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Hearne: RIP John Muller 1949-2014

The advertising, arts, business community and beyond celebrates the life of John Muller tonight at 7 p.m. in the Kansas City Art Institute‘s Vanderslice Hall.  

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Hearne: October 2014 KC Radio Station Rankings

They’re up, they’re down… Who’s on first? Who’s on third? Who should have tried to make it home before Salvadore Perez bought the farm? Will The Buzz ever knock off The Rock, and why did its ratings barely rise when management was expecting a … Continue reading

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Hearne: Why This Year’s Post Season Run By The Royals Matters Little

Local sports media (and jock sniffers) couldn’t wait to set the Royals World Series defeat aside and laud the arrival of a new golden age of baseball in Kansas City… It’s story that’s been written before, long before the Royals post season successes last month. Sportswriters are homers … Continue reading

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Hearne: Four Thumbs Up for Spirit Airlines

Allow me to stick it to Man Jack for just a minute…. You know, KCC’s resident movie, travel and sex-for-hire expert. That’s because I had the pleasure of flying Spirit Airlines to Chicago last week and in spite of the gentle German’s … Continue reading

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Hearne: Frisco Follies Unfold Following ‘Royal Stomping’

I’ll let you in on a little secret… San Franciscans hate people referring to their town as Frisco. “Nicknames are supposed to embody some overall characteristic, not just act as a lazy surgery of the city’s name,” according to an online SF-based magazine. “There’s … Continue reading

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Hearne: Facing Up to the Bitter Realities of Royals Baseball

In the end, didn’t we all know better? Coming back after a Rip Van Winkle coma is no small thing, and even people like me who had moved on with their lives leaving Major League Baseball in the distant rearview mirror were charmed by … Continue reading

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Hearne: World Series Grab Bag – Everything You Need to Know & More

Maybe you’ve got hours to kill running down anything and everything Royals… I’m betting though that you don’t – even if you have World Series fever – and who doesn’t these days? – you’ve still got a life, right? Example: I totally … Continue reading

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Hearne: ‘Losers’ @ Sports Illustrated Forecast Royals Rumble

Does Sports Illustrated still matter? A handful of years back the editor at the Kansas City Star told me in no uncertain terms that it did not. It was a joke, the dying embers of an outdated dream. Seems SI had … Continue reading

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Hearne: Dissecting Bob Lefsetz on the Concept of ‘Too Much’

I’m not sure what, Too much of nothing really means… Other than being the lyrics to a Bob Dylan song that a lot of people – me included – used to think were “manna from heaven” back in the 1970s and … Continue reading

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Hearne: IKEA Short Sheets KC on ‘Grand Opening’ Meatball Schmooze

Would you believe KC is actually bigger than Miami? True story – a population of 467,000 versus 419,000 – although there’s more to the tale-o-the-tape when you factor in the two “metro” areas. That’s where the Florida city smokes Greater KC, with 5.5 million … Continue reading

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Hearne: The Dying Confession of a CD/Vinyl Buyer

I stream, therefore I am… I have a confession – nothing earth shattering – but while I hardly consider myself a reprobate, I still buy CDs and Vinyl music albums. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not like Craig Glazer or that Stomper character. … Continue reading

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Hearne: Crotch Rockert Alert; Befuddling Biker Blight Besets Plaza

Bikers happen…

You’ve seen them maybe, holding down the curb and "no parking" area in front of Latteland along 47th Street on the Plaza. By the dozens on weekends during warmer weather and in larger numbers during the summer.

Yet while much has been said of the influx of urban youth – and how uncomfortable they make Plaza patrons – little to nothing has been reported about the equally unlikely biker influx and their stark contrast with the usual mix of patricians and upscale Plaza shoppers.

"They are a bunch of rednecks on crotch rockets who think they look cool," observes one 30-something shopper. "But they just stand out like a crowd of irrelevants mismatched for this environment."

Continue reading

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Hearne: Live and Let Die

To blog or not to blog…

From the get-go that was the question pretty much everyone involved with KC Confidential felt they knew the answer to; not to blog.

Greg Hall writes a kick ass column, then I throw up a hail mary or three and next thing you know, "Where’d Greg go?"

Shauna lays down some must-know fashion advice or Jennifer a killer restaurant review and a day later someone stumbles on to KC Confidential and there’s no indication whatsoever of anything resembling food or fashion to be found.

A Web site would clear all that up, right?

Continue reading

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Hearne: 48 Hours and KC Confidential Goes Away

You know, it’s been real… Since February 25th 2009 this angst ridden blog has done its darnedest – and at times, its dirtiest – to provide the kind of news, opinion and entertainment that somehow mattered. Naturally, we – I – got ripped pretty good by the good folks who populate that caustic, bitter jungle known as the comments section. No mas. As of Monday.

Continue reading

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Hearne: Mother of Man Who Perished in Westport Calls for Accountability

Three weeks ago late Saturday night/early Sunday morning 24-year old Brian Euston was found unconscious in Westport…

He later died from injuries to his head. Kansas City police say a surveillance video of the scene where Euston was either injured or attacked is inconclusive. There were people around and whatever happened seemed to happen pretty fast. But was it an accident or an assault? The autopsy is back, but police have yet to release the results.

Westport property owners and merchants are unhappy with publicity and speculation that Euston may have been mugged. That’s bad for business and property values.

Euston’s friends and family are unhappy with both their tragic loss and the fact that to date no one has come forward from the crowd in the video with information as to what happened.

The investigation is ongoing…

Enter Euston’s mother Kathy Euston, who operates Euston’s hardware store in Prairie Village. Continue reading

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Star Search: Hot Off the Presses – a Month After the Fact

Talk about slow news days…

Forget about the hundreds of layoffs at the Kansas City Star the past few years – mine included – Mondays have always been sleepy when it comes to reporting local news. That’s because for all it’s might – and the Star is still plenty mighty – the newspaper continues to suit up but a skeleton staff of lottery losers on weekends. Which renders the Monday edition pretty much a throw away day outside of sports .

Monday’s front page filler, for example, includes a meaningless photo from the Chiefs win, a day old New York Times story and a pair of filler fluff pieces from Continue reading

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Starbeams: Friendly Ghosts, DUIs Dodged & What Grandkids?

An 84 – year- old woman in Kansas City, North was scammed out of $3,000 by a young man claiming to be her grandson.

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Hearne: Grave Dancing at The Kansas City Star

May as well make it official…

Kansas City Star sports columnist Sam Mellinger has totally eclipsed heavy duty forebears Joe Posnanski and Jason Whitlock.

Mellinger’s column yesterday about weed wonk Dwayne Bowe was the best of both worlds. A bit of the colorful elocution-like wordplay of JoPo – but more cutting edge contemporary. Along with some of the blustery bombast of Porkchop, sans the unnecessary pimping of the readership.

You know what?

Looks like the Star has (finally) completed the breakup. Continue reading

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Hearne: The Curious Case of Brian Euston

The candlelight vigils, Facebook tributes and letters to the editor soldier on…

But still no word on the mysterious death of 24-year old Brian Euston in Westport earlier this month. Which isn’t to say, there is no developing news.

There is.

For starters the autopsy results Kansas City police say they’ve been waiting for are back. Continue reading

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Hearne: Maria Juarez Descends, Detonates on KC Confidential

Lest you miss it, I present edgy, new KC Confidential provocateur Maria Juarez real, true Hollywood story/bio.

On Groundhog’s Day of ’91, Maria was expelled from her mother’s uterus in a Des Moines hospital. She is currently the oldest, smartest, and prettiest of two and a-half children. Her formative years were awkward and painful, marked by Mexican jokes and slow chesticular development. Eventually her boobies emerged, and she finally came to terms with her ethnicity. Continue reading

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