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Glazer: Chiefs Need to Draft a Quarterback

According to NFL Power rankings the Kansas City Chiefs are the 5th best team in the league… New England lost to Seattle Sunday so they dropped to No. 3 behind Dallas and Seattle. The Oakland Raiders, who the Chiefs beat at Oakland, are No. 4. … Continue reading

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Glazer: Somebody Call the Fat Lady, Royals Are Toast

Two months to go in the 2016 MLB season… Unfortunately our Kansas City Royals have fallen on tough times. For the first time in three years this late in the season they’re under .500 and it’s going to be a tough … Continue reading

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Glazer: Battle of the Political Losers

Hillary Clinton‘s been backed into a corner with the FBI’s Computergate‘ report and her many scandals… It’s really overwhelming and that will make it difficult for her to build much excitement over the next few months. She just isn’t very trustworthy and her past more … Continue reading

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Glazer: Who Says Cleveland & the NBA Don’t Matter?

No NBA team had ever come back from being down 3-1 in the finals… That is, until Sunday.That’s when LeBron James proved that he is ‘THE MAN’ in today’s NBA. James took Cleveland to its first championship title in more than half a … Continue reading

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Glazer: My Time With Muhammad Ali

I spent Saturday doing interviews on Muhammad Ali and a movie I did years ago… We’ll be seeing tons of stories and clips on his life over the next several days until his funeral Friday. In 1989 I was hired to … Continue reading

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Glazer: Humble Scribe Crows About Super Bowl Super Bash, Predicted Packers Win

Woodside did it right, fun food, cheap drinks, nice crowd…

I,n fact some of my favorite KC Confidential commenters came. Including the smoking hot Mermaid, Debbie Mandry and former Chiefs running back Ted McKnight. I think I ate too much chili and got nervous as the game score got too close for comfort.

That’s if you had the Packers like I did.

The Packers Aaron Rogers – as I broke it down beforehand – brought his A game. Big Ben, well, he didn’t.

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