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Lefsetz: Individuality is Everything

The Doors could never replace Jim Morrison and Apple can’t replace Steve Jobs… They teach us to get along, tell us institutions are king, but the truth is America succeeds because it’s the land of rugged individuals with a vision … Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Trump is Toast

Nate Silver told me Donald Trump can’t win… You remember Brother Nate, who called the last election which Mitt Romney thought he was gonna win and Karl Rove couldn’t believe he lost. Silver got it exactly right in the New … Continue reading

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Valentine: Trump Sends a Signal to America

Washington pundits have spent a lot of time talking about Donald Trump… They all seem to agree that his support is based on anger towards the government. They all seem to agree that he’s not a “normal” politician. They all … Continue reading

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Glazer: Watch Out, World; Trump Still Triumphant

Polls show Donald Trump leading by a huge margin even AFTER the first debate! Yep, even though many – including me – thought he took some hits at the debate. But it turns out he did not! According to NBC, it’s Trump with 23%, Ted … Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Debates Aside, No Way Trump Wins

Nate Silver wrote the definitive story on Donald Trump and nobody knows it… That’s right, America’s favorite statistician, the diviner of data, the man who makes sense out of chaos, analyzed the polls and found out that while Trump had … Continue reading

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Glazer: Donald Trump Poised to Win It All

Drum roll please; the presidency may be Donald Trump‘s to lose!!!! Yep, Trump’s numbers keep getting bigger and bigger and some polls have him at 29% of the vote now!  OMG. What started out as a joke is NO JOKE. He … Continue reading

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