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Hearne: KC Based Hallmark Cards Downward Spiral Continues

About those Hallmark Cards layoffs… Unlike former Star publisher Mark Zieman who preferred to blame the newspaper’s massive layoffs on the economy, Hallmark head David Hall correctly blamed the card company’s flagging fortunes on “changes in consumer” spending. That’s calling a spade a spade. Because people weren’t running … Continue reading

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Starbeams: Hallmark’s R-Rated Crayons, Emanuel Cleaver Broke & Peyton’s Retirement

A weekend hacking incident involving its Facebook page has Crayola apologizing to upset kids and parents.  Hackers took control of the company’s social media web page and posted dozens of links to R-rated sites along with sexual jokes.  Crayola is … Continue reading

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Hearne: New Lawrence Library Bucks Trend, Battles for Relevancy

The Internet giveth, the Internet taketh away… For every amazing, wondrous benefit the Internet has afforded there’s a downside. Or so it seems. We get news at lightning fast speed, but newspapers and magazine’s have gone from cash cows to the walking dead. … Continue reading

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