upon a time, this story would have been a front pager in the Sunday Kansas City Star… And frankly, that’s still where it still should have appeared. Instead the newspaper of record in Kansas City laid off its top  investigative reporter in … Continue reading

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Hearne: Shot Dead ‘She’s A Pistol’ Owner Neither Martyr nor Hero

Live by the sword, die by the sword… That’s the sad reality – and as good a way as any – to  describe the death of a small time Shawnee gun shop owner that got killed last week in a wild west style … Continue reading

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Hearne: Area Investigative Journalists as Endangered Species

Was a time investigative reporters at the Kansas City Star could phone it in… The award-winning journalists there were treated like “tribal elders” – men and women who through age and experience were respected and admired for their wisdom and held in high regard, … Continue reading

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Hearne: Catching Up On KC’s Not So Merry Media-Go-Round

So many axed and/or out-of-work journalists, so little time… Kansas City and Lawrence’s Wheel of Misfortune has been turning at a good clip in the media ranks and I’m overdue on weighing in on some of those happenstances, so let’s rectify that … Continue reading

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