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Glazer: Royals Elite Young Guns Go Uncovered by KC Star

It’s finally happened… Kansas City has an elite pro sports team that matters. Many will argue the Kansas City Royals are baseball’s best team as of today. Why? Not only do they have the best record in baseball, they’ve beaten … Continue reading

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Hearne: Play Ball! 610 Sports Mops Up the Floor with WHB

Sunny side up, please… The ratings for Entercom’s 610 Sports have exploded, leaping more than two share points since February on the coattails of the Kansas City Royals baseball team. 610’s 4.1 share and 309,700 listener cume for April gives it a sizable lead over rival … Continue reading

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Hearne: The Second Coming of Joe Posnanski?

Talk about too much of a good thing… Now that the Kansas City Royals are requiring locals to pay much closer attention, I find myself perusing their game stories in the Kansas City Star far more often. Which generally entails reading what beat … Continue reading

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Glazer: Royals Fever Sweeping KC, Killing Area Nightlife

Kansas City is in a DEEP love affair with the hometown baseball team… When the Royals play it’s stop what you’re doing and watch the game time. Kansas City wants to ride the Royals bandwagon in the worst way to try … Continue reading

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Starbeams: Next Up @ The K, Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs Anyone?

Construction workers in China dug up 42 fossilized dinosaur eggs.  They’re being carefully removed and shipped to a breakfast buffet at Kauffman Stadium.                                   … Continue reading

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Hearne: Editor Sees KU Football Team 0-12 in 2015

What a difference a year makes… One year ago Lawrence Journal World sports editor and columnist Tom Keegan preached a doctrine of faith to the KU football faithful: Don’t be so gol dang negative. Look at the cup half full – have some faith in the … Continue reading

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Leftridge: Will Billy Butler Be Booed? Brobably.

When Johnny Damon returned to the Kansas City Royals as a visitor—first after being traded to the Oakland Athletics and later after signing with the Boston Red Sox in free agency—he was booed mercilessly. The affable, dopey-faced kid with endless … Continue reading

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Hearne: Can Kansas City Be a Baseball Town Again?

After decades of being the butt of every baseball joke imaginable a new game is afoot… At the risk of hopping on (and later perhaps off) the bandwagon that is this year’s Kansas City Royals, let’s assume for a moment that … Continue reading

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Glazer: This Year’s Royals The Team to Beat in MLB

The battle cry last year from yours truly: “It’s Over!” That was my thinking – that the Kansas City Royals were done in September after a cold streak. Clearly I was wrong! A World Series later, they were anything but … Continue reading

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Hearne: 610 Sports Knocks One Out of the Park in Fall Ratings

We’ll get to the latest radio ratings shortly, but for now the big news is 610 Sports… Because not only did Entercom’s KCSP AM rocket into fourth place in the overall ratings released in November, its cume rose to just shy of a … Continue reading

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Glazer: Kansas City’s Forgotten World Series

Yes, it was unexpected… Kansas City Royals fans hoped the team could maybe get a wild card game. And then, perhaps even one playoff series before it all ended. Instead Kansas City was treated to a month of playoffs and a World Series … Continue reading

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Glazer: Thanks Andy, Super Bowl Here We Come!

The debate begins… Are the Kansas City Chiefs the best team in the AFC? Are the Chiefs the NFL’s best? The answer may could be, YES. With a tough, but impressive win over the world champion Seattle Seahawks today at Arrowhead and … Continue reading

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Hearne: October Radio Ratings Range from Spooky to Pathetic

Since when does October not include Major League Baseball‘s ALCS, the World Series or Halloween?  Since right now, courtesy of Nielsen’s radio ratings. That’s because the “October” rating book runs from September 11 to October 8. Meaning a whole lot of USDA choice Kansas City … Continue reading

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Hearne: Why This Year’s Post Season Run By The Royals Matters Little

Local sports media (and jock sniffers) couldn’t wait to set the Royals World Series defeat aside and laud the arrival of a new golden age of baseball in Kansas City… It’s story that’s been written before, long before the Royals post season successes last month. Sportswriters are homers … Continue reading

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Hearne: KC Opera Singer Slips, Wins Bet & Chevy Dealer Jinxes Royals

Kansas City’s biggest non baseball World Series slip-up? Call it a tie, between opera singer Joyce DiDonato – who warbled out the National Anthem opera style before Game 7 – and Molle Chevrolet in Blue Springs – that laid a pre … Continue reading

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Glazer: A Wild Ride That Made Us All Proud

Yes, it was a heartbreaker… It was also a game the Kansas City Royals could have won except for the fact that they ran into the man – World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner. We just could not hit the guy … Continue reading

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Glazer: There’s Well Deserved Magic In The Air

World Series Game Seven here we come… This is the game we all pretended we pitched in or batted in as kids. The game dreams are made of. And now, here we are again for only the second time in our city’s history. … Continue reading

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Hearne: Frisco Follies Unfold Following ‘Royal Stomping’

I’ll let you in on a little secret… San Franciscans hate people referring to their town as Frisco. “Nicknames are supposed to embody some overall characteristic, not just act as a lazy surgery of the city’s name,” according to an online SF-based magazine. “There’s … Continue reading

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Hearne: ‘Us’ versus ‘Them’ in World Series Showdown

Think Midwestern values versus West Coast feng shui… The simple life versus a contrived one – the upper crust versus the help – it’s all on the line tonight when the Kansas City Royals clash with the San Francisco Giants in Game 6 of … Continue reading

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Hearne: Facing Up to the Bitter Realities of Royals Baseball

In the end, didn’t we all know better? Coming back after a Rip Van Winkle coma is no small thing, and even people like me who had moved on with their lives leaving Major League Baseball in the distant rearview mirror were charmed by … Continue reading

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