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Sutherland: What’s Wrong with America?

People have been asking for my take on this year’s presidential race…  And as someone who’s been a political enthusiast for decades, I should be able to make an informed guess on what’s likely to happen in both parties, right? … Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ’13 HOURS’ — Benghazi Eye-Opener!

“You’re NOT C.I.A.—You’re Hired Help!” That statement from 13 HOURS: THE SECRET SOLDIERS OF BENGHAZI pretty well describes what the security contractors found themselves in upon their arrival in Benghazi. 13 HOURS is producer-director Michael Bay’s dramatic action-thriller about the attack … Continue reading

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Glazer: Donald Trump Poised to Win It All

Drum roll please; the presidency may be Donald Trump‘s to lose!!!! Yep, Trump’s numbers keep getting bigger and bigger and some polls have him at 29% of the vote now!  OMG. What started out as a joke is NO JOKE. He … Continue reading

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Steele: The Importance of Being Chelsea (@ UMKC)

UMKC hasn’t gotten this much national attention since the Bloch School was busted for goosing up its ratings… The Star threw the doors open on that scandal. This latest one took the Washington Post. I doubt if Star editors saw anything … Continue reading

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Glazer: Step Aside Haters, Barack Rocks!

Barack Obama will finish his second term as clean a prez as there’s been in decades… With no real accusations of wrong doings – none that were real anyway. And this president was under a microscope like no other. Social media … Continue reading

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Steele: Book of Mormon or Book of Hypocrisy?

The Star’s Robert Trussell is the rare reviewer to understand the historical significance of the musical, “Book of Mormon,” playing through March 8 at the Music Hall… “Had the revered composers of shows we now consider to be part of … Continue reading

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Star beams: UPS Drivers Top Alex Smith, Chiefs Put Out Call to Sung Woo Lee & Hillary Alerts

Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith has what my wife calls the “Kelly Urich Syndrome.”  He has trouble going deep.                                ******* Why is it the Chiefs can’t … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Olathe Attorney Claims Hillary Can’t Win

From time to time your well-coiffed Scribe likes to hang out on the patio of Dub V’s, a nondescript bar across from the Johnson County Courthouse in Olathe… You know, enjoying a cigar and fine conversation with some of the city’s best and the … Continue reading

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