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Hearne: Brownback Rides Davis’ Stripper Bust Campaign into 1st Place

“I checked some of the polls this morning and, as of today, most polls show Davis is up by three to five points. The ‘What’s the Matter with Kansas?’ crowd are the base voters for Brownback. His campaign might believe … Continue reading

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Hearne: Democrat Paul Davis Strip Club Misadventure May Be Fatal

Never been much for strip clubs myself… Don’t get me wrong, I’ve attended my share, but for writing stories in recent years. Long ago though I went with friends – first out of curiosity – later with married pals from Pembroke Hill…while I was still single, … Continue reading

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Farmer: Official Guide to Being Rich in KC and Not Giving a F

A tongue in cheek primer on how to live well in a flyover state. Why are rich people so miserable? Maybe it’s because the skull of a jaywalking child dented the quarter panel on their Audi A8. Or perhaps because … Continue reading

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