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New Jack City: The X-Rated Upside of Unemployment, Old Age & Going Green

Forget about legalizing marijuana, that’s childsplay… While many Americans wrestle with unemployment, the cost of going green and Medicare, their German counterparts are getting off…literally. Senior’s discounts at Denny’s are one thing, but they don’t compare to Germany, where prostitution is legal, and retirees can soak … Continue reading

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New Jack City: Travel Tips from the Inside Out

One of the most oft asked questions I receive as a travel agent pertains to the best time to purchase travel…. For cruises and vacation packages—both domestic and international—the further out you book, the better the price. Many suppliers offer extra ‘early … Continue reading

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New Jack City: Will Somebody Resurrect KY-102…Again?

Can a radio station be beloved? I don’t really know the answer to that question, but the closest I’ve seen was probably KY-102. From the moment it signed on in 1974 until the plug was pulled by a new ownership group in … Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Gone Girl’—Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

GONE GIRL is a terrific mystery thriller! Think of it as a modern day Hitchcock movie as its mesmerizing storyline zig-zags through almost two and a half hours of misdirection. Here ex-Kansas Citian Gillian Flynn adapts her own global best selling novel … Continue reading

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New Jack City: Early Bird Gets the Worm (aka Best Seats, Resorts)

Americans used to plan vacation travel nine months to a year in advance… Until 9/11 changed that pattern resulting with much smaller travel shopping windows. Most of their vacation plans were planned either last minute or three or four weeks out.  However … Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: Denzel’s ‘Equalizer’ Evens the Score

In the mid 1980s British actor Edward Woodward played a retired intelligence agent turned private detective on a CBS series called, The Equalizer… You remember, he was the dude who helped various threatened clients to equalize the odds. Now Denzel Washington leaves his past behind … Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: Fall Movie Season Explodes with Smart, Bittersweet Comedy & More

The recent movie drought is over! The fall film season officially kicks in this weekend with three diverse cinematic entries. The first—A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES—has Liam Neeson playing an ex-New York City cop who’s now working as an undercover … Continue reading

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New Jack City:’ The Identical’ – Faith-Based Bomb Offers Up Bogus Quotes

Faith-based movies don’t by definition have to be bad movies… Yet time and time again these low budget “message movies” lack good writing, direction, production values and/or acting. The word cheesy often comes into play when reviewing them. And since much … Continue reading

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New Jack City: Super Bowl Rock ‘n’ Roll Money Grab

What took the NFL so long? A story last week suggested that the NFL was looking into the possibility of having major musical acts interested in performing during the Super Bowl halftime show to pay for that privilege. And why not? It’s … Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘When The Game Stands Tall’—The Streak Of A Winning Machine

From the outset “WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL” looked like this year’s “FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS”  A closer look however reveals that the Sony release is pointed more in a faith-based sports direction. With its emphasis on character, hard work and love, the film’s … Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘The Giver’—The Power of Memory in an Alternate Reality

I knew the basic storyline of THE GIVER even though I’d never read Lois Lowry’s best selling utopian sci-fi novel which hit bookshelves in 1994… Added to which a name cast of Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes, Alexander Skarsgard and Taylor Swift (all in … Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’—Fulfilling Fanboy Dreams

Just another space adventure? Think again. It’s the start of a new major Marvel Studios franchise! Comic fans have been stoked out about this 10th installment in Marvel’s cinematic universe for ages. (Well, that’s maybe overstating it a bit.) But the … Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: Chadwick Boseman Scores As ‘Godfather Of Soul’

Two musical biopics in one season, who would’ve thunk it? However that’s just what the summer of 2014 has bestowed on moviegoers. The first of course was Clint Eastwood’s screen adaptation of the Broadway hit JERSEY BOYS, which pretty well filled its cast … Continue reading

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New Jack City: Star Adds Insult To Delivery Injury with Phony Cruise Scam

Something for nothing, anybody? To say my newspaper delivery has been irregular at best would be charitable. I’ve been keeping the phone numbers to the customer service departments of both the Kansas City Star and USA Today handy because I know I’ll be needing … Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘And So It Goes’ – Geriatric Dramedy Aiming for the Social Security Set

The pickings have been slim for older audiences so far this year… Sure we’ve had LAST VEGAS, CHEF and JERSEY BOYS, but nothing to match previous geriatric breakout hits like THE BUCKET LIST and THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL. This weekend marks … Continue reading

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New Jack City: Here Today — Gone Tomorrow (Germany) — And Now Back

Been missing my movie reviews of late? Or maybe those ever-so-meaningful insights to be found on NEW JACK CITY? Well, fear not! JACK GOES CONFIDENTIAL’s coverage of the big screen returns next week, appropriately enough with the movie SEX TAPE. So why the … Continue reading

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Hearne: There Ain’t No Cure for the Lowdown, Missing Newspaper, Driveway Blues

Remember my Kansas City Star story a couple days back? The one where a newspaper staffer talked about all the cancellations the Star has been getting from people upset with not just the quantity and quality of their newspapers but the difficulties they’ve … Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: Christopher Nolan’s Batman Finale Explodes onto Record 11,000 Screens

It’s hard to describe the final chapter in Christopher Nolan‘s three part saga of Batman without giving away the juice—which I won’t do…

So consider this more of an impression than a review of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

The story picks up eight years after the menacing actions of 2008’s THE DARK KNIGHT. Bruce Wayne/Batman has been out of sight in a self imposed exile, vilified as an enemy of Gotham City and still bearing the blame for the death of Harvey Dent.

But when an underground terrorist cell raises its ugly head in the metropolis, creating chaos and anarchy, our caped hero is persuaded back into action and ultimately bringing Christopher Nolan’s three part saga with twists, turns and turmoil to its conclusion….so to speak.

Continue reading

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New Jack City: Southwest to Make Minneapolis Affordable

Have you tried booking a non-stop flight to Minneapolis lately?

The cost is ridiculous. Around $748 round trip. But then the Twin Cities have always been an expensive destination for air travelers from Kansas City. NORTHWEST AIRLINES pretty well owned the market and had the only non-stops between the the two cities.

Then along came K.C.’s short lived VANGUARD AIRLINES.

Oh how prices dropped when Vanguard start offering non-stop service to Minneapolism but that didn’t last long.

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New Jack City: Free TV Is Costing You


First HEARST CORPORATION plays hardball with TIME WARNER CABLE over cable fees in 11 markets…

In Kansas City the cord was cut last with KMBC-TV, KCWE-TV and ME-TV.

Next Viacom shut out DIRECT TV customers for channels that include Comedy Central, MTV, BET, Nickelodeon, The Daily Show and Dora The Explorer.

Even DISH NETWORK got into the fray when AMC‘S popular Breaking Bad among other shows became no-shows.

Here’s my take on the standoff.

I don’t have a problem with cable networks taking hard stands over fees they charge cable or dish systems if those networks only outlets are pay providers.

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