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Hearne: More News Bodies Flying Out the Door @ 18th & Grand

Target raising the minimum wage to $9, houses selling like hotcakes, unemployment at the lowest levels in seven years – things are looking up, right? Not in the newspaper biz – not enough, anyway. Because on the heels of major … Continue reading

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Hearne: Dean Smith Death News Coverage Reveals ‘Tale of Two Cities’

So much for home court advantage… One would think living large in the Cradle of College Basketball that the Lawrence Journal World would have a huge reporting leg up on what’s left of the Kansas City Star. At least when it came … Continue reading

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Hearne: Heads Roll @ KC Star @ 18th & Grand

Been a while since the Grim Reaper laid waste to the Kansas City Star… Mercifully. But make no mistake, with the steady drip of print circulation attrition, nobody at 18th and Grand has harbored any illusions about the direction the industry’s heading. … Continue reading

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