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Hearne: Karen Dillon / USA Today Transform Lawrence Journal World

It’s not easy being a newspaper… While any number of them such as the Kansas City Star remain “profitable” – arguably anyway – they’re no longer insanely profitable like many had been for well over half a century. Noop, it’s an altogether … Continue reading

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Hearne: The Move from Heck is O-V-E-R

Sorry about that, gang… However I just undertook a ridiculously difficult move – all of like four miles – to new digs here in Lawrence. And while that’s an infinitesimally small step for mankind, it was a gigantic pain in the … Continue reading

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Hearne: Dream On, Plaza Will Never Be the Same

We all like to kid ourselves at times… Craig Glazer spends the night with a 23 year-old girl he met last weekend who’s mom’s only 40 and suddenly he’s Ponce de Leon. I get a new Fiat and I think I’m … Continue reading

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Hearne: New Lawrence Library Bucks Trend, Battles for Relevancy

The Internet giveth, the Internet taketh away… For every amazing, wondrous benefit the Internet has afforded there’s a downside. Or so it seems. We get news at lightning fast speed, but newspapers and magazine’s have gone from cash cows to the walking dead. … Continue reading

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Hearne: Murderer’s Row Lawrence, Courtesy of Topeka

Small town thinking can be a little small-minded… Make no mistake, Lawrence, Kansas is definitely a small town in most every sense of the term – complete with good old boy politics and a sleepy citizenry. The small townsters here … Continue reading

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Hearne: Hardballers @ American Royal Browbeat KC Council, Media

These new breed American Royal guys are scary… UMB’s Mariner Kemper doesn’t really fall into that category – he’s far too mellow – plus he wrote a touchy-feely op-ed two weeks back. However today’s answer to R. Crosby Kemper, Jr., – Cerner main man Neal Patterson,-  is … Continue reading

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Hearne: Why the Jury Bagged ‘The Buzz’ for Big Bucks

And now the rest of the story… If all you knew about the lawsuit former KU law school grad Ashley Patton filed against Entercom Kansas City two years ago after morning show personalities on 96.5 The Buzz misidentified her as a porn star and a jury granted her a million dollar … Continue reading

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Today: Colorful Jardine’s Founder & Former Owner Greg Halstead Checks Out

One of Kansas City’s most truly colorful jazz and entertainment characters ever has passed away…

Greg Halstead, the founder and former owner of Jardine’s jazz club died Sunday. The 70-something Halstead may not have set out to lord over the local jazz live music scene, but that’s exactly what he did after taking over the former George’s Cheese and Sausage Shop space in the early 1990s at 4536 Main Street.

"You know, he never liked jazz, he just did it to survive," says former Jardine’s co-owner Pat Hanrahan. "When he first opened Greg started out with a player piano. Then he talked to the original owner of The Phoenix downtown and he helped Greg start the jazz thing, and Jardine’s became the premier jazz club in town. You know, he had Angela Hagenbach on Friday nights and Ida McBeth on Saturdays."

In August of 2000 Halstead nearly gave up on jazz.

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Today: KC Confidential Looking for Writers, Staffers & Sales Staff

It’s that time of year again and KC Confidential is on the prowl…

We’re on the verge of unveiling a new, improved website with lots of bells and whistles, a cleaner, hipper new design and lots of improvements that many of you have been clamoring for. To that end, we’re looking for a few good writers and staffers to up the ante and take things to the next level.

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Hearne: MU Supporter Calls for Sanity in College Athletics in Wake of Penn State Scandal

Follow the money? No way…

A review of Southeastern Conference athletic departments that showed newcomer Missouri ranking in the bottom tier in both sports revenues and expenditures was hailed in yesterday’s Kansas City Star as a clarion call for MU to raise more money. That is if it intends to compete on the playing field in its new conference.

In 2011 Missouri took in and spent about $64 million on sports programs. That’s about half of what the top SEC schools raked in – $20 million less than lowly Kentucky even.

To which longtime Missouri supporter Larry Sells says: "I don’t think raising all that money means anything. If they get it, they spend it. Maybe sometime they’ll want to think of themselves as a university instead of a football stadium with a college attached."

Missouri and other schools need to get their priorities straight, Sells says.

"I don’t know that it’s so important to have a $6 million coach as opposed to a $2 million coach," he muses.

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Hearne: Former Star Columnist Posnanski Still Giving ‘Silent Treatment” on Paterno

The silence is deafening…

It’s hard to imagine being in a more awkward position than the one former Kansas City Star columnist Joe Posnanski finds himself in today. Then again, worse things could happen. After all, Posnanski banked a reported $750,000 writing fee for his upcoming book about fallen Penn State football coach Joe Paterno.

But what began as a picture perfect Posnanski blowjob about a beloved sports icon – something Joe clearly excells at – has taken nasty turn after nasty turn since the Penn State child abuse sex scandal broke last year.

It took an even nastier turn today with the release of a scathing report nailing Paterno for particpating – and possiblly spearheading – a coverup for convicted former right hand man Jerry Sandusky.

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Hearne: Kansas City Got Shafted by Fox Sports All Star Coverage

Somebody done somebody wrong…

Like a lame country western song, Fox Sports hung Kansas city out to dry in its coverage of last night’s All Star Game. So says local PR guy extraordinaire Will Gregory.

"Here’s the pathetic thing," Gregory says. "Every single act Fox had at the stadium were country and western singers. And not even huge names – like B level American Idol singers. So it makes everybody across the country think we’re this hick town.

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Hearne: It’s Just Baseball, Take It or Leave It Boys & Grrrls

You don’t have to be a die hard sports junkie to have insights or opinions on sports…

A handful of comments section naysayers ripped me last week for suggesting that some locals – notably the sports media – were over-hyping this week’s All Star baseball game in Kansas City.

"Your opinion on baseball is as relevant as mine is on quantum physics," snarled Merle Tagladucci before hammering me for supposedly not knowing that the team that won got home field advantage in the World Series.

Sorry Merle, I do know that. But that’s supposed to matter to everyday Kansas Citians again why?

Look, there’s nothing wrong with hardcore sports buffs like Merle obsessing over baseball minutia. No more than there is people who obcess about stamp or comic book collecting. It’s the human condition.

We all have our dalliences.

However people here have a habit of getting snookered into falling for broad assertions about the amazing things that will come to pass and propel the local economy if we just do this. Or get that.

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Hearne: Missing Local Newspaper TV Writer the Subject of Speculation

These kinds of stories are never easy to tell…

However as working members of the local media there’s little doubt that people such as Kansas City Star television and radio critic Aaron Barnhart live in glass houses. Remember KSHB weather wonk Gary Lezak‘s bout with the Big C several years back?

So it is that Barnhart’s unexplained absence since late last year has been the cause of much wonder and speculation by both readers and co-workers.

With much of the speculation centering unfortunately on Barnhart’s past history with cancer.

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Today: The End of Days for CD Players in Cars & Software in General

As a little kid I faintly remember my parents having had odd-sized 78 RPM vinyl records….

I didn’t understand much about them, other than they played at a rate of 78 revolutions-per-minute on a turntable versus the standard long playing record album of the day that played at 33 RPM. When my older siblings struck teen, I learned about 45 RPM records. They were tiny by comparison, but packed a powerful punch in that they held only the very best songs. No filler.

At some point later in the 1960s do-it-yourself recorded music hit the mainstream marketplace.

They came before my time, but have you ever seen one of those old reel-to-reel tape recorders with giant spools of audio tape? They were pretty cool looking. Kinda like the old bicycles with those giant front tires on them were cool.

But like the gigundo-tired bikes, reel-to-reel tapes were unwieldy

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Hearne: The 2012 Kansas City All Star Game, Too Much of a Good Thing?

In what feels like just a few short years (but is actually closer to a lifetime) Major League Baseball‘s gone from No. 1 on my list to not even on my list….

And I suspect I’m not alone.

If my mother hadn’t given away my baseball card collection, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here now writing this. I’d be jet skiing with Mitt Romney or wind surfing with John Kerry in Nantucket.

I was that into baseball…despite how bad the team here was. I even liked that silly mascot mule.

When the Royals got good – like pretty much everybody else – I hopped on the bandwagon. However the passion was really never the same. And after the team fell out of bed, I completed the process of moving on in life.

Without baseball.

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Hearne: Addams Family Heats Up Starlight with Tepid Fare

I’m not a theater critic, but I’m playing one today…

So let me say up front, the opening night performance of The Addams Family at Starlight Theatre didn’t knock my socks off. Just as the musical didn’t for critics and audiences on Broadway. But hey, it’s a musical, based on a television show, based on a cartoon strip.

And it’s reportedly grossed more than $60 million on Broadway and that ain’t chump change.

Since then it’s been tweaked by writers and producers for the touring edition, However in the final analysis there still just isn’t enough in the way of catchy songs, plot or script writing to overcome the sweltering outdoor heat, even though Starlight has bent over backwards to provide complimentary water, ice and misting stations.

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Hearne: New, Improved Addams Family Hits Starlight; How to Keep Cool

On your marks, get set, swelter…

Tonight’s kickoff of the Addams Family at Starlight Theatre should be a scorcher. As in a tad on the warm side. To that end, Starlight has delivered unto ticketholders some advice on how to beat the heat.

"Every guest is allowed to bring 1 sealed bottle of water into the theatre," Starlight advises. "Complimentary water stations will be placed at our North and East Guest Relations. Water misters will be placed throughout the theatre for guest convenience (and) Starlight has drinking fountains throughout the theatre."

There’s more.

You know it’s really hot when, "Upon request, all concession stands will provide you with a complimentary cup of ice" to theatergoers, Starlight says.

Not that it will be unbearable, adds KSHB weather wonk Gary Lezak.

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Hearne: Food Flipping Japanese Steakhouses Hibachi, Kabuki on Brink

Once upon a time Kansas City was a pretty sleepy city when it came to quality restaurants…

Lots of comfort food joints like Jess & Jim‘s, Stroud’s, Waid’s, Winstead’s, Arthur Bryant’s, Gates, Savoy Grill and however many restaurants whose names began with the word "Putsch’s."

No mas…

No longer must locals strap on a coat and tie and head to places like the American Restaurant or Peppercorn Duck Club to enjoy an upscale, eclectic dining experience.

Far from it.

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Hearne: Improved Addams Family @ Starlight Worth Checking Out, Theater Insider Says

Not every show makes it big on Broadway…

Not even a number of the good one. So says Theater League main man Mark Edelman. Something about it being too expensive to "fix" things when a show gets off on the wrong foot. Which doesn’t mean things can’t be fine tuned later before the show hits the road.

Which is exactly what happened in the case with the Addam’s Family musical that opens tonight at Starlight Theatre and plays through Sunday, Edelman says.

"It wasn’t a hit on Broadway but the authors went back and tweaked a few things and the word I got is the tour is better than the show on Broadway was," Edelman says.

Including the cast…

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