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Mancow: Cow Chaws on Kansas City’s All Star Game Glory

I watch baseball only when I run out of sleeping pills…

The punks that came after my boyhood hero George Brett aren’t worth anyone’s time.

As for KC getting the All Star game, Chicagoans don’t even know a far off place called Kansas City exists. Sorry but nobody here cares. And baseball is yesterday’s news like apple pie. Americans now prefer creme brûlée.

Yes baseball is yesterday’s news in America. Kinda like … Uh … freedom.

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Mancow: Cow Salutes Actor Ernest Borgnine, Dead @ 95

Actor Ernest Borgnine died at the ag ofe 95, great actor…

The television series MCHALE’S NAVY had an excellent cast along with Borgnine. Joe Flynn as Capt. Binghamton was great. Tim Conway as Lt Parker was very funny. I remember watching Borgnine water skiing behind a PT boat and drinking beer. He was also great as Fatso Judson in FROM HERE TO ETERNITY. Everybody said he was one of the nicest guys in Hollywood and he was.

I think he has Hollywood’s record for the shortest marriage…

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Mancow: Changing Times Alert, Lame Comics Today Groupie Magnets

Watching a fascinating documentary on the legends of stand-up comedy…

George Carlin says "Comedians (of the 60’s and 70’s) never had groupies. If you were a woman that went home with a stand-up comic, it was the equivalent of going home with the monkey instead of the organ grinder."


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